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Health and Fitness

Here’s What You Need to Know about Hand Warmers & Hard Hat Liners

Extreme weather conditions on either side of the thermometer can be hazardous to people regularly exposed to them for long periods. This is doubly true for road crews and construction workers who must also perform manual labor while braving such weather. Lower temperatures can bring in the danger of frostbites and hypothermia with them. On the other hand, high temperature is associated with heat stroke and dehydration.

If you own a construction business, then you know work must be completed on time. For that to happen, your workers can’t let a thing as the weather stop them. However, that doesn’t offer much in case of protection.

So, what can do you do? 

We mention two PPE components below. One of them is suited to hot weather (Hard Hat Liners) while the other will protect your workers from the harmful effects of low temperature (Hand Warmers).

Hand Warmers

Hand Warmers 

When buying these, keep the following things in mind:

  1. Look for a product that will remain functional at the temperatures your workers are exposed to on a regular basis. Do some calculations and find out the temperature range that works for you. Only then choose a product.
  2. Most Hand Warmers are designed to last at different temperatures but for a fixed amount of time. If it is likely your workers will be exposed to 98 degrees for more than 15 minutes, then look for an appropriate product.
  3. Look for the maximum amount of time that a product will remain functional for. A worker may need more than a pair, depending on how long they will be working in the cold weather outside.
  4. Always check if a product does what it says on the package before buying in bulk. At times, contrary to the company’s claims, the temperature might keep plummeting during usage. Therefore, take a pair out for a test drive before finalizing a purchase! 

Hard Hat Liners 

Hard hat liners are available for use in both cold and hot weather. The type used in the cold weather would serve as insulators and protect the wearer’s head from losing much of its body heat. However, we are talking about the cooling type here. 

The cooling liners can be used to keep workers safe from becoming overheated and having a heat stroke. When the heat they are exposed to is intense, have your workers use these liners under their hats. Many of them are designed to be able to be worn on their own as well. Just make sure they come with an adjustable strap so they fit the workers’ heads perfectly. 

When purchasing this type of liner, it is important to remember two things. They should be constructed from material that is extremely absorbent, so it absorbs the sweat. Secondly, the matter should be hand washable for easy maintenance. 

So, are you ready to go shop for liners and warmers?

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