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Hiring an Electrician: Important Questions to Ask

Electrical maintenance is one of the most commonly hired services globally since almost all property owners face electrical issues at least once in their lifetime. And unless you are a trained electrician yourself (or share your home with one), you should never try to fix severe electrical problems yourself.

But what makes an excellent electrical expert? How can you be sure whether the technician you are hiring would be able to handle your crucial electrical work safely and professionally? Hiring a licensed electrician in Burleigh Heads or elsewhere is the answer to such questions because only a certified professional can fix even the major issues smoothly without much risk.

To ensure you got the right wireman to take care of your property’s electrical work, here are a few vital questions you need to ask the technician before recruiting.

  • Are you a licensed electrical professional?

You should always hire a licensed electrician before handing over any major electrical work. Besides, certain critical electrical jobs need to be done only by a licensed and experienced wireman as per the state inspection protocols.

  • How many years of experience do you have?

Experience wins over newly trained technicians who are yet to learn a lot in this field. It doesn’t mean that freshers or those who have been in this sector for a few months won’t be able to fulfill your needs. But we would advise you to hire experienced technicians to manage significant electrical jobs.

  • Is it a long-term solution to the problem?

Try to go for long-term solutions rather than temporary fixes, which must be done frequently, thus costing more money. Go for the technician who can offer a permanent solution at affordable rates.

  • Will this electrical work require a permit from the authorities?

Although small electrical jobs like fixing the lights won’t require a permit. However, access requires major electrical work like complete home rewiring, panel changing jobs, installing standard generators, and others.

Besides, major wiring jobs also need the state or city inspector to visit the concerned property. It ensures the safety of the property owners and the inhabitants.

  • What is your service guarantee?

Professional electrical companies like Connection Electrical will offer labor guarantees and manufacturer warranties on the devices they have installed or the fixtures made. Make sure that you have this information in writing for future references.

  • Do you have any insurance?

If you need to hire an electrician for some major wiring work, ensure your technician has a valid insurance policy to cover any casualties. The person doing the work should have at least $500,000 in their liability insurance policy and Worker’s Compensation policy.

  • Can you give me some contactable references?

Word of mouth recommendations is one of the most powerful aspects of marketing. However, apart from benefiting the concerned professional, references can also help potential consumers to build trust in the electrician. Ask for contactable references from the electrical experts you are willing to hire and make a few calls to learn the experiences of real clients who have worked with them.

Final Words

Always clarify the above points from the professional before the recruitment process, especially when you need some crucial electrical maintenance work for your home or office. A licensed electrician in Burleigh Heads will always cater to your needs and fulfill the above criteria.

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