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How to Choose a Motorcycle Jacket

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A motorcycle jacket is the most protective gears that help to protect your body from impacts.

When it comes to riding a motorcycle, searching for the best jacket is not an easy task. As there are several buying factors to consider before purchasing the right jacket.

Like any other gear, searching for the right motorcycle jacket is an important part of body protection as the jacket helps to save from the crash.

To protect your body from a crash, there is a guide on how to choose a motorcycle jacket.

The trend of Jacket on Motorcycle in Movies

When the star played the role of Johnny Strabler (Johnny Strabler), he basically wore an exclusive jacket from the movie, Wild Man. Surprisingly, this character revolves around a young man who is the leader of a motorcycle gang. The courage and toughness of this character are so precise that he actually became a cultural icon of the time. In fact, it is the first time people have noticed the elegant indifference of motorcycle jackets at such a height.

How to Buy a Motorcycle Jacket

A motorcycle jacket has certain features that are different from a normal jacket. Wearing a normal jacket would not do any good to protect your body from a crash. To choose a suitable jacket for your ride is to consider certain factors before buying.

The list of buying guides mention below:


The materials are the main buying factor to consider when choosing a motorcycle jacket for your ride. Different jackets have manufactured various materials to ensure a safe ride on the road. Most jackets have manufactured in leather, mesh and textile.

How you want, a motorcycle jacket depends on the materials acquired for your ride. Different kinds of leather have made in jackets including cowhide, sheepskin, kangaroo skin, goatskin, synthetic and many more. To buy a motorcycle jacket for your ride is to consider the materials offered.

Types of motorcycle jackets

Motorcycle jackets have comprised of different types that match a certain rider. This helps to know the type of jacket that targets different riders. To protect your body from impacts, you should be able to know the four types of jackets are a cruiser, sports jacket, racing and adventure jackets.

Each type explains below:

Cruiser – Cruiser jackets have considered, as the most common jackets as this type of jacket have widely known for its coolness and style of motorcycle riding. Cruiser jackets have manufactured in leather of different kinds to resist abrasion and adding the look of motorcycle riding. Regarding fit, this type of jackets has loose-fitting to allow for ventilation and comfort and has little abrasion.

Sports jacket – Sports jackets have known for street jackets as this type of jacket has a more casual construction adding few features for impact protection. Sports jackets have made in textiles to add the loose-fitting and acquire little to or no pockets. This type of jacket has more armour protection from impacts.

Racing – Racing jackets have constructed in high abrasion materials due to the risk of high-speed rides. Racing jackets have manufactured in different materials to provide mobility on the road. The most common material used in racing jackets are cowhide leather as this kind of leather has excellent abrasion resistant properties. Racing jackets tend to have a very tight fit to allow an aerodynamic ride.

Adventure jackets – Adventure jackets have known for dual-sport jackets as this kind of jacket accommodates different riding situations. Adventure jackets have manufactured in highly durable textiles to make them waterproof and breathable. This type of jackets has different materials manufactured to ride in different temperatures and on different terrains.

Chest and body size

The chest and body size is the most important buying guide when it comes to motorcycle jackets. Having efficient body protection must have the right chest and body size from impacts. Riders struggle to find the right side of the jacket in which they ended up buying the wrong size.

To obtain the accurate jacket size is to take a measuring tape and measure around your chest, above your nipples. For taking the size of your sleeves is to measure from the tip of your shoulders down to your elbows then your elbows to your wrist. To ensure a safe ride is to consider your chest and body size.

Armour padding

The armour padding comes into consideration when searching for the right motorcycle jacket. The armour padding helps to maximize the protection of sensitive parts such as the back, elbows and shoulders. Some jackets have foam armour padding and others have plastic armour to add to the durability of the gear. This depends on the type of jacket you want for your ride as not all types offer the same armour protection. To choose the right jacket for your ride is to consider the armour padding that approves by CE.


The construction of the jacket matters as the construction should fit well around your body when it comes to impact protection. Since not all motorcycle jackets have the same construction, it is best to check the way the jacket constructs to your fit and your chest size. Regardless of the material and the type of jacket, you should consider the way the jacket design to accommodate your fit.


The weight of the jacket is important in body protection as the jacket helps to reduce wind and drag at high speeds. The weight helps to keep your body streamlined during the ride to avoid suffering back and shoulder pains. To ensure better road safety is to go for a protective jacket that is lightweight enough to withstand long routes. If you are physically fit enough to handle a heavy and stiff jacket, you can go for a heavy jacket.


Ventilation is the essential feature in motorcycle jackets as it helps to pass the air in and out in different conditions. This helps to avoid sweat and frostbites. Many jackets offer ventilation pockets to distribute sufficient ventilation that works in different conditions. To consider the ventilation channel is to go for a motorcycle jacket that offers a sufficient ventilation channel.

Weather conditions

Motorcycle jackets have designed to ride in different weather conditions. With the advanced functions added in protective gears, riders are searching for a protective jacket that works in different weather conditions. This depends on how often you ride. For instance, if you are a frequent rider, you will need a jacket that resists all-weather conditions. To choose a jacket for your ride is to go for a jacket that has a weatherproof function.

Reflective piping

The reflective piping is one of the most important features of road safety. The reflective piping helps to illuminate the visibility at night. This is especially great if you ride at night frequently. How you want, the jacket depends on how often you ride at night and the visibility required. Some reflective piping is brighter than the others do. To buy a jacket for your ride is to consider the reflective piping for your ride.


The abrasion-resistant helps to reduce friction during high speeds. This helps to avoid slipping off and so reduces drag. Many jackets offer abrasion-resistant materials to enhance road safety from impacts. To ensure a safe ride is to choose a motorcycle jacket that resists abrasion.


The jacket exposes to different conditions in the environment that would cause wear and tear of the gear. With the advanced functions of waterproof functions, rider search for a waterproof jacket that helps to ride in the heaviest rain. To ensure safe body protection is to go for a jacket that offers a waterproof function.


The durability of the jacket comes into consideration, as you want a protective jacket that offers long-lasting protection. To search for a durable motorcycle jacket is to consider other factors in this guide above to ensure a safe ride. The best motorcycle jacket will offer long-lasting protection from severe impacts. To buy a jacket for your ride is to consider durability.

Wrap Up

Here is the guide on how to choose a motorcycle jacket. Choosing a jacket requires certain factors to make long-lasting protection from impacts. The motorcycle jacket has certain features that help to save the body from a crash. To buy a motorcycle jacket for your ride is to refer to this guide for safe motorcycle riding.

So refer to the guide and enjoy the ride!

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