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We’re aware that lipsticks are an essential part of our makeup. It’s that even when we’re applying a makeup without makeup we still use day-nudes. No matter how many lipsticks we have, we always need more!

In addition to having a shade that suits any mood or occasion They also come in a range of styles that we like. It’s not all glosses and mattes. Scroll to learn more about the various options!

The makeup of lipsticks has been in use for centuries . From making use of crushed gemstones, to extracting colors from flowers and other vegetables Women and men have been experimenting with cosmetics and beautifying their lips since the beginning of time. Through the years lipstick makeup has changed and we now have the choice of selecting among hundreds and thousands of shades formulations, textures, and formulas. With so many types of lipsticks There is an option to suit everyone. All lipsticks are divided into these eight types of lipsticks:


Matte finish

With Kylie Jenner’s influence Matte lipsticks have seen a huge increase in popularity in recent years. Everyone is in love with a striking matte lip that is suitable for casual, casual style, or for a nighttime glamour appearance. Matte lipsticks are an excellent choice for wear to work too, particularly the nudes, browns and pinks.

In the category of mattes, you can find liquid lipsticks that dry upon application. Even though we love their feel There is a certain amount of prepare that you have to perform prior to application in order to avoid the over-strength or chapping.

Matte, creamy lipsticks give an elegant texture, but they aren’t as dry as liquid lipsticks. They are ideal for those who’s lips dry quickly. We are awestruck by the Lakme Absolute Luxury Matte Lip Colour with Argan Oil Range that nourishes your lips and keeps them moisturized.

Because of Kylie Jenner the matte lipsticks have been gaining a lot of attention in the last few years. Everybody loves a bold matte lip which can be worn to create a casual, day-to-day style, or for a nighttime glamorous style. Matte lipsticks are a great option for workwear also, particularly for the nudes, browns, and pinks.

Within mattes, you can find liquid lipsticks that dry when applied. While we like their texture There is a certain amount of preparation you must apply prior to application to prevent excessively saturating or chapping.

The creamy matte lipsticks provide an elegant texture, but they aren’t as dry as liquid lipsticks. These are great for people who’s lips dry quickly. We like lakme’s Absolute Luxury Matte Lip Color with Argan Oil Range that nourishes your lips and keeps them moisturized.

If you’re on need of an intense lipstick with stamina and lasting power, then you must buy matte lipstick. These lipsticks are extremely dense they leave lips with a matte look. This kind of lipstick typically has very little oil and it may dry your lips if your lips aren’t prepare them in the correct way.

Matte or sheer lipsticks


The texture of this lipstick is thought to be among the most commonly used types. They give a moisturizing kind of finish that should not be particularly colored. Apply these for the appearance of your lips, almost like a tinted balm!

PS: They require frequent cleaning because they aren’t able to be left for extended periods of time.

Lipsticks that are satin or sheer make your lips soft and hydrated look and are ideal for no makeup-free days. The hydrating and soft feel of the sheer and satin lipsticks provide an ethereal wash of colour to your lips. They can layer on. They are loaded with moisturizing components to keep your lips soft and moisturized throughout. The drawback of this kind of lipstick is that it’s not very long-lasting and often requires frequent touch-ups throughout the day.



The color is made up of shimmering pigments and the appearance of a creme that easily glides over your lips. It will make your lips appear more full and plumper. It’s also an excellent choice to complete your look for a night out. Plus, it will not cause your lips wrinkle! Check out Lakme Absolute Illuminating Lip Shimmer that gives a sparkling reflection on your lips.


If you thought glossy glossy lips with a high shine were an era of the ’90s and the 2000s… it’s not true. Lip glosses have always been the preferred choice for women (especially with lips that are thin) who want that their lips appear full and large. They’re highly reflective and come in transparent, nude and pink shades that can be worn over your regular lipstick. They’re also available in different colors that can be worn alone or as a top layer over other lipstick.

If you’re immediately attracted by the sticky and thick lipstick you used to wear when you were in the middle of school you will be delighted to learn that lip glosses have come quite a long way. If you’d like your lips to appear glossy or wet look it’s the perfect lipstick makeup you need. Lip glosses are low to moderate opacity. They they also have a very low stay power. The good thing is that they will keep your lips hydrated throughout the day. You can also apply lip glosses over top of other kinds of lipsticks to add sparkle and dimension to your lipstick.


Between matte and satin is creamy lipstick makeup. These lipsticks are hydrating and have the look of a satin lipstick as well as the look of matte lipstick. These lipsticks glide over your lips effortlessly and provide more coverage than glossy or sheer lipsticks. Ideal for occasions where you need the color and nourishment.

Lip Stains or Tints

Tints or lip stains are ideal for occasions when you need to add a splash of color to your lips without any of the sensations of wearing lipstick. Tints for lips are typically durable and are available in a variety of coloured levels, ranging from barely noticeable natural and natural-looking to bold and vibrant. Lip tints and stains are low maintenance since they don’t require makeup application during the day. but be aware that this type of lipstick can cause dry lips. Extra bonus: certain tints for lips can be used for cheek tints!

Metallic or Frosted

Frosted lipsticks were the trend in the 90s, both on and off the runway and red carpet. Metallic or frosty lipsticks reflect light, making your lips shine and shimmer which makes your lips appear plump and fuller. Certain lipsticks contain tiny glitter flecks or glitter, which add shine to your lips . They also create the appearance of melting metal. If you’re thinking of wearing this makeup make sure to moisturise your lips prior to applying the lipsticks could dry and break your lips.

Tinted Lip Balm

Lip balms are an essential makeup item for lipsticks, particularly those who are more prone to dry and chapped lips. If you are prone to using your lip balm frequently Why not invest in one that will also provide a gorgeous shade to your lips, an opacity that makes them look just like your lips but more attractive.

Lip Liner

If you find your lipstick leaking out of the edges, or wish to outline the contour of your lips to enhance their appearance Lip liners are the answer to all of your lipstick issues. Lipliners extend the lifespan of your lipstick’s makeup they stop your lipstick from feathering or bleeding. As well as fill in any cracks that you may have on your lips. Aid in define or make the cupid’s bow. They they can also be used to fill in your lips. Making the appearance more full and larger. When you go to the store for your favorite kind of lipstick, be sure to draw out and line your lips using lip liner. Next time, you’ll need to add lip volume or to compensate for minor changes in the shape of your lips.


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