Hardwood Flooring Trends for 2020

Hardwood floors continue to grow in popularity and are definitely one of the most preferred flooring types for houses. Although a lot of products like vinyl, porcelain, and laminate try to mimic its look, hardwood flooring’s elegance and class remain unmatchable. And despite having so many wood-looking flooring materials available, most of the people still want the real thing i.e. Real Hardwood Flooring. It is warm, stylish, natural, comfortable, and of course timeless! And it lasts for more than a century.

Hardwood flooring makes your home ten times more beautiful, and you can easily refinish these floors over the years to change the style and colors as fashion trends change. Due to all these reasons, the majority of homeowners prefer going for the real deal. And the best thing about this flooring is that it not only enhances the interior of homes but also increases their value at the same time.

Flooring is the foundation of your house and it sets the tone for your color palette and interior style. You’d definitely want to get this right as your floors are going to last a lifetime. Accent colors, paint colors, and also styles may come and go, but your hardwood flooring will stay there for over a hundred years.

In the coming year, we’ll be seeing some exciting hardwood flooring Calgary trends. Some of these trends may be slightly contradictory, like both very light and very dark shades will be in. We will also see textured wooden floors making a comeback next year. Overall, there will be a shift towards browns and cool tones, as well as lights and darks, the two extremes. So in 2020, you won’t be seeing a lot of warmer and redder shades of hardwood flooring.

Let’s have a look at the hardwood trends we will be witnessing in the upcoming year:

  1. Cool and Dark Toned Hardwood Flooring

We have seen how the trend towards darker tones has been on the rise for the past few years and this year we’ll see it growing further. There are mainly two types of the homeowner when it comes to choosing home flooring:

However, one thing between these homeowners is consistent: they all strongly prefer cool tones. We’re expecting a significant move away from red and warm tones in this year and more preference towards browner tones are that purer and cooler.

  1. Natural, light and muted tones

Yes, this the complete opposite dark, and the second most popular flooring choice we’ll be seeing in 2020. More and more people are preferring light and natural tones for their hardwood flooring today, and this trend will continue to grow in the coming year. Homeowners seem to be done with reds and yellows, and now want to go for lighter, cooler tones.

One reason behind this increasing trend may be the easier maintenance of lighter-toned hardwood floors. For example, scratches are more visible on dark hardwood floors as compared to light-colored floors. Also, as darker floors make rooms look slightly smaller whereas lighter floors make them look a bit larger, people may prefer going with light and natural tones for their flooring, especially the ones who have a small home.

  1. Satin and Matte Finishes

Natural-looking finishes will grow further in popularity in the coming year. People are preferring flatter sheens over semi-gloss and glossy finishes as they are very difficult to maintain. Glossy finishes show every bit of dust, scratches, and dents, and thus require high maintenance.  Over the past few years, natural finishes have become increasingly popular as more and more homeowners are going for waterborne polyurethane finish.

The best thing about matte and satin finishes is that they’re very practical. They are very easy to clean and look fresh for a longer time. These finishes are preferred by people for other surfaces too, such as countertops.

  1. Textured and Wire Brushed Floors

Wire brushed hardwood floors are basically etched floors having a subtle texture that enhances the graining of the wood. These floors are a contemporary version of distressed wood and offer a real vintage look. Wire brushed wooden floors have a bit of texture, but they have a smooth appearance. They’re not wavy or rough like hand-scraped or distressed wood. We’ll be seeing these floors trending in the year 2020 just as we saw them this year. They’re elegant and help mask dirt and everyday wear and tear.

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