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How do I pick customized Candle gift boxes?


We have seen good Candle gift boxes growth in recent years as you can see, more and more companies are producing candles, Specialty candles are also available. However, the buying of candles by private individuals is on the rise as well we have all the types of boxes you can make customized boxes and we will provide free shipping you can check our website’s fast custom boxes.

Candles can offer a certain mood to a room if a customer chooses scented, then they can escape. We should expect a wide range of smells to be present. It is distinguished by a classic fragrance, such as vanilla or a. In addition, it is now possible to locate “sea mist” or “countryside on Sunday” in shops for more detail visit our website fast custom boxes and we will provide free shipping.

Awfully scented candle

Key factors in the candles’ favor include their bottle. But they serve a useful purpose. Indeed, if the customer likes it, he can keep it as a piece of décor.

Custom-shaped candle packaging

Candle gift boxes Packs offered by Century prints a wide variety of printable boxes are open, indeed, to wrap glass candles or silk paper. Customized candle packaging gives you the chance to tempt your clients. Packaging is critical today, that thing the customers take away after making a purchase. When the customer buys his candles, the personalization will help it more.

Specialty packaging for expensive perfumes and candles

You can now generate more consumer loyalty thanks to your eco-friendly packaging. The competition in the candle box packaging industry is on the rise. To stand out from the competition, customized packaging for scented candles is appropriate Handcrafted candles come in uniquely packaged packaging and free shipping.

candle gist boxes

How can you securely package candles?

You have several choices to determine the right handcrafted Candle Boxes Wholesale. Based on your shopping cart, you will be able to customize the candle there will be options for melting candles

Custom-made box for candles

Century print has a lot of experience creating Callie Gift Co. sets of all sorts. Many different options are available for personalization in our shop. I’ll show you examples of customizable boxes that can be used to store votive.

Non-standardized magnetic box

The first of our handcrafted candle options is the magnetic-box packaging. We have a wide variety of magnetic Gift Boxes in our catalog, but some have candle boxes packaging in them. Since these are typically large and heavy, the product packaging is important. This material, however, must also be able to express your product values. Two types of magnetic media are appropriate for this application.

We start with the Cub ox, a customizable magnetic box. It will turn all of your curiosities to alchemical. Indeed, this will be able to contain many kinds of candles. Allowed in several formats, choose the format that attracts your customers based on the persuasion of your brand.

Gobo – magnetic gift box

This cube with a magnetic lining shipped flat and is suitable for holding ready-to-to-wear accessories (belts, scarves, ties, perfume, etc.), décor, MUGs, candles, and cups. It assembled instantly due to its magnetic closure and stays put in place with a high-tech use of stickers. It made out of solid, recycled paper of 1200 g/m², with a covering of 140 g/m² white paper.

candle gist boxes

It’s now possible to use Eva for additional personalizing your candles. As historically thin as before, we’ve modeled this classic gift box. We are proud to state that: 22 cm tall, and 10 cm deep for original dimensions, the design looks of these 3 candles assured. As well, you can choose this packaging option without a window.

Made a VoxOx gift box

The VoxOx is the most sophisticated magnetic box. It is dense and reliable made of 1200 g/m² rigid cardboard candle boxes coated with a 140 g/m cover-m paper outside and 140 g/m interior or 140 g/m rigid cardboard cover this package gives your goods added value often, it used to stick together. Can be assembled and dismantled several times (unlike the Wonder box, which permanently installed). It sent flat.


Other gift boxes that can be used to wrap Candle Boxes Wholesale are included in our catalog I’m afraid that’s right. You can save a lot of storage space with flat-pack storage. Boxes that have already made will be able to carry your candles equally well as boxes that been made for more detail visit our website fast custom boxes and we will provide free shipping.

We have a flower box, to begin with. This lidded candle gift box is sturdy and elegant, allowing you to store your handmade candle packaging securely. It’s a voluminous model. This customized cube box with a lid will entice your customers. Due to the various sizes, you would be able to bear big candles.

Flower box with a decorative lid

No assembly needed Customizable flower container is suitable for containing belts, scarves and ties, perfumes, jeweler, MUGs, and statuettes. You can assemble it instantly, thanks to a tilting mounting device with reusable stickers. It’s made of recycled paper of 1200 g/m², with a 140 g/m cover

candle gist boxes

And then, we sell customizable recycled cardboard boxes. Brands who want to give their consumers a more green perspective can use this sustainable customized ecowarrior. Perfect for makers of fine-art Custom Candle Boxes, this cheaper but just as excellent

Campania gift able cardboard

This Campania box is perfect for accessories and clothing. With sobriety, but has 420gm of plastic coverings. Lifesaver is available in a variety of sizes and hues. It shipped flat in two bits, saving you a lot of room. It folded, without glue. Count +/- 30 seconds for the lid and bottom of the package

The new flat-delivered, customized model is called the “smart” It has the feature of being in a cabinet. Yes, this has the potential to wrap a lot of candles indeed and for more detail visit our website fast custom boxes and we will provide free shipping.

Smartly printed box

These customizable pieces are easy and simple to assemble. Brands mulled over and chewed over in order to achieve both beauty and robustness it coated with 1200g/m² of Kraft and matt white or black laminated paper. It has broad applicability in art and the world of food, not to forget the function it serves in candles. It folded without the use of glue. Double-walled assembly of the VoxOx mixers and Velcro. For assembly, take +/- 1 minute (lid and bottom of the box).

Customized, bespoke

Century print personalizes wrapping paper for your scented Custom Candle Boxes. To avoid making an empty space in the package, use our designed file. You will place the candle in the best possible condition by inserting it into the printed tissue box. It has two benefits: Besides, you give your customer a further immersion in your brand’s reality it will appear in the entire unboxing experience with printed tissue paper materials. This is even more critical when given as a gift.

White tissue with black printing

In addition, notice that you can printable tissue paper prevents the custom printed boxes wholesale from moving inside the packet. Inserting a few sheets of silk paper will immobilize the candle.

candle gist boxes

Biodegradable container

Additionally, Century print includes personalized candle gift boxes and printed tissue.

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