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How much does it cost to build a house

If you want to build a house, you have to deal with the house building costs in detail. Not only because otherwise, you could lose track of the construction costs, but also because you can save a little on the total costs. In the following, you will find a list of everything that counts as house construction costs.


Costs for a new building: overview and comparison

Those who dream of their own house inevitably ask themselves the question: What house I can afford?Because the house building costs can quickly shatter the dream. The answer to that depends on many factors. One of the most important is and will remain the type of house you want to build.

And it’s not just about the question of whether you want a modern or a classic house – more important is the view under the facade. Also because certain types of houses can only be built on certain plots, possibly even with just one basement, cellar, at least a partial basement, and therefore cost more than others that stand on a floor slab.

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The classics when it comes to homeownership are still in GermanyPrefabricated houses or solid houses, Architect houses, or Developer houses. Container houses are still the exception – although they create a more cost-effective alternative to conventional living situations. Also because they can be built on small plots, for example, in vacant lots.

As in the recent past both wood as well as sand, Insulation materials, Petroleum products, and reinforcing steel have risen sharply in price, information on house building costs can only be snapshots at the moment. The prices will probably rise even faster in the coming months so that it will become more and more expensive building house.


Prefabricated house:

 if you have a planning and building a prefabricated house you will quickly notice: The house construction costs for a prefabricated house are no longer much lower than for a stone house, because the prefabricated house manufacturers have caught up a lot in the past ten years in terms of both quality and the degree of possible customization. You now pay an average of 1,700 to 2,200 Construction costs per square meter.

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Solid house:

 With a living space of 150 square meters and a plot of land of 500 square meters, a single-family house costs an average of around 380,000 (excluding ancillary construction costs). The guideline value for the construction costs per square meter for a solid house is around 1,700 to 2,500. A semi-detached house with the same equipment produces around 1,000 per square meter of house construction costs.


Architect house:

 With a construction cost of 1,900 to 2,900 per square meter, architect houses are somewhat more expensive than prefabricated houses or solid houses in terms of house construction costs, but the additional costs usually make up for the architect houses with a construction phase that is more pleasant and less stressful for the builder.


Solid house in the construction phase


The construction of a solid house takes much longer and is usually more expensive than that of a prefabricated house. On the other hand, a solid house is very durable and allows individual planning by an architect.

House building costs for a tiny house

Overall, a tiny house is cheaper than a regular house – but the construction costs per square meter are comparatively high. One of the main reasons for this is that a tiny house has significantly fewer square meters than an average single-family home: namely only between 17 and 50 square meters.

This means that you also need a smaller plot of land or, if you want a mobile home and are not familiar with theBuilding permit for tiny houses want to tease around, no property of their own at all. But in the case of a tiny house, the total sum of the house construction costs is divided by fewer square meters.

And when it comes to interior design, aTiny House is a stylish space saver by installing high-quality equipment or space-saving custom-made products. For around 10,000 you can get a tiny house kit that you can assemble and set up yourself. Ready to move into cheap tiny houses are usually between 35,000 and 80,000 for an average of 28 square meters – i.e. between 1,250 and 2,000 per square meter.

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What do the house building costs depend on?

The house construction costs depend on many factors and are not identical for any two houses. It is therefore always very difficult to give precise information on house construction costs. Some of the cost items are obvious, such as the plot of land, the type of house, the roof shape, the cellar, the size, and the equipment as well as the furnishing of your dream home and the quality of the materials used. Others are less obvious and builders tend to forget about them. We, therefore, recommend that you roughly calculate the cost of building a house well in advance: House building costs also include thoseExcavation work, the outdoor area as well as the Building costs.


House building costs also depend very much on the region in which you want to build. Starting with property prices and the associated follow-up prices to the hourly wages of the craftsmen you employ on your construction site. Anyone who is flexible in terms of work can save tens of thousands of euros in house construction costs simply by changing location. Builders can also pay some house building costs to save through personal contribution. The less you can do yourself, the more expensive your house will be.


Ancillary construction costs are not insignificant

Correctly calculating ancillary construction costs is not an easy undertaking, also because you have to keep an overview of all expenses – after all, around 22 percent of the house construction costs flow into the ancillary construction costs.

They include the Entry in the land register, the Notary costs, possibly a broker’s commission, the real estate transfer tax, the building land appraisal, the measurement of the property, any tree felling work, the building surveyor, the Building permit, the Development costs, the Construction site equipment, various Insurance for builders, the construction of the garden, the garden paths as well as the construction of the terrace, the carport or the garage as well as the paving of the driveway. Not to mention the cost of that topping out ceremony and your `s relocation to the new home.

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Financing costs


For most owners, owning their own house is the most expensive purchase of their lives. But also with the mortgage lending, one or the other euro can be saved. If you plan your own contributions carefully, you can use what is known as a loan negotiation muscle mortgage.

Low loan interest rates and a high degree of flexibility in repayment are two other ways to save house building costs. One thing is clear: evermore equity The less money you have to borrow and the cheaper it will be to build a house. But even those who want to take out a higher loan can save interest by making careful comparisons. TheLBS mortgage calculator.

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