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How can I Promote YouTube video?

Promote Youtube Video

How can I Promote YouTube video?

Promoting YouTube videos has become a common task nowadays due to the rise in YouTube marketing. A lot of people look for ways in which they can grow their channels faster and wider.

In this article, we are going to tell you some tips to boost and promote YouTube videos.

  • Adapt to BOGY thumbnails

To give your YouTube videos a head start, promote YouTube videos by creating BOGY thumbnails. BOGY is the short form for Blue, Orange, Green, and Yellow. This is suggestable as this allows your videos to stand out.

The main colors of YouTube are red, white, and black, and thus, using these colors won’t help much. Also, your videos will blend in with the background.

  • Improvise your video title CTR

Clickthrough Rate (CTR) of any video tells you a lot about promoting a YouTube video. It shows how many clicks you get on your video. Remember, after thumbnails, titles are the first things that your viewers see.

Make sure that the titles you choose increase your video CTR and not the other way around.

  • Use appropriate keywords

Keywords are always important in order to promote a video on YouTube. These keywords help you to rank high in the search engine result pages. For your videos to get a boost and high visibility, research your keywords.

Use them appropriately in the title, description, and closed captions. It will boost your videos on YouTube.

  • Optimize the comments, likes and subscribes

When it comes to boosting your video, use the right techniques to promote videos on YouTube. The views on the video matter, but the engagement on those videos matters too.

YouTube analyzes all the activities happening on your channel in order to keep a check. Make sure your videos are getting comments, likes, and subscribes on the videos too.

  • Utilize your end screens

The end screen is another best way to promote YouTube videos. Add links of other videos and your channel on the end screens to drive the traffic. These are small steps but work perfectly.

They work as CTAs, making sure that your viewers know about your other amazing videos.

  • Get your SEO mastered

Search engine optimization(SEO) is a powerful tool when it comes to promoting videos on YouTube. Thus, learn the SEO techniques and master your strategy. Learn how YouTube SEO works and boost the reach of your videos.

It helps you in reaching high in the search ranks and targeting the lead audience. An increased approach will surely help in getting more views.

  • Use attractive playlist titles

First of all, it is important to have your channel organized. Use playlists to organize your videos in a series form. This helps in promoting YouTube videos by keeping the viewers engaged.

Also, just like the titles of your videos, make sure your playlist titles are attractive enough too. It will lead to more clicks and engagement and will boost your videos.

  • Share your videos on other platforms

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are always effective. Share your YouTube videos on these platforms as well as on your website and in blogs too. This provides clickable links to your audience making their tasks easy.

Use as many platforms as you can to share your videos. However, keep your target audience in mind.

  • Understand the perfect time to upload

Upload your videos when most of your audience is online. For this, you need to understand when and where to share YouTube videos. People watch videos when they have time, so analyse your audience. 

Choose the most likely time period when they will be free and can watch your videos easily.

  • Use clickable YouTube cards

YouTube provides several ways that you can choose from for promoting YouTube videos. YouTube gift cards are one such way. These are clickable links that can be added at any moment of time in your videos.

They provide links to other playlists and videos on which the viewers can click. So, use this to drive traffic from one video to another.

  • Get your video featured

YouTube features great videos on its homepage and promoting YouTube videos. It gives a huge opportunity to the video as well as the channel to drive traffic. buy Youtube Subscribers Learn the techniques you can use to get featured.

It requires good content and the commendable ratio between views, likes, comments, and subscribers.

  • Stick to the plus points

Last but not the least, understand the patterns you have used in your most viewed videos. Crack your own niche and follow it in further videos. It is one of the best ways to promote YouTube videos.

Sticking to what your audience prefers helps in boosting your video and gaining more engagement on your content.

Now, you know how to promote your YouTube videos in the right manner. Also, know about how YouTube counts views without an account. This will help you in getting an idea about the YouTube algorithm.

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