How Do You Know When You Need Brakes

When Do You Need New Brakes?

Maintaining your car brakes comes under the regular car maintenance category. People who think that brakes do not need any maintenance or repairing are mistaken. If you care for every part of your vehicle, there are very low chances of part replacements. You are fortunate enough that your car will start giving you visible signs when you need new brakes. Be smart enough to recognize the following detailed signs, and take your vehicle for brakes repair service right away. Make it checked by a professional mechanic who will tell whether you need a repair or replacement.

Squeaking Noise

When your brakes are in bad condition, you will hear a lot of strange noises. Ignoring these sounds will only affect the performance of your vehicle. Not only that, but a damaged brake can also be a reason for major accidents. When you hear a squealing and squeaking metal sound coming from your brakes, it means that the brake pads are damaged. The rotor and steel pads start connecting to let you know that the pads need replacement. Another type of noise you can hear is the grinding sound. It often starts when your car hasn’t been serviced for too long. There might be a stone caught in the calliper unit or the brake shoe is grinding with the rotor.

Vibration When You Pull The Brake

Vibration often occurs when the rotor is damaged or its alignment is misplaced. If you have taken your car to places with steep roads where you had to use the brake for a longer period, the brake rotor would warp. Another reason may be the heat and debris on the road that made the rotor stuck in a position. When the brake is applied forcefully, the car stops with bumps, and you feel friction. You must take your car for a checkup as soon as you return from your trips to steep and sloppy mountains. Do not ignore this situation because continuous friction can lead to brake fails.

Burning Smell

This is one of the most obvious signs that you need a brake replacement. When the clutch or brake is overheated, the brake fluid starts burning. You will immediately sense a strange burning smell when you try to use the brake. Pull off your car as soon as you can, and make sure the brake is fully released. Wait for the brake to cool down, and take it to the mechanic right away.

Warning Light

When your car’s dashboard starts displaying warning lights, it means that your car needs an inspection. The brakes’ hydraulic system fails, due to which, the brake lights remain turned on. Make sure you do not take the warning lights lightly and take immediate action.

Low Responsiveness

Brakes are supposed to stop your car as soon as you need them. If your brakes are not that responsive anymore, your car is not fit enough to be on the roads. A leakage in the brake system can be the reason of slow response. Get it checked when you are getting trouble in using the brakes.

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