How To Choose Popcorn Boxes In Australia

Before buy popcorn make sure they are packed in Popcorn Boxes in Australia in proper way. Because sealed packed popcorn are tasty and good for health.

Popcorn is a cereal grain originating from the wild grass. Popcorn is made up of 3 main components namely the endosperm, the germ, and the pericarp. Both hard and soft granules made up the endosperm. It is a carbohydrate yellow or white in color. The starch’s primary function is providing energy for the living part of the kernel. During springtime, the cultivators use a corn planter to place the popcorn seeds into the soil. The popcorn seeds are planted at a depth of 292 mm and 152.4mm. Therefore stating there would be approximately 28,000seeds in every acre taking 7 to 10 days for the seeds to germinate. With nutrients present in the soil, moisture, and sunshine the corn grows continuously adding more leaves and roots. The corn continues to grow at a height of 243.8cm approximately and requiring around 18 to 24 inches of water during the germinating or growing season. As the corn keeps on growing it gets covered with green husk for protecting it. Once harvested and dried the seeds are cleaned and polished. Now they are ready for being packed for further processing.

Growing popcorn in Australia has always been difficult. Around 20 popcorn growers are there in Australia. Popcorn cultivation is quiet difficult in Australia for quite a few reasons. Quality control is the biggest reason. Assuring that no dirt or stones gather during the harvest. There is also a time factor in harvesting the Kernels and delivering a quality product to the manufacturers. Timing is an important factor, assuring that there is the right moisture in cultivating the Kernels. Moisture content should likely be 13% and 14%.


Growing popcorns in rich soil are quite suitable. Firstly the corn is planted in check rows intersecting at right angles so that it becomes easy for the machine to harvest. The corn is harvested when the ears are ripe either with a mechanical picker that primarily removes the ears and leaves the stalks for the time being. Or it is a combination that crushes the stalks of the corn. The ears are gathered in the field in various boxes and are taken into steel cradles using mechanically controlled conveyors. After harvesting the ears are dried in cribs. The cribs are narrow and are designed with open slots to minimize the drying time. The height of some cribs can be as a three-story building or it could be as long as a big city block. They could contain 1.8million Kg of corn once they are filled. Then the ears are stored for 8 to 12 months to dry them. Several methods of drying can be used involving hot air forced up into the cribs through holes in the big storage cribs bottom. This results in reducing the drying time. Until the kernels attain a moisture content of 12.5% to 13.5%, the corns are carefully stored. This situation is quite perfect for its crumping characteristics. Most of companies packed the popcorn in good quality Popcorn Boxes Australia.

Inside the factory:

A conveyor belt is used in transferring the dried ears of popcorns to the factory. The kernels are quickly stripped from the cobs with the help of a scalper. Then a particularly designed conveyor belt is used in processing the kernels. And then they become ready for cleaning away dirt and other particles. Now the polished and cleaned kernels go through a gravity separator which separates the good kernels from the bad ones. Now the popcorn is taken to the packaging area where it is transported from the holding bins to machines which are used in packing and then they are kept in a storage box for shipment.

Making the popcorns:

In various companies either the corns are air pop to ensure the highest quality and offering various varieties of flavors to the customers. Or the popcorn box is prepared using heated oil. The finished product has that delicious crunch which many customers like at the cinema. And at the same time ensuring quality and various varieties of flavors of the popcorn.

The first process is known as the air popping process and the second process is called the wet popping process. Air-popped popcorns contain no additives like salt, sugar, flavorings, butter, etc. In last they are packed in Popcorn Boxes Australia.

Microwave edition:

The company’s usethe highest quality corn to make their products. Microwave Popcorns a shelf-stable product can be stored in a pantry or can be available to the customers anytime. The packaging is quite significant as it contains a panel that mainly focusses on the heat of the cooking process. Ensuring a quality product to the customers. Customers can get their microwave popcorns at their nearest stores. Honestly, it’s a trouble-free alternative for consuming freshly prepared popcorn, for those individuals who don’t enjoy air popper usage.


The company has a wide range of ingredients and equipment that goes hand in hand. The companies buy only standardized and extensive pieces of equipment for their customers. One can visit the showroom located in Dandenong South, Victoria for your viewing pleasure. Quick delivery to ones place is also available. Various standardized equipment is used for preparing the best quality popcorns:
a.Sno King ice shaver
b.Macho Pop 16oz popper popcorn machine
c.Fun Pop 8oz Popper
d.Astro Staging Cabinet W/ Self Service Doors
e.Econo-pop 14oz Popper


The company also serves a large number of firms with their very own packaging. The packaging ranges from plastic cups to paper Popcorn Boxes Australia. Not limited only to straws and lids. These products are not only manufactured locally or by our team, but they are also produced in partnership with the overseas manufacturing network. The strength truly prevails in these key areas that are to prepare economical products designed following onesbusiness needs and artwork.

There are many family-owned and operated businesses having massive growth significance throughout 30+ years of service to the Australian cinema, Supermarkets, schools, and individuals who love popcorns. The success is greatly dependent on the highly skilled staff providing the customers with the best quality products. The warehouses are conveniently located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Auckland which ensures quick distribution.

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