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How Can You Get The Maximum Cooling Effect From Your Car’s AC?

Air conditioners (AC) inside vehicles are probably one of the most useful inventions ever done in the automotive industry. Most global cities around the world experience extreme heat during the summers. 

Vehicle owners generally expect that the performance of the vehicle’s air conditioner will be directly proportional to the overall quality of the equipment as well the kind of maintenance that is carried out. But, the reality is something else because the performance of your car’s AC will depend upon various daily routines that are followed inside of the car. 

The Ways To Extract The Maximum Performance Out Of Your Vehicle’s AC

  • Parking Under A Shade

One of the best methods through which you can keep your car cool especially during the summers is by parking your vehicle under a shade. In that way, you don’t need to worry about the sunlight directly falling on to your car and thereby heating it up, while you’ll be away.

In case your car has been heated up by sunlight, then you’ll eventually have to wait till it is cooled down before you can begin your driving session. As a result, it will waste enough of your precious time. Moreover, the car’s AC will not be functioning at its best when the car is already heated up and will take extra time to cool down its exteriors and interiors. 

Leaving your car under direct sunlight can also have bad long-term effects on your vehicle’s exterior surface paint – which might start to chip away slowly. 

  • Dropping Down The Windows

Let’s say you cannot find a proper shade to park your car. In that case, the best thing you can do is to drop the windows of your car slightly, so that hot air & cold air can be circulated through the interiors of the vehicle quickly. 

Thus, it will prevent the onset of the greenhouse effect inside the car while also making it easy for your AC to operate. Car Air Conditioning Service in Sydney suggests that with the help of proper ventilation, you can expect the temperatures inside of your car to remain within moderate limits. Ultimately, ventilation will put less pressure on the performance of your vehicle’s AC. 

What Is The Fastest Way To Cool Down A Hot Car?

One word, ventilation.

As we have already stated in our last viewpoint, ventilation can help you cool down your car pretty fast. The faster you let the hot air from inside of the car to leave and the cool air to take its place, the quicker it will be able to cool down your vehicle. 

Furthermore, if you have a sunroof, you can use that as one of the major gateways for ventilation as well. 

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