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Digital Marketing

How Do You Do Digital Marketing for a Mobile App?

Introduction: mobile apps are the norm and trend all over the globe. With more people utilizing their smartphones to access almost all kinds of services it’s vital to have a solid mobile app marketing strategy that will tap into this vast online resource. Besides, it’s good to acknowledge rightly that significant net users are on their phones for prolonged amounts of time to redefine your brand design.

What is Mobile App Marketing?

It is the use of digital channels especially through the apps to create marketing campaigns that eventually reach your target users in each marketing funnel stage. Today, apps are more than just enabling people to communicate, access goods or services but are great platforms to form incredible marketing campaigns. It is also the phase of engaging users at all times they use the app. But how would you engage your potential app users and market? And what digital marketing would surely win for a mobile app? Let us examine some key app marketing steps.

8 Essential Steps for Effective Digital Marketing for  Mobile Apps

1. Market and Audience Demographics

An adage goes that ‘customer is king’ and for mobile apps markets and audiences determine several other variables and factors going forward. Apart from, knowing, measuring, and evaluating potential usage, client base penetration, and innovation opportunities with local inputs in mind audience demographics like variability in age, profession, search trends, and recreational habits. Different mobile apps may appeal to various age groups variably and for a variety of reasons or application uses.

(a). age group variations in the target audience

(b). size and composition of the app target audience

(c). relevant and specific and appropriate app specifications

(d). adaptabilities and capabilities of the apps

2. Competitor Research and Analysis

Every great marketing decision be it digital or traditional starts with basic research and evaluation of your competitors. Competitors may be varied, at different levels competitive and applying various steps to stay ahead. Research gives valuable information pertaining to their market share, capitalization, and other essential business statistics. In search engine optimization (SEO), competitor research is a standard step that helps unravel the potential threat and capacity of your competition or what you could be up against in the business stakes.

3. Influencer Marketing

Influencers in some key niches and verticals play a significant role in app users downloading and installing an app. Whether it is an online education, job search, career advancement, net or online banking, fashion and lifestyle, online shopping, and many other apps the role of influencers is still high. Influencers help gain access faster to new users or undecided potential users (fence-sitters). Influencers are still very much trend as their inputs and sharing on their social pages helps give confidence to undecided and new users as well.

For example, a popular food Blogger on social media platforms Instagram and YouTubewith extensive knowledge may be asked to do advertising for the promotion of a Restaurant with his account. People trust him and follow their instructions to buy their followed items.

4. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence

Most mobile devices are equipped with AI capabilities that help transform user experience to another level. AI in modern apps transforms their user experience to another level. Augmenting and letting these AI capabilities shine forth makes the apps ready for future emerging technologies and innovation.

5. Email Marketing

Email is a powerful modern tool when it comes to online promotional marketing. And when it comes to app promotions and marketing, emails are fast and target-specific. E-mail lists help avail users and target audiences with the latest information and updates pertaining to your app. This is crucial to multiplying retention rates and increase revenue generation avenues. E-mail marketing campaigns have varied options and channels like opt-in mail lists.

This helps limit app promotions to key loyal users, avail other key benefits and privileges. Target specific campaigns save precious time and resources and are bound to produce faster visible results.  In Digital Time, Email marketing can be used by thousands of businesses of all sizes across the globe. It can give you the benefits of marketing and promoting your brand amongst audiences.

6. App Store Optimization (ASO)

There are several apps in the apps stores (Google or Apple) with a variety of functions and varied target audiences or markets. App store optimization highlights and improves app visibility in the app store. With millions of apps in each app store (Google play and apple store), what are the chances that your app will rank well or better than most other apps? ASO vitally can help draw users to your with no cost just organically. ASO adopts keywords that help your app rank higher in the app store. More so by for instance opting for localization of app store entry enhances visibility and prominence in the app store.

More than 5 Million applications are launched and are available to download on Android and Apple stores. App Store Optimization can increase downloads the number of loyal customers and it can boost your organic growth and visibility in play and apple stores. You should pick what are customers are looking for and how you can convert them into your loyal customers.

7. Adopt Video Marketing

Videos always have a lasting impression on the user’s mind. Also, the recall ability after watching a mobile app usage video is long-lasting. Adopting video marketing by way of making app promotional videos has faster results than traditional promotional routes as the visual impression of videos lasts longer with a profound impact. Videos are profoundly engaging and their combination of entertaining while putting across a business message means they are far better to adopt than any other method of product or service promotion.

You can develop your content in the videos format. Video contents are eye-catchy and shared fast within the audiences than articles.  People like to watch and share videos and you can take benefit of this. Make sure that video must be of high quality and real added value to customers so that your content can be spread to millions of people.

8. Engage Social Media and Networking

Social media has a vast reach and span all over the globe with various platforms to engage. This is a great opportunity for the promotion of the mobile app. For here, the sky is the limit in terms of audience size, demographics and potential market share, and users you can acquire for your app. Social media channels and networks like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter Linked In, Pinterest, and many others are great foundations to launch a solid social media app promotional strategy.


In today’s very adaptive, competitive, and fast-evolving digital world, it’s vital to make mobile apps visible and appealing to users. In order to sustain this level of appeal to users, Mobile App Marketing Services can be a great way to solve these challenges, find growth and thrive.

It is no just no longer just enough to have great mobile app innovation and creativity through crucial and essential. But also have a great promotional and marketing strategy to make the app visible and appeal to a wide section of users. A combination of these and other variable elements helps to finally create a unique and reliable Digital marketing strategy for your mobile apps


Stuart is a professional technical and generic writer with a knack for exploring and demystifying all technical aspects in the IT world to the reader. With a passion for the outdoors, adventure and travel he strives to bring myriad approaches while unravelling all there is to know and discover its related fields. He is an avid blogger, author and expositor on a diverse range of topics and subjects of interest.

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