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How Countries are Dealing with Illegal Immigrants in 2020

Whether the immigrants in different countries of the world are legal or illegal, the question about their acceptance and position remains unanswered in many domains. Mixed emotions and beliefs are related to people who are often termed as “outsiders” even if they have landed in another country after proper legal documentation. While immigrants are still finding it hard to cope up with the differences of opinion, different countries are changing their ways of dealing with immigrants who have illegally entered their country. So, if you are planning to migrate to any other country, make sure you do it legally with the help of the best immigration solicitors.

Are Immigrants A Strength Or Burden?

The popular belief of the public of many countries is that immigrants prove to be a strength for the economy of a company instead of a burden. Canada has the highest rate of immigrants. It welcomes around 7 million immigrants according to the latest survey, and 68% of the public believes that it is the strength of their country. Other countries such as the UK, US, France, and Australia has an equal share of immigrants. Although Australia closed its borders for anyone coming from the outside during the coronavirus outbreak, it still didn’t force the immigrants to return to their countries.

Countries such as Greece, Hungary, Poland, Netherlands, Russia, and Israel are by no means immigrant-friendly countries. They see immigrants as a burden to the state and have less than 5million immigrants. Only 5% of people in Poland believes that immigrants are not a burden. Greece has a 10% population believing the same while Israel has 26%.

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The Current Concern About Immigrants

The reason why a lot of people are still considering immigrants as a burden because they are a threat. This is a bitter reality, but according to different surveys, the countries and their publics who are not willing to accept immigrants are because of terrorism. They are concerned less about any other criminal activity by an immigrant except for terrorism. Whenever a crime happens, most countries do not blame immigrants to be the reason for a crime because they focus more on the facts and evidence. Canada, the UK, the US, and France are such countries. However, South Africa, Sweden, and Greece majorly blame immigrants to be liable for any crime.

On the other hand, a total of six countries including Canada, Mexico, Japan, the US, the UK, France, and Spain claimed that having immigrants in the country has not increased terrorism. Hungary, Greece, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Germany and the Netherlands have opposite views.

The Plan Of Deporting Illegal Immigrants

The current scenario with the acceptance of immigrants is also very critical. Imagine how you will be dealt if you are caught in an illegal immigration case. It doesn’t matter how many countries are in the favour of accepting immigrants as their strength, no country will compromise on letting illegal immigrants stay. According to the latest decision, countries have now decided to permanently deport any person who is found to be migrated illegally in the country.


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