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How Can I Apply for Sindh Public Service Commission Jobs?

The (SPSC) Sindh Public Service Commission is a provincial bureau of the Government of Sindh in Pakistan that is amenably recruiting civilian agents and bureaucrats in the Government of Sindh.

In the parliamentary democracy of Pakistan, the ultimate albatross for running the administering rests with the elected responsibilities of the bodies which are the ministers. But the handful of ministers cannot be expected to accord personally with the assorted problems of modern administration. Thus, the ministers lay down the action and it is for the civilian agents to carry out this policy. The Sindh province with 45 million citizenries has over 50,000 public service advisers including the government.

The responsibility of the Sindh Public Service Commission is to run the administering of Sindh. The province is managed through several provincial Government agencies under the action admonition accustomed by the ministries.

SPPC Jobs Vacancies

Sindh Public Service Commission Jobs with a list of all circumscribed notifications and job openings under SPSC Sindh along with schedule and result. Each month the commission announces assorted job vacancies through circumscribed ads that appear in print media and through its official website. Eligible candidates can administer online once they accommodated the eligible criteria. The commission additionally conducts exams and interviews for assorted civilian account positions.

Job vacancies in Karachi and added districts by the Sindh Government that appear through this agency are all listed actuality as anon as they are advertised. Aspirants with Sindh abode can avail abundant opportunities in public service through a career in Engineering, Medical, Education, Administration, Police, and added departments. There are some websites available in which you can search easily All Latest Jobs in Pakistan.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Eligibility of an applicant shall be determined by the advertisement for the post(s), Service Rules administering arrangement to the accordant post(s). For this purpose, the age, qualifications, acquaintance and added accreditation, etc. of the candidate’s absolute on or up to the Closing Date fixed for such posts as advertised shall be considered. No alleviation in this attention shall be allowed.
  2. However, the Government may on case to case basis, acquiesce alleviation to the extent advised necessary, as per the rules.

Application Fee

  1. Applicants while submitting their applications are appropriate to do so along with the assigned appliance fee.
  2. If the applicant has deposited the appliance fee in the wrong head, the appliance is not to be rejected. Candidates are, however, appropriate to drop the fee again in actual Account head notified. The previously deposited fee for the application is not to be refunded.

Eligibility Criteria for SPSC Jobs

The eligibility criteria for SPSC Jobs are as follows:

  • Both males and females are eligible for SPSC jobs
  • Citizens of Pakistan are eligible for SPSC jobs
  • Domiciled and permanent residents of Sindh are eligible for the SPSC jobs.
  • Bachelor’s degree with at least 2nd division

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Selection Procedure for SPSC Jobs

Following are steps for the selection procedure to get SPSC Jobs

  1. Written Test

For compulsory subjects, the competitive exam is captivated at the centers located in Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, and Larkana. The exam for alternative subjects is conducted at the head office in Hyderabad.


  1. Interview

All applicants are expected to have the ability of Islam and Pakistan. In the interview section, questions may be asked on these subjects. On the other hand, non-Muslims applicants may not be asked questions on the topic of Islam.

Age Limit for SPSC Exam

The age limit for SPSC jobs are as follows:

  • The general age limit for both male and female is 21 to 30 years
  • For candidates from the appointed caste, the upper age limit for both genders is 31 years
  • For candidates who have confined Sindh or Federal Government with a total continuous service of 4 years, their upper age limit for both genders is set as 35 years.

Syllabus of SPSC Exam

For every distinct position or subject of SPSC exams, the syllabus is different. So, applicants who want to administer for SPSC exam for specific subjects or positions are appropriate to analyze the syllabus on the official SPSC website, according to their chosen subjects.

List of SPSC Jobs

Following is the list of SPSC Jobs 2021:

  • Director
  • System Analyst
  • Clinical/ Nursing Instructor
  • Law Officer
  • Executive Engineer
  • Lecturers/ Instructors
  • Librarian
  • Surveyor
  • Assistant Sub Inspector ASI

How can I apply for SPSC?

Following are the steps of how to apply for SPSC Jobs:

  • Visit official websites to find out Latest SPSC Jobs in Karachi.
  • Once there is an SPSC Job availability, analyze the eligibility criteria. We will explain it in added detail onwards.
  • If you fit the accommodation criteria, fill out the online application form to apply for SPSC jobs.
  • After registration, you will pass through an alternation of stages.
  • You can also visit different websites to apply for SPSC Jobs.

Step by Step Guide to Apply for SPSC Jobs

  • Search the official website of SPSC
  • After reaching the official website of SPSC, find the option of APPLY ONLINE at the top of your screen.
  • Click on the tab of “APPLY ONLINE”, now find the option of login and CREATE ACCOUNT BUTTON.
  • Being a New user, CLICK ON the “CREATE ACCOUNT” button to create your account with your CNIC, Email ID, and password.
  • After creating your account, fill up the following three sections for creating your profile:
  1. Personal Information
  2. Educational Information
  3. Job Information

Click on “Availability of Jobs” and click the ‘apply now’ button.

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