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How Do You Make Passover Fun?

Passover is a Jewish holiday and during this festival, the Biblical story of Exodus is celebrated. In this story, Moses had freed the Hebrew slaves from Egypt. During the Passover, it is a part of the tradition to hold a Seder during the first two nights of Passover. Seder is the name given to the special festive meal that is comprised of symbolic items to recite the Haggadah. This story is recited in a set order. During the Passover festival, Jewish people are not allowed to eat leavened food items like bread. It is so because the ancient Jews had left Egypt in haste and they did not have time to allow their bread to rise.

passover Fun

In place of bread, Jewish people eat matzah during the Passover. Matzah is a flat and unleavened bread. Passover is one of the favorite holidays for many people. You can make Passover fun by doing creative activities at home or you can leverage Passover programs to celebrate this festival in different ways. You can transform the Passover festival into fun by doing the following activities:

  • Hold a Chocolate Seder before Passover

This idea will encourage your kids to actively participate in Seder. Also, your kids will get familiar with the order and prayers of Seder. During the chocolate Seder, you should fill the plate with various chocolate items such as chocolate drumstick, ice cream in place of shank bones and use chocolate egg in place of hard-boiled eggs. In place of 4 cups of wine, you should offer 4 cups of chocolate milk. This chocolate Seder will be quite interesting and amazing for your kids.

  • Special Passover Crafts

Take help of your kids and prepare special art and craft pieces that you can use on Pesach like a Jeweled Seder plate, Elijah’s cup with colorful tissue paper, felt matzah bag. You can use these creative art work pieces for decorating the dining room. These kinds of items will let you involve the kids in the Passover celebration.

  • Pre-Passover Shopping 

First of all, make a list of special recipes that you are going to cook during the Pesach. After that, make another list of ingredients and raw materials required for preparing these special recipes. You can take your kids for pre-Passover shopping. Let your kids do a shopping scavenger hunt.

  • Prepare Some Matzah Balls

Every kid loves to have matzah balls during the Passover. You should take the help of kids to prepare the matzah balls. They will love to get their hands dirty while preparing the matzah balls. Once the matzah balls are prepared, you can throw them in the soup and your kids will definitely enjoy them.

  • Passover Dessert

You must prepare delicious and amazing Pesach desserts like matzah chocolate candy or macaroon trifle. Again involve your kids in preparing Passover dessert. You should use different types of baking chips such as white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, etc for preparing dessert. After that, you should tell your kids to apply paint to the chocolates and mix them all. You should cover your Passover dessert with nuts, candy, and nonpareils. These colorful and delicious Pesach desserts are amazing.

  • Prepare Your Own Haggadah

Haggadah is a book that describes the complete story of Pesach and also guides the order of the Seder. Traditional Haggadah may be a little bit boring for your kids. You can prepare your own Haggadah by pasting some pictures related to the story. Books with beautiful pictures seem attractive to kids. You should prepare your beautiful book of Haggadah by taking the help of your kids.

  • Act Out The Passover Story

Traditional ways of hosting a Seder seems boring to everyone. You should look out for different ways to make this Seder fun for everyone, even your younger guests. You should prepare an act with your family members and retell the story of Exodus through a play.

  • Offer Charity

You should do a Mitzvah (good deed) during the Pesach festival. Also, you can offer Tzedakah (charity) to Pesach-related organizations. You can do charity in any way that you like. It is recommended grab some extra boxes of matzah while shopping at your grocery store for Passover holidays. You can donate these boxes to the local food ban.

  • Travel To Beautiful Destination

Nowadays, people do no want to spend their holidays in cleaning their house and preparing kosher meals. They travel to beautiful destinations and celebrate the Pesach in different ways. With the rising Jewish tourist during the Passover vacations, many countries and states have converted their luxurious resorts into Passover resorts and hotels. his conversion is done to promote Jewish tourism by offering kosher meals and relaxing stay to the Jewish guest. You should plan to travel to Mexico in the upcoming Passover. This is a beautiful place  you will definitely have fun there.

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