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How dispatch software is important for NEMT business?

NEMT Dispatch Software Software Solution

Provide fast, reliable, and cost-effective non-emergency medical transport services with a technical first approach to patient transport. Nemt dispatch software is perfect for your nemt transportation.

As the population ages and the need for health care increases. Many people are delaying or missing the necessary medical appointments because they have no means of transportation. These people need a non-emergency medical transportation software(NEMT) service that provides more assistance than a taxi or shared ride service.

Go beyond NEMT dispatch Software Suite. Overview paper-based systems and spend less time preparing schedules with automatic scheduling and dispatch software. Book single or daily batch trips with incredible fluidity.

Saving time

Take less time to immerse yourself in paper-tracking trips. DispatchBot enables your team to quickly track and record. All the details needed for each trip, giving you an insight into the functionality with real-time data. So you can see where you can improve to save more time and money.

Premier Partner Dispatch Yours was selected as one of only three Premier Partners to help NEMT operations like yours run a more profitable business.

Nearly a million Americans – The elderly, the disabled, the elderly in rural areas – delay or even miss medical appointments because they have no money or transportation. That is why NEMT companies are so important in today’s world. They help disabled patients and/or seniors to go to medical appointments, hospitals, pharmacies, or emergency care.

Real-time billing

DispatchBot supports custom billing rates specifically designed for NEMT. You can customize the rate per contract. Revenue is integrated into DispatchBot’s reporting system so you can calculate total revenue for days, weeks, months, or other time limits.

With real-time visibility in route performance, dispatch can see how individual trips and routes are performing. Using this analysis, receptors can quickly make the necessary changes and adjustments to improve service delivery and overall performance.

How does Nemt’s dispatch software benefit riders?

NEMT software allows people with special transportation needs to maintain their independence and avoid feeling overwhelmed by family or friends. This feeling of independence can provide a much greater sense of well-being, help in recovery and/or management of chronic disorders.

NEMT broker software does not only help brokers and their providers to manage client trips effectively. It also allows for efficient and timely travel for the client:

Optimization of trip routes

Manual tracking of the vehicle and the behavior of the driver behind the wheel

The ability for brokers to communicate directly with drivers and dispatch.

Real-time tracking of individual trips

Managing rider’s details for future trips, including address and contact information. As well as current qualifying status and payment preferences. Which can mean quick service for regular customers.

Good NEMT software can provide customers of these transport services. A better experience by providing efficient and timely booking. Scheduling and payment options, providing their customers with easy solutions to their transportation challenges. On top of that, it brings peace of mind when trying to move on to important medical appointments.

What are the benefits of non-emergency medical transport software?

Non-emergency medical transport software enables you to:

Solve complex pick-up / drop-challenges for rush hour, traffic patterns, load capacity, and last-minute requests.

  • Improve communication with your drivers and customers
  • Plan around the time window and arrive on time
  • Integrate your CRM or flex order management system with our flexible API
  • Monitor performance with GPS tracking and reporting for additional visibility
  • Collect proof of delivery: photos, signatures, notes.
  • Efficient 30% more efficient route while generating ROI
  • Keep an eye on performance with live ETA updates
  • Create real routes that keep drivers happy and running on schedule
  • Implement new processes to achieve maximum efficiency and meet daily goals
  • Test new circumstances with project growth and simulation planning

Reduce labor and costs No more unnecessary NEMT vehicles! Fewer miles! Our most used dispatch software for NEMT will save you money!

How do you choose the best NEMT dispatch software?

It is important to approach the choice of NEMT software with the same care, due diligence, and research requirements before making any changes that will affect performance.

The level and quality of customer service and support before, during, and after the adoption of software is another.

Another important element in the decision-making process is the level and decision of customer service and level before, during, and after accepting customer software. This information can be obtained by inquiring about the current users of the software and their experience with the company. Adopting software is not easy, having a hands-on support team will make a big difference.

The NEMT software solution should be able to accurately manage the needs of a particular agency and its stakeholders and customers, while also fitting into the agency’s budget. For example, agencies that have a large amount of coverage and rides will have a fleet and more routes to operate them. So more rigorous software is required.

Automatic scheduling and dispatch

Paratransit software is designed to address the lack of adequate solutions for cab services. That provide point-to-point transportation services for people with disabilities. Our strategically developed medical transport scheduling software helps achieve this with an advanced and automated scheduling system for an accurate and systematic booking process.

  • Meet your unique business requirements with custom dispatch settings
  • Reduce fuel consumption by reducing driving time
  • Overcome obstacles to scheduling and self-planning of dispatch
  • Provide the best customer service with prompt feedback
  • Increase operational efficiency with the RootTim optimization API

Developed by the developers, Workwave’s Routing Engine is a powerful algorithm. That enhances the functional efficiency of any business with routing requirements. An easy-to-use, powerful API integrates with business software to provide a powerful root optimization solution. Extensive documentation and development tools are available.

Ability to see the real-time route and schedule options that can help brokers optimize routes and trips across a full fleet of vehicles.

How does NEMT medical dispatch software work?

Non-emergency medical transport services are operated by trained NEMT brokers. Their job is to qualify riders, schedule and book rides, and match requests for transportation with the right vehicle. To accommodate the rider’s needs, such as loading or closing a wheelchair or mobility scooter with a client.

NEEMT brokers also ensure that each of their transport providers (and their drivers) has advanced licensing, insurance, and training. So customers are guaranteed to receive professional service.

Support your public and private transport operations with user-friendly NEMT software solutions

From the beginning, Tripmasters has been run by our customers. Today it is a full-service transport NEMT software suite, including modules for:

  • Integrated voice feedback
  • Automatic scheduling
  • Web-based TriPort
  • Powerful custom reporting
  • Mobile solutions and automatic vehicle locator
  • A central hub for NEMT operations

Powerful dispatch, scheduling, billing, and client management tools for medical transport companies.

Automatically assign new service requests to nearby vehicles, schedule trips for manual mode customers, plan routes for drivers.

Gain useful insights on your medical transport service performance to make data-based decisions.

Dispatch Management Client Management User Management Reporting and Analytics.

Equip your Nemt fleet with a feature-rich driver dispatch application and assign integrated jobs and track progress in real-time.

Create a dispatcher profile with a selection of panel features to access and add multiple users to manage operations for you.

Add new hospitals, clinics, and medical transport clients, edit information, request history, and more.


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