How to apply a patch?

apply a patch

The patches have arrived at Color-Mania! We love them and we hope you will like them too. If you already want to adopt them, you may be wondering how to apply them, here is our DIY patch guide to help you customize your favorite jackets and accessories!
Color-Mania patches
Most of the patches we offer are iron-on, some are sewable (see the description of the patch on the product page to find out what applies to the pattern you like!). In both cases, the application will be fairly simple and does not require a lot of equipment.
Apply a fusible patch
It is very easy to apply an iron-on patch, using an iron. Here’s how:
Place the fabric on which you want to apply the patch on a flat, hard surface (the ironing board will be fine!). Take care that the fabric does not wrinkle.
Position the patch on the fabric: the fusible side (the one where there is no pattern but a layer of glue) against the fabric.
Heat the iron to the maximum temperature supported by the fabric on which you want to apply the patch.
Cover the patch with a fine cotton cloth (cloth, towel, cloth, etc.) to protect it during application.
Once hot, pass the iron insisting well everywhere on the patch. The glue will melt and attach to the fabric.
Let cool so that the glue dries well, and voila!
Warning ! Do not try to apply a patch on a fabric which cannot be ironed or which can only be ironed at low temperature (polyester, silk, etc.). In fact, if the iron is not hot enough, the glue may not adhere well. With this kind of fabric, it is best to sew the patch.
Even if the glue of the iron-on patch must be sufficient, do not hesitate to add a few stitches for better support.
Apply a sewing patch
Sewing patches will require a little more effort, but are also very easy to apply and on all fabrics!
Put your garment flat
Position the patch and hold it in place with pins
Two solutions are then available to you for sewing: the quickest will be to use a sewing machine, but if you do not have one or do not know how to use one you will be able to do this sewing by hand . The patches generally have a thick edge (often black but which can be another color) which you can follow to make a very straight and discreet seam.
If sewing is not your thing, or if you want to bring a little destroyed side to your look, you can also quite roughly sew your patch by making long stitches and preferably with a fairly thick thread (wool, cotton). The seams will be fine, but that’s what will bring that little “flip” to your look.
Can we apply a patch in another way?
Sewing and iron-on are the most classic techniques for applying a patch, but don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild!
As explained just above, you may want to add a slightly destroyed side to your patch by making coarse seams and with a fairly thick thread. In the same spirit, you can also use safety pins. They will add a unique look to your patch and allow you to change often.
If you want to change the patch and the shirt, why not use Velcro? It will be enough to sew one side on your garment, another on the back of your patches and you can change them in a jiffy!
On certain materials (vinyl, imitation leather … especially to apply a patch on a handbag), it will not be possible to sew or use the fusible. In this case, you can turn to a strong glue or an all-purpose glue. So ready to become a patch addict?


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