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Healing Karma With Akashic Oracle Cards

How can you use your intuition to help you cure yourself? The fact is that we all already have some amount of intuition operating inside us. This is also true for our health and well-being.

Remember how you thought, “Oh, I should not have gone to that event.” Perhaps you felt danger in a location or scenario but ignored your instincts and proceeded. Maybe you joined a community you knew wasn’t beneficial for you.

Despite this inner understanding, you devoted your time, energy, money, and much of your life to making the relationship work. In the end, you both knew on some level that the relationship was not suitable for you. Sometimes we may sense that a health problem is developing and needs attention. So, where do we begin when we wish to use our intuition for self-healing?

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What Is Karma Healing?

Karma Healing is a Holistic centre that provides treatments such as Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Theta Healing, Reiki, as well as guidance with Tarot, runes, Downsing, Numerology, Auto Writing, Astro Oracle Cards, and Vastu.

Self-healing intuition and your Inner World

We may use our intuition to help us heal and grow by using a variety of techniques and approaches.

The benefit of intuitive technologies is that their outcomes are quantifiable. Intuitive tools can demonstrate that we use logic, reason, and intuition in self-healing!

Using Oracle cards as divination tools to get access to your inner world

Divination tools are systems that represent our inner world and subconscious mind’s workings. This information is relayed to us via symbolic language from the images and signs on the cards. Our subconscious communicates through symbols!

Tarot cards, Oracle cards, runes, and pendulums are examples of divination instruments. Traditionally, these divination instruments have been shrouded in mystery. Regardless, there are several very easy ways we may apply divination notions to everyday concerns and use our intuition for self-healing.

Moreover, this requires a significant transformation in your beliefs! At the moment, many individuals are open to this transformation in consciousness.

The Akashic Oracle Cards 

The Akashic Oracle deck is based on the traditional tarot deck. 15th-century decks of playing cards inspired this design. Tarot card decks feature suits or cards that symbolise a wide range of human conditions or situations. The minor arcana are these suites or sets of cards. These minor arcana suits or groupings might be renamed based on the deck’s developer.

Also, depending on the spirit and goal behind the card deck, the names of the suits or groups may be entirely different. With the Akashic Oracle Cards, the writers examined knowledge development in the Akashic Field.

In scientific terms, this refers to quantum physics study into the nature of entanglement. We may learn from the Akashic Records not only that we all have personal energy fields but also that we are all interconnected through energy and energetic coherence!

The Major Arcana in traditional Tarot decks is similar to Archetypes or Forms influenced by Plato’s work. These are Archetypes such as the Tower, which represents abrupt change, the Hermit, or the Magician, for example. Such Arcanas have been transformed from more traditional Forms into new Forms in the Akashic Oracle Deck, allowing for simple channelling of heavenly wisdom from the Akasha.

These new products are frequently redesigned to depict the new paradigm of human awareness, that of energy being entangled and controlled from afar. It makes for an exciting and motivating deck!

Furthermore, the Akashic Oracle Deck is an intuitive inspiration tool. Each oracle card provides advice for accessing the knowledge of the soul and invokes universal aspects to assist us on our individual and collective journeys.

How can you use the Akashic Oracle Cards to get answers?

Healing with Akashic Records, particularly Relationship Healing and Karma Healing with ‘Concepts’ such as Love, Abundance, Health, Marriage, Mate, Money, Parenting, and so on, is best aided by The Akashic Oracle Cards at the Akashic Records Academy. 

Refer to the video link below for the three-card reading. The first card depicts the Karmic Story of a Past Life. The second card signifies the desire for healing. The third card depicts the result of healing and karmic clearance. You may also get your Soul Profiling Report with an Akashic Oracle Card Reading or an Akashic Records Reading.

Tips to Read Angel Oracle Cards as a Beginner

The wonderful part about divination procedures like soul cleaning or oracle card reading is that there are no hard and fast rules to follow. Instead, you are always free to bend the rules if you are not feeling connected with the method or have a misbalanced course of movement during the session. However, a few things to bear in mind as you proceed.

1. A clean and tranquil environment

A clean and quiet atmosphere permits energy to flow freely in and out of the surroundings. Find a clean and serene spot in your home, ideally the quietest area where fresh air may flow freely, and natural light can reach readily. 

2. Allow sufficient time between readings.

It is never a good idea to draw cards frequently when reading for yourself. Reading many times a day, or more frequently, will cause the outcome to be inaccurate. You may also become perplexed by the disparity in the results, making it difficult to draw a definite conclusion. It is essential to leave enough gaps between alternate interpretations.

3. Images are the main focus.

As beginners, we tend to depend more on the words written on the cards and entirely disregard the visuals drawn on them. These photos aren’t simply for decoration; each one has a deep significance behind it. A lion, for example, might represent power, while a rainy environment can represent a season. 

4. Be mindful of your deck.

As an instrument is the holiest tool to a musician, you should regard your oracle card deck similarly. After you purchased the deck, it is now spiritually tied to you. Please keep them in a separate, clean box or shelf. Never allow anyone to choose or utilise the cards for amusement. Protect them from any bad or stray vibrations; this will allow them to produce a more precise outcome.

We live in a paradigm of separation, in which the mind is distinct from the body. Many people get caught up in the rat race. We’re all looking for something outside of ourselves. Even individuals who have experienced spirituality desire to ascend into greater awareness but have not worked with their bodies. 

They have not healed their wounds and go to the doctor to get them treated. They don’t acquire long-term outcomes since they’ve never looked into their spirit. We are all disintegrating inside ourselves because we have never seen ourselves wholly and entirely.

We now understand how stress, bad food, inflammation, lack of sleep, and medications, including narcotics, damage our physical bodies. But it is also destroying our entire being, not only the physical.

The fact that we cannot see energy does not mean that it does not exist. We now understand that energy can both heal and create disease. We can’t touch it, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect us.

However, the map is not the issue. While we all have this road map, most people struggle to use it successfully. We came to a halt. We take inefficient diversions. And when we become lost, we feel as if we will never move forward in life. For more visit homepage

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