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How Next generation Smart TV has completely changed from traditional

Next generation Smart TVs

If you have been an avid couch potato, then you may have observed that the face of television has changed over the years. From a black and white TV to a bulky CRT TV to the flat LCD Smart TV to slimmer LED TVs and now smart TVs, you may have seen all phases of the television. 

The next generation of Samsung TV and more has completely changed the way you use conventional TV. It is because you are able to access many benefits than a traditional TV in India and elsewhere. Read on to know those changes that you are able to enjoy compared to standard TV! 

  • Being able to enjoy the convenience 

Smart TV employs Wi-Fi capability, web-based streaming of videos, online personal support right on your television and more. Smart TVs come with in-built processors and operating systems to enable customization suiting your needs. This way, you are able to use apps, chat with anyone, play games, listen to music, engage with others on social networking, and check the weather and more. It was not at all possible do anything on a traditional TV as you had to see what was shown by your DTH networks. 

  • Keyboard remote control 

Smart Samsung TV and more brands now offer remote controls than provides you with much more than traditional ones. Other than power controls and standard volumes, the remote of a smart TV also comes with a functional computer keyboard, navigation buttons and optical mouse. This way, you can enjoy accessing essential buttons of a keyboard and even numerical keys right on a remote of a smart TV. All these were distant dreams on a standard TV a few years before.

  • Device connectivity 

The smart TVs of today also come with multiple HDMI and USB ports so that you can connect more external devices and access multiple devices on your TV screen. From a smartphone to a digital camera to a Blu-ray player to more, you can connect external devices on to your smart TV. What’s more, with internet on smart TV available, you can also send any media files to anyone or upload one on your social media accounts. The connectivity of external devices was available in standard TVs, but the options have increased more over the years with easy to share option.

  • Being interactive 

This feature on the smart TV lets you creating your customized TV programming schedule to watch all that you prefer later and without searching for all again. Many third-party quizzes and show-based predictions games keep running on smart TVs so that you feel that you are a part of an interactive society. This feature was nowhere seen even in the best of conventional TVs a few years before. 

Best smart TVs to buy in India at a glance

Samsung Super 6 43 Inch Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV

  • Ultra HD 4K 3840 x 2160 pixels 43 inch screen 
  • 24 W speaker output 
  • 60 Hz refresh rate 
  • Tizen Operating System 
  • 2 HDMI ports 
  • 1 UBS port 
  • Smart TV access 

The cost of this smart Samsung TV in India is around Rs.36,000. 

Vu 32 Inch Premium HD Ready LED Smart Android TVs

  • HD Ready 1366 x 768 pixels 32 inch screen 
  • 20 W speaker output 
  • 60 Hz refresh rate 
  • Android Operating System 
  • 3 HDMI ports 
  • 2 UBS ports 
  • A+ Grade High Bright HD Panel 

You can bring home this smart TVs in India at around Rs.11,500. 

You can also consider smart TVs from brands like MI, LG and others to join the bandwagon and start accessing customized to on-demand online content super easy! You can also buy Smart LED TVs on EMI. That is a good option if you don’t wanna pay full amount.

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