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How to Be Alone Without Being Lonely

Being alone and lonely are two different things. It’s no secret that these have been challenging times for just about everyone in the universe. It doesn’t matter if you reside solo, with a family, or in a large group, loneliness can strike anyone who is feeling isolated, frustrated, anxious, depressed, and more. Many of us don’t know how to be alone without being lonely. That is why your mental health matters and is as important as taking care of your physical body. There are many excellent ways of being alone and not feeling lonely. Our experts have the following recommendations.

Understanding Justin Bieber’s Song “Lonely”

We often believe that lots of money, fame, and celebration are the cure for insecurities of all kinds, but superstar Justin Bieber has some advice. His hit “Lonely” assures us that it is normal to feel all alone in the world no matter where we are in life. In other words, it’s part of being human.

What if you had it all but nobody to call?

Maybe then you’d know me

‘Cause I’ve had everything

But no one’s listening

Bieber’s song is all about the need for human connection and reaching out to others.

The universe always supports you, and we are all in this together.

Volunteering For Social Interaction

Studies have been conducted on loneliness and the power of volunteering. One of these studies was administered in the United Kingdom in 2017 involving 10,000 participants.

The research discovered that volunteering in their community helped two-thirds of the participants to feel less isolated.

When you get out there and volunteer, you open your social circle even wider and are meeting new people, feeling like you belong somewhere and that your life has a purpose.

Psychologists say that volunteering is a superb way to stay engaged and stimulated, and it’s great for your brain in preventing cognitive decline.

There are so many areas of life that you could volunteer for. Maybe you have a social cause you wish to serve, etc.

Meditation And Staying In The Moment

A tranquil mind is something we all wish for, and that is where meditation can take you. Breathing in and breathing out and paying attention to your breath can help focus you, relax you and create physical and emotional well-being.

Yoga is another way to perfect the center core and have you living in the moment. With each unique asana or pose, you learn about stillness, determination, and balance.

Anyone can learn to meditate, and there are excellent professionals skilled in counseling for anxiety who can help you learn a variety of valuable techniques to better manage any challenges you face.

Exploring A New Or Favorite Hobby

Having a hobby allows you to express yourself, to focus on something you enjoy, and to create positive energy around you. Maybe you play the violin, draw pictures, collect seashells, dance ballet, play pool, drive race cars or do landscaping, for instance.

Having a hobby is a great past-time for your well-being, and you can do it solo, join a group, take classes, and more. It is yet another way to reach out and connect with others.

Behavioral experts say that it feels good to be inspired, to create something, and to take pride in it, and it can help you be happy while being alone. More and more people are trying new hobbies and crafts during the pandemic. You can use this time to better your own creative side in some ways as well. Take an online drawing class, buy a sketchbook for fun, listen to new kinds of music, watch movies in genres you never thought you’d like. Little changes can make a big difference in your day-to-day and you may just discover a passion for something you didn’t have before.

Directing Compassion Toward Yourself

We’ve all heard this one before about loving ourselves, right?

It sounds corny, but therapists teach their clients how to love themselves. You don’t need another to love you when you can truly love yourself. A connection to self is essential, and it can be developed successfully.

Directing tenderness and compassion toward yourself is one method. You don’t require another to validate you, accept you or love you. It begins with you; you are your own best friend, and you can manifest love through self-love.

Being alone can be beneficial for the soul because it creates growth and allows you the chance to get to know yourself. If, at this time, you may not know yourself or what you want to do, try keeping a list of possibilities for yourself. Write down things you think would be fun to try, things you’ve always wanted to do, and things that are so wild that would probably never happen but would still be fun to try. This will help you see that you have many options and different futures ahead of you.

Alone and lonely are not the same, and yet, as human beings, we often lump them together. When times are tough, it’s easy to sink into feelings of despair, but in reality, everyone experiences challenges at one time or another. Remember that all emotions pass. It depends on what you’re thinking and what you’re doing.

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