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Health and Fitness

Here Are How Pre-Workout Supplements Can Boost Your Performance in the Gym

It is recommended to take a pre workout supplement around 30 minutes to an hour prior to your workout.

Pre-workout nutrition aims to provide your muscles with extra energy and support for your workout. It usually consists of proteins and simple carbs to make it easily digestible and allow nutrients to be put to good work.

During physical activities, energy supplies decline rapidly. But workout supplements support your workout plan and goals. This article explores the benefits of workout supplements on your performance goals.

What is a workout supplement?

A pre workout supplement increases your energy and enhances performance during workouts. It is typically in powdered form and mixed with water. Workout supplements usually contain a mixture of ingredients, making them a great alternative to taking different supplements prior to hitting the gym. This energy-boosting supplement can come in different formulations.

What do workout supplements do?

  • Boost physical performance

The body needs protein to enable protein synthesis. Protein synthesis must go beyond or be equal to the rate of protein breakdown to maintain muscles. Protein is a crucial nutrient for supporting muscle growth to maximize every rep you make.

A few workout supplements contain creatine which delivers creatine to your muscles. Creatine is known to increase physical performance during short, intense workouts.

  • Prevent fatigue

Energy levels are depleted during exercise your muscle might become prematurely exhausted. Workout supplement nutrition consists of vital nutrients, so your body is set up for optimal performance with higher energy levels. When energy is readily available to burn, your body can make every rep count without tiredness or fatigue.

  • Reduce the breakdown of protein

If you are considering bulking up, it is ideal if protein synthesis exceeds the rate of the breakdown of protein.

Top protein sources are the following:

  • BCAA’s are building blocks of protein.
  • It is also recommended to source additional amino acids via dietary protein sources.

Maintaining high protein levels by filling your muscles stores mitigates the chances of your body breaking down muscle for energy.

4 supplements found in pre workout supplements

  • Vitamin B

A category of common ingredients found in workout supplements are B vitamins, such as niacin and Vitamin B12. These vitamins play critical roles in energy and metabolism. These may also have creatine, an ergogenic or building aid that optimizes performance in short, high-intensity workouts. It also helps form lean gains when taken consistently.

  • Beta Alanine and L-Citrulline

A few workout supplement formulas may also consist of Beta-alanine and L-citrulline. This duo has been validated to boost energy in endurance-related workouts.

  • BCAA

BCAA’s or branched-chain amino acids are often a part of an all-in-one workout supplement and taken prior to a gym session. They typically include a single ingredient or individual amino acids. Since these are building blocks of muscle tissues, amino acids may help shield muscles against damage and breakdown and boost the rebuilding of muscles.

BCAA also provides energy that helps in preventing fatigue which can impact performance.

  • Creatine

During high-octane exercises, the body uses up creatine to make energy. To perform at a high level, your body requires a good supply of energy so you can perform harder and for longer.

Performing at the next level can have a compounding effect. In no time, you will be reaching your aesthetic and strength goals.

The physical changes your body undergoes can have the potential to improve your performance and keep you moving forward towards any fitness goal.

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