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How Does A Freight Broker Operate?

A freight broker is an independent agent between a carrier and shipper. They often act as third parties negotiating on the contract and processing of air cargo. Their expertise in procuring transportation services and their knowledge of the requirements and regulations for different types of carriers can save carriers a lot of money. They also have the inside track at the right time to get the best deals on air freight. But how do they find the best Freight Broker and get the best deals?

A Successful Freight Broker

The successful freight broker will not only seek deals based on price, but will also look at the type of transportation services needed. They will research the market to see if there is a gap in the market that they can fill. They can determine which carriers have the highest operating costs, and therefore the best deals. Then they contact these carriers and ask them to put together a package that includes the most cost effective routes for transportation from their point of origin to their ultimate destination. They will then make all of the necessary arrangements to ensure that the package is delivered on time, frequently and in the most efficient manner possible. When it comes to the shippers, they will negotiate the best terms and keep prices low so that the shippers can afford to transport their goods.

Freight brokers have become a very important aspect of the logistics and transportation industry. In previous decades, these same brokers would only be found in large cities. However, with the growth of the internet, many logistics brokers now have offices around the country. This enables them to do business with companies anywhere in the country that have shipping needs.

Shipping Process

Freight brokers are very helpful when it comes to completing the entire shipping process including invoicing and payment and clearing the shipping process. They also keep records of all shipments and keep updated information about the shipping process and industry. They can easily access all of this information because they work directly with shippers. This means that the freight brokers will have direct contact with the shippers. This allows the freight brokers to request any documents or paperwork whenever it is required to complete the shipping process.

Role of Freight Broker

The role of the freight broker is quite different from that of a carrier. There are quite a few differences between a broker and a carrier. A carrier can simply take care of the logistics aspects of shipping, while the broker handles the carriers. This difference is usually the price factor. Freight brokers receive their commissions from the shippers, not from the carriers. In addition to this, a broker can also advice the shippers on how to best package their products for the greatest amount of success.

Export Needs

In addition to these different aspects of service, a broker can also help the shippers with their export needs. The freight brokers provide their services in a variety of ways. They can assist with documentation and paperwork, or they can assist in the entire export process. They can even assist with the licensing of the shippers as well as provide tips on how to insure their goods for the greatest protection. When a shipper has a question, there are many resources available online and through telephone that are specifically set up to help with all of the questions that are often asked.


With all of the responsibilities associated with shipping, one would think that a carrier would be the more preferred option. However, because of the cost involved in maintaining a fleet of trucks, dispatching companies have been required to outsource some of their transportation requirements to specialty carriers. In many cases, the companies that outsource these tasks are highly-skilled contracting companies. Therefore, the freight brokers provide the same level of service, but at a much lower cost to the shippers.

Valuable Service

These brokers often provide a very valuable service. They have direct access to the actual carriers and can make suggestions based upon their previous knowledge of how each of the carriers operate. These suggestions can be very valuable when the shippers are seeking a new carrier and do not know what to look for or where to begin their search. In many instances, the freight brokerage company can even provide recommendations for a new carrier based upon the type of truck that is currently being operated by the carrier. The use of the services of the freight brokerage firms has greatly increased since the creation of the internet and can now be accessed anywhere that an internet connection exists.

Freight Broker

Hiring Professional Freight Solutions

When looking for professional freight services, one can find a wide range of companies and providers offering a variety of delivery options and other logistics services. There are also a number of freight forwarders who are willing to provide these services free of charge. Many of these companies offer their services to all types of businesses and individuals in order to help them achieve cost-effectiveness and efficiency in their operations. Some offer services that include air cargo, ocean freight, sea freight, road freight, rail freight and trucking as well as others. All of these services require professional freight management in order to deliver high-quality and safe products to their customers.


This is the kind of professionalism that professional freight solutions ensure. Terms of the agreement were never disclosed before the service was offered. This meant that some unscrupulous people could make some profits by offering the service at a much cheaper price than they would have it if the company had sought professional freight services from another professional freight forwarding company. This kind of business trickery is referred to as “coastal shipping”. Many times the company or individual doing the coasting will ask for additional charges on the day of the shipment while invoice paperwork is still being prepared and several months prior to the actual shipment date.


This practice is referred to as “watermarking”. Most professional freight forwarding services will never engage in this practice. Most companies that specialize in these types of services offer several different types of shipping options. They offer express, regular and freight shipping services. They also offer services like insurance, warehousing, specialty services and various other options that are specific to their area of specialization.

Time and Money

This saves time and money. It is more efficient because the company does not have to do any more work to prepare the invoices which are filed with the appropriate agencies. Freight forwarding agents can handle all paperwork pertaining to shipping time frames, shipping rates, brokerage fees and customs broker fees. The shipments can arrive at their destination much faster. Because freight companies don’t have to expend extra time locating shippers or waiting for them to become available. Freight companies can also reduce their costs by using trucks rather than small vans used by businesses. In some cases the savings achieved can be more than 50% of what the freight company would normally spend.

Professional Company

Many times it can be cheaper to arrange freight services from a professional company. Rather than trying to handle the freight yourself. The services of a professional freight agent can come in handy when trying to determine the best carrier for a certain type of shipment. Professional freight services are able to provide a lot of information related to shipping. As well as advice on certain types of shipments. For example, if a particular kind of item needs to be shipped in large quantities. It would be wise to contact professional freight services. They may suggest that you use sea freight or air freight services for larger shipments.

Freight forwarders

Freight forwarders have experience in handling a wide variety of shipments. These freight services know exactly how long items will need to be prepared for shipping. As well as what kinds of carriers are used for such shipments. In many cases, professional freight services are capable of preparing and packing shipments for clients themselves. In other instances, they may require that you pack the shipment for them. Either way, you should be able to easily find a company that offers professional freight services.

There are many freight forwarders around the world. The cost of professional freight services is comparable to the cost of operating your own freight services business, in many cases. Freight forwarders are usually independent entities that don’t have an affiliate program with any one particular shipping company.


Finding a good freight forwarding company doesn’t have to be difficult. It just takes a bit of research. It may even help if you’re willing to learn a few tips from those who have had experience in the industry. That way, you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision about which professional freight service to hire.

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