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Hidden Tips to Speed Up Your Windows 10 PC: Step by Step Guide

Tips to Speed Up Your Windows 10 PC

Issues that slow down your PC and how to overcome them

These days people use their computer mainly as a storage device. They store tons of images, movies, and screenshots to free their smartphones. They do not realize the burden on their PCs. 

Storing images and stuff does not necessarily slow down the PC but disorients the memory unit of the system. Tools like duplicate photo finder utilities can be used to remove similar-looking pics or extra copies of particular pictures.

However, there are several methods by which you can speed up your Windows 10. This article will walk you through the ultimate step by step guide to boost the performance of your PC.

These are some methods that you can use to boost the speed of your Windows PC:

1 Minimizing the pagefile:

The page file on your PC supports the crash or dump files to help the system to use the RAM more efficiently. It helps the system in processing the file content on the disk if there is random usage of RAM.

If you want to squeeze or reduce the size of pagefile, then consider following the instructions:

  • Click on the start menu
  • Select ‘system’
  • Click and open ‘Advanced system settings’
  • Click on ‘system properties’
  • Select ‘performance’
  • Click on the ‘settings’ button
  • Select ‘advanced tab’ and click on ‘virtual memory’
  • Select and click on ‘change button’
  • Disable the ‘Automatically manage paging file size for all drives’ option by unchecking it.
  • From the available options select the drive that is generally C.
  • Click on the ‘custom size radio’ button and enter the values in initial size and maximum size in MBs as the default physical memory present.
  • Click on ‘set’
  • Click on ‘ok’

2. Use an SSD: 

SSD stands for a solid-state drive. This is a helpful utility that can significantly increase the performance of your Windows 10.

Ie reduces the startup times at the time of system boot. You can also add one additional SSD for a quick startup. SSD on a PC will definitely increase its start-up speed and performance as well.

3. Disable animations and effects:

Windows 10 offers tons of good looking and sharp visual and animation effects. Although these effects look smooth on your PC, these eat up tons of system resources.

These animation effects can decrease the speed and performance of your system in the longer run. You should always disable such unwanted effects to speed up your Windows 10 PC.

To do the same, follow these simple steps:

  • Click on start.
  • Go to settings.
  • Search for ‘advanced system settings’.
  • Select the ‘custom mode’ to disable and stop unwanted visual and animation effects.
  • Select ‘ok’.

4. Reduce the number of start-up apps:

Sometimes the processor barely manages to run multiple apps and software in the background. Utilities and software like IDM (Internet download manager), Skype, Slack, uTorrent, BitTorrent Microsoft Store, Gmail, and others constantly eat up CPU power.

Newer systems will handle multiple apps at the same time. But with the passage of time, processors will grow old and the system will face hard times running multiple apps at the same time.

It is advisable to run only one or a few apps at a time. This prevents unnecessary burden on the system and is a healthy habit to maintain the lifespan of Windows. The number of applications running in the background may look very small but this is a catalyst that can increase or decrease the system performance and stability.

Final words:

So this was a step by step guide to speed up Windows 10. There are several methods to speed up your slow PC and make it anew. However, in this article, we have tried to generalize the ways by which you can easily speed up your Windows 10 PC.

Freeing up disk space is another important way to speed up the computer and this can be done by duplicate photo finder utility and other relevant software available in the market.

You may also search the Internet and check for tons and tons of options and tweaks that will walk you through your quest in speeding your computer.


Hi, I am Tanu Saha a Digital Marketing Analyst and a tech enthusiast person. I love to write on the latest topic of technology, gadgets and so on.

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