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How Can I Go To Sasan Gir National Park From Ahmedabad?

You have to travel three hundred and forty-three kilometers from Ahmedabad to reach Sasan Gir. You can either take the railway or the roadway to get there. However, the easiest way is the roadway.

Modes of transport

It will take you around six hours and forty minutes to reach the Gir National Park. Several buses ply between Ahmedabad to Sasan Gir. If you want, then you can also hire a cab or a private vehicle. Traveling via trains is an option which people tend to ignore because it takes longer. Then again, trains can take you to Junagadh or Veraval, the nearest railway stations to Gir.

Best time

The climate of Gir National Park and the surrounding region is typically tropical and wet. Though the park remains closed between sixteenth of June and fifteenth of October every year. If you keep that in mind, then you can visit this natural reserve any time. Like every other travel destination, Gir National Park also offers unique moments to visitors for experiencing and enjoying its wildlife. The best time to go to the Gir National Park is between September and April. After all, it is when several migratory species of birds arrive here and stay along with the native creatures. The atmosphere and climate remain pleasant on these months.

Details of transportation

You wanted to know how to get to Sasan Gir from Ahmedabad. Here are some details about all the transportation modes available. First of all, you can book a flight to Diu from Ahmedabad. Once you reach Diu, you can hire a cab and travel sixty-five kilometers to Gir. If you want to commute via trains, then you must know that no trains go to Gir directly. You have to reach either Junagadh or Veraval. From there you can hire a cab to Gir. Finally, you can travel to Gir from Ahmedabad using the well-connected roadways of Gujarat. The distance is approximately three hundred and fifty kilometers, and the journey will be an enjoyable one.

Other attractions

Long and arduous journeys can become enjoyable if you know where to halt for a short break. There are a couple of stops that you can make as you travel to Gir National Park. The first is Sarangpur, also spelled Salangpur. It is a small village located in the Botad district of Gujarat. The place is quite famous for its monuments and historical temples. It will be your first stoppage on the way to Sasan Gir. The location opens up the pages of Ahmedabad and the region’s history. You can make another stop at Amreli, another major district in the western part of Gujarat. The history of this place dates back to the sixth century. Back then it was just a small town named Anumanji.

Final stop

Your final stop will, of course, be the Gir National Park. The government sanctioned its creation in 1965. It is the oldest wildlife sanctuary in the state of Gujarat (Gujarat Tour Packages). It is the home of several endangered species of flora and fauna. The Asiatic Lions are its primary attraction, and travelers from all over the world come to see them. Mohammed Rasul Khan-Ji used to be the Nawab of Junagadh area. As you can understand, like all other royalists, Nawab hunted the lions of Junagadh for pleasure. When he realized that the number of lions is dwindling, he began a protection and preservation program for them. He also banned all kinds of hunting activities. The government of India acknowledged that idea and followed the footsteps of the Nawab.

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