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Computers and Technology

How Much Do You Know about The New CCNP Examination?

The New edition of the CCNP examination formally entered the area of network engineers on February 24, 2020. For the Internet industry, especially for those people who plan to get their Cisco certificate, the new Cisco certification system has a great influence. Now putting the CCNA and CCIE aside, let’s talk about the exact changes of the new edition of the CCNP.

New CCNP update

One of the biggest changes is the precondition of taking the CCNP examination. Before this new edition of the CCNP, as we all know, if you want to take an examination of CCNP, you must get the CCNA first. And after the change of this new edition of the CCNP, if you want to sign up for the CCNP test, there is no formal prerequisite. Before the exam, you can just have a full understanding of the exam topics and be ready to have the faith to pass it. This is good news for those who are not ready to take the CCIE and consider CCNA to be too wasteful.

In this upgrade of new CCNP, another good news is that the CCNP written examination and CCIE written examination is the same. That is to say, once if you have passed the CCNP or CCIE written examination, you can choose to directly take the Lab examination to become a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert or refer to an optional examination to become a Cisco Certified Network Professional. The test is more flexible with no doubt. This means that if you have attained the CCNP, as long as the certificate is valid (the CCNP is valid for three years), you may choose to take the entrance examination of the CCIE Lab and then become a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert at the expert level in the Cisco Certification.

New one of the major changes of the CCNP examination is relatively reflected in the change of the examination form of the CCNP. As we all know, the original requirement is at least three written examinations. Some may need to pass five written examinations to get the CCNP. While after February 24, 2020, you just need to pass two examinations to get the CCNP certification. That is to say, you need to choose one core examination and an optional examination.

There are five directions in CCNP currently. CCNP Enterprise direction is combined from the direction of routing and switching and the direction of the wireless. What’s more, there is some big direction of the data center, security, service providers,  cooperation. The optional examination is different in each direction. You can choose it according to your own interest and demand. As for the exact direction, specific information can be consulted from the SPOTO or log in the Cisco’s website to know more.

In terms of exam fees, the cost of CCNP has been cut by almost half, which is also due to changes in the exam format. This is something about the content of the new edition of the CCNP. If you have any questions, please consult SPOTO any time!

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