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Hot Air Balloon Dubai

You can fly above the vast desert and observe the camels, oases and sand dunes from the air. Hot air balloon tours also provide spectacular views of the mountains and the surrounding desert. But the real highlight of these tours is the ride itself. Whether you choose to fly over the Arabian Peninsula or the whole region, this adventure is sure to be an unforgettable experience! And you can even enjoy a complimentary drink during the flight!

Packages offered by Hot Air Balloon Dubai

If you’re looking for the ultimate escapade, then you need to try the hot air balloon flights in Dubai. The city’s breathtaking landscape makes hot air balloon flights in Dubai an unforgettable experience. If you have never experienced a hot air balloon flight before, you can book one of its packages now. If you are not sure what to expect, here are a few things you should know. After the flight, you’ll have time to explore the city’s colorful souks and take an elevator ride to the Burj Khalifa.

The first hot air balloon company in Dubai was the Emirates Hot Air Ballooning company. Their pilots are well-trained and undergo regular inspections. Some packages include a gourmet breakfast and a falcon show. Some even include desert safaris. Once you’ve chosen the right package, you’ll be picked up from your hotel at a time that suits you. In addition to the balloon ride, you’ll have a chance to enjoy activities on the ground like quad biking or camel riding.

You can choose from three or four different types of packages. The most popular is the Sunrise Tour, which features a balloon flight between Hatta and Dubai. The sunrise is visible for the most part of the city, and you’ll be able to enjoy it from an elevated perspective. If you’re interested in a more relaxing flight, you can choose the late afternoon flight. But remember to plan ahead and book early.

If you are looking for the ultimate luxury experience, you can opt for the Platinum Heritage Charter Flight. This includes a gourmet breakfast, a Falcon show, and a camel ride. After the flight, you’ll be able to enjoy other activities, like quad biking, horseback riding, or dune-bashing. If you are a traveler, you can also opt for a sunset hot air balloon flight.

Flight time

When it comes to the flight time of Hot Air Balloon Dubai, the more time you have to spend in the sky, the better. This activity promises to be a heart-racing adventure with some killer views. However, most of these activities only last twenty or thirty minutes. So, it is best to plan your trip accordingly. Listed below are some of the best things to do in Dubai. Hopefully, this article has given you some tips and tricks to make your hot air balloon Dubai flight a memorable one.

The Hot Air Balloon Dubai flight will last about thirty minutes to an hour. From 2000 to 4000 feet, you will be in the air for breathtaking views of the high red dune. The process begins with a pick-up from your hotel. The time may vary throughout the year, depending on the time of sunrise. If you book a balloon tour in advance, you can even get a complimentary drone show.

While standard flights are 45 minutes to one and a half hours, you will need at least three to four hours to get to the launch site, set the balloon, and enjoy the post-flight festivities. Typically, this includes a celebratory toast with a glass of bubby and a light breakfast. Afterwards, you will receive a souvenir flight certificate and enjoy a light meal. If you plan to take a camera, make sure to bring your GoPro.

A shared group trip is the best option for those who want to enjoy a flight over Dubai in style. This package includes the transfer from your hotel to the launch site, a gourmet breakfast, and a return transfer to your hotel. A hot air balloon ride in Dubai is a wonderful experience that is sure to make your trip unforgettable. If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone special, a Hot Air Balloon Dubai tour is the perfect way to make a memory that will last a lifetime.

Pick-up points

The first thing to do is to book the trip ahead of time. The best time to go on a hot air balloon ride in Dubai is in the morning, when the sky is still clear and the temperature is comfortable. Bring your camera and secure any expensive gadgets. Dress comfortably so that you can take pictures. If you have small children, they will not be able to see anything outside the basket. It is also a good idea to bring a camera or a video camera.

You can also charter your own hot air balloon. Emirates Ballooning is a good choice if you want to have a fun and exciting experience. The company has certified pilots and follows strict maintenance programs to ensure the safety of its passengers. The company also offers desert safaris, falcon shows, and gourmet dinner. Pick-up points for hot air balloons in Dubai vary. The company will pick you up at a convenient time, so you can avoid traffic.

To book a hot air balloon in Dubai, you should visit the website of Balloon Adventures, or contact the company’s reservation staff. They will arrange for pick-up from your hotel. The driver will take you to the balloon flight location in the desert. The driver will not wait at the pick-up point if you do not show up at the scheduled time. The ticket is non-refundable, so be sure to book well in advance.

Those looking for a thrill should book a hot air balloon tour in Dubai. This adventure promises killer views and an adrenaline rush. You’ll be in the air for up to an hour, and the flight is guaranteed to be memorable. Many companies offer hour-long hot air balloon rides, and the duration of the flight can be customised according to your preferences. Whether you choose a romantic ride over the desert, a thrilling experience, or a romantic getaway, hot air balloon rides in Dubai offer something for everyone.

Hotel transfers

The flight to the top of a hot air balloon is as exciting as the climb. After descending, enjoy the photoshoot and transfer back to your hotel. After your flight, explore the city from the air in style. Here are some highlights of this unique experience. And for the ultimate adventure, try the balloon ride with your family or friends. You’ll surely be delighted with the experience. After the flight, you can indulge in some shopping at local markets or relax in a spa.

The flight will start early in the morning. If possible, wear comfortable clothing and make sure you remove any heavy jackets prior to entering the basket. Then, wear your most comfortable shoes. You will b.e on your feet for a short time during the flight, and will need to walk a short distance to return to the vehicle. You should also be prepared to walk in a desert, so wear comfortable footwear. If you don’t prepare properly, you may have difficulty climbing the steep mountain trails

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