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How Do Antidepressants Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

If you are a depressed person enduring Erectile Dysfunction and Depression don’t feel solitary. An enormous number of males in India are suffering from this problem.

Erectile Dysfunction is the inability to maintain a firm erection but this can be treated with medications. But if you are also having depression, then at first your depression must be treated to treat ED. Look into the text to have more information about it.

The tie between Erectile Dysfunction and Depression

It is well said that the brain is the most sensitive organ in our body. It responds to each action that happens in front of us. Similarly, the erection depends on arousal and desire which happens due to the functioning of our brain.

The erection process is a combination of physical and mental arousal. Without any support from the mind, there cannot be any action on the erection process.

Desire emerges in our brain and makes its way down through special chemicals present in the brain called neurotransmitters. This chemical establishes a connection between the brain cells and promotes the blood flow to the pelvic area. This is not the case with depressed people. In the depressed person, the communicating brain circuits do not work properly causing arousal problems.

Many males with anxiety, stress, depression, and mood swings also face erection issues. This is precisely because of the lack of support from the brain in their erection process.

There have been many reports where people with depression complain of low desire although they are on Esperal 250mg suggested by doctors for erection problems.

Antidepressants with Erectile Dysfunction

However, depression is linked to weakness in erection people might think that using antidepressants can also cure erectile dysfunction. But that is not the case here; antidepressants are found to be harmful to erectile dysfunction. Not every antidepressant causes an impact on erection but yes many of them can harm your intimate life.  Some depression medicines cause a greater erection problem than others like:

  •     Citalopram
  •     Duloxetine
  •     Escitalopram
  •     Paroxetine
  •     Fluoxetine
  •     Sertraline

While there are reduced risks associated with other antidepressants, yes they can cause minor ones too. Therefore it is very important to know about it.

What side effects do Antidepressants cause?

In male:

It decreases the libido and causes problems in getting an erection.
Also, many men can have trouble maintaining the erection.
Men too have reported blocked or delayed orgasm
Drugs such as Celexa can drop down a men’s sperm count to almost zero.
the serotonin stabilization can also affect the mean.

In female:

Antidepressants stabilize serotonin levels in the body as this could delay lubrication and orgasm.
Due to antidepressants, women can also feel a lack of desire.
Also, it has been reported that women on antidepressants in some cases feel uncomfortable in intimacy.
If you want to conceive, have a talk to your doctor about it.
Antidepressants may lead to some birth defects.

Mutual side effects:

It can induce dizziness.
It can give a feeling of nausea.
Can lead to sluggishness.
It can lead to weight gain
Some such as Sildenafil citrate 150mg can cause an adverse effect.

How to curtail the side effects of Antidepressants?

Modify your dosage:

A higher dosage of antidepressants could lead to increased harm to desire and therefore it makes sense to say that reducing the dose could be helpful. If you are experiencing side effects, reach out to your doctor and ask him to cut down your dose. Never decrease the dose without asking a doctor and also don’t stop having it without consulting.

Make changes in timing:

Make changes in time when you are taking antidepressants. If you are having it once a day takes it after the time of day when you engage with the partner and this could do wonders. There is evidence that antidepressant side effects become low before a few hours of the next dosage. This method may not work for everyone but you must at least give it a try.

Get medication rechecked:

If you are not benefited from any other way you must visit your doctor again and ask him to switch medicine brands. He might change the brands or medicines totally and also add supplements that could not cause side effects.

Keep a regular watch:

These side effects need lots of time to fade away. You need lots of patience and need to keep a regular eye on your side effects whether they decrease or not. Go to your doctor, consult him and prepare a timeline. As you change dose or brand it might take weeks or months to decrease side effects. And to note a change in your side effects you need to create a timeline.

Talk to your better half:

If you are having a problem in maintaining intimacy in life due to antidepressants then talk to your partner instead of giving up on it. Together both of you search for an option that treats both your mental and intimate issues.

Ensure safe consumption of medicines

Some medicines prescribed for anti-depression may interfere with the erection boosting medicines. It can lead to medical complications. Consult your doctor when you are using both anti-depressant medicines and erection boosting medicines. Doctors may suggest a gap of 24 hours between two medicine doses. In the case of tadalafil, the gap suggested may be up to 36 hours, as this dose has a longer impact period.

In many cases, there will be no need for medicines to boost erection if depression was the only cause of erectile dysfunction.  The cure of basic cause will naturally remove any hindrance in the erection process.

Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Your Body

Cognitive behavior therapy

In case you are suffering from depression, and still do not want to go for medication, consult a psychologist for a CBT. Cognitive behavior therapy is talk therapy. It is conducted in the privacy and relaxed ambiance of a clinic with the professional psychologist.  The therapy basically involves changing the behavior towards the same issues which cause mental disturbance or lead to depression. With changed behavior and understanding, the same issue which earlier led to depression will cease to cause concern.

Cognitive behavior therapy is nonmedication therapy. Without medicines, it aims to improve the mental and emotional issues of the patient. Males who do not want to use antidepressants may try the therapy.

In the majority of cases, there will be a cure without dependence on medicines. The duration of sessions and number of sessions depend on the severity of the depression case. Let the psychologist decide the duration and session number.

All information and data you share with the professional remains is confidential and never shared with a third party. In many cases, just sharing your worries, emotional turmoil’s and a bad experience will be enough to get relaxation without medicines.


Although there is a link between depression and erectile dysfunction, antidepressants do not cure erectile dysfunction. It worsens the conditions. You must consult a doctor if you are on antidepressants and facing this issue. Stop considering misconceptions and make your life healthier and better. Identifying the underlying cause of depression and treating it will ensure a proper and permanent cure. never take medication without medical consultations. An enormous number of males in India are suffering from this Depression problem.


Dr.Maria Hernandez is a senior doctor and surgeon with over two decades of experience in the domain. She performed countless surgeries on male urology issues and benign prostate enlargement issues with the highest success rates. She observed that the majority of males are able to get back to a normal routine after surgery. Some faced erection issues as well. She prescribes generic Levitra 40mg to deal with erection issues. According to her, the generic version is as effective as a branded one. Currently, as a consultant, Dr. Maria guides an online medical team that expands medical services. She continues her journey of services on digital platforms to help more patients.

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