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How to Build an Inspiring and Effective About Us Page

When visitors visit your website, the first place they go is your “About Us” page. So, don’t leave your customers in the dark about your business! Let them know about you and your business by shedding some information about you with the help of digi marketing strategy providing web design service. Your “About Us” page should answer the questions like:-

  • Who Are You?
  • What Makes You to Stand Out from The Competitors?
  • What Do You Do?
  • When Did You Start Your Business?
  • How Do You Do It?

When you are speaking about “Who Are You?” it’s a good idea to include photos of you and your staff members as well as biographical scripts for each of you. This should portray your educational background, work experience, awards and certifications. All these information will give an overall view of your credibility and will give a great comfort to someone who might be on the fence regarding whether to buy your products/services or not.

The “About Us” page should have a description of your business, i.e. “What Do We Do?” and also it should have a mission statement. Overall, the content on the page needs to really communicate what is unique about your business and also should convey a clear message why people should buy form you instead of from someone else.

Next you have to mention the place with a little map of your business locations, and if possible explain how you came in this stage (if you have a unique story, mention that too). The way you convey the details should be very informative and concise manner. This information will make people comfortable and helps in take a right decision. For this seek help form the web design in noida to upgrade trendy.

Our phones and tablets are more connected than our computer. We have WhatsApp to exchange photos easily. We have apps such as Xender to share files offline. However, you are stuck with Bluetooth or a data cable when sending your laptop files to your phone or vice versa. You can conveniently exchange files with Xender For PC/laptop.

Important of Infographic Visual

Presenting infographic Visual on the business concept with well-designed graphics is another best way of expressing exactly what you do. This will help people to figure out your business concept and what you do, better than the wordy explanation.

The Best about Us Page

The best about us page require,

  • Services and brands that you Offer
  • About The Founder & Co
  • Call to Action, such as,
  1. Phone number
  2. Email ID
  3. Address
  4. Links of social media accounts

To implement these concepts in the about us page more creatively, find an experienced SEO Company noida . The visitors, who enter your website, first check out is, your “About Us” page. Only if the customer gets impressed by the about us page, they will move on the next page to check in deep and hire your service. So, to make the visitor end up visiting the next page and hiring your service, follow the tips which are given above in this article.

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