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How to Choose the Right Flower Basket for Wedding Anniversary

A wedding anniversary allows you to appreciate your spouse or partner by sending them beautiful anniversary flowers and gifts. While many think that expensive wedding anniversary gifts are impressive, others understand that true gifts come from the heart and not the pockets. An impressive wedding anniversary should be thoughtful, meaningful, and practical. If you want to go for a meaningful gift, then anniversary flowers will work best. They are colorful, natural and carry a lot of symbolism with them. Wedding anniversary flowers should also be romantic and poetic sentiments of passionate love, tenderness, and care. 

The beauty of sending your spouse anniversary flowers is that they can be arranged in many different ways to make them look lovely and appealing. You can choose to put romantic anniversary flowers in a vase, wrap them up in a bouquet, or arrange them beautifully in a basket or bunches. Wedding anniversaries are also sent based on the number of years that you’ve been married or a milestone you are celebrating since you became one in holy matrimony. No matter what you decide to send to your loved spouse, ordering from Cosmea Gardens flower delivery, Cyprus company will ensure that your recipient receives her flower not only in time but in the best condition. 

If you are about to celebrate your wedding anniversary and are not sure which floral and other exciting gifts you should send, we will write this post to sort you out. We know that many men have hard times remembering wedding anniversaries, leave alone deciding which gift or flower arrangement to send to their spouses or partners. This post will inspire you to send the best floral gifts that are beautiful and match the year they officially represent. Read on to draw inspiration on the appropriate wedding anniversary flowers to send. 

How to Select the Best and Appropriate Wedding Anniversary Flower Basket 

Celebrating a wedding anniversary is a momentous occasion that calls for everything to be just right. Suppose you decide to send happy anniversary flowers. In that case, the stakes are even higher because you want to make them meaningful in representing the number of years or milestones you are marking in marriage. Before buying wedding anniversary flowers, these are the factors that you need to consider:

The Color of the Flower 

Most wedding anniversaries are associated with one or two flower colors. You may not necessarily match the right color, but you can find a flower with a different shade that looks almost the same. Incorporate your flower colors in exciting ways to make them look appealing and stunning. If you don’t know which color matches your anniversary, you can decide to go for your spouse’s favorite color or colors, which will also work. When choosing a color, you should also consider its symbolism. 

The Type of Flower 

When choosing the right type of flower, always consider the number of years you celebrate in your marriage. Particular blooms correspond or are officially known to represent a certain number of years in marriage. If you find it hard getting these flowers, go for your spouse’s favorite flower. You can also go for a flower type that has a sentimental touch to your love journey. For example, the first flower you gave to your spouse on your first date. 

The Number 

This applies mostly to the roses. These romantic blooms portray different meanings based on the number of stems given. If you are going to send other flower types, choose a number that will make the basket or a bouquet look more attractive and stunning. 

The Vase and Accents 

The vase you decide to choose should blend in with the type or color of flowers you want to send to your spouse. The flowers that you intend to send will be displayed somewhere. It can be the office, home, or workplace; therefore, choose a flower accent and flower vase that complements the entire wedding anniversary floral gift. Most wedding anniversary milestones have their official material; therefore, choose a vase or a flower basket made from a particular material representing that year. 

Now that you have the basic knowledge of what is expected when sending wedding anniversary flowers continue reading to know more about wedding anniversary flower types and their years. 

Flowers for the First Year of Marriage 

If you intend to mark your first year of marriage in style, you need to choose the right type of flower bouquets and gift baskets. The first year in marriage is full of jitters because you’ve just started to know each other better. The vacation phase is not yet over, and you still want to extend it. You can go for any of these anniversary flowers or baskets when celebrating your first year in marriage:

A Basket of Orange Blossoms 

anniversary flowers - Flower Bouquets

This simple sweet white bloom is quite elegant when celebrating your first year in the marriage anniversary. The orange blossom has a sweet scent, and it is quite delicate. Sending this type of flower helps you to express innocence and good luck. Sending these flowers reflects good stuff in the future and also young love that needs to be nurtured. 

A Basket of Pansies for the First Year 

anniversary flowers

This type of wedding anniversary flower is quite delicate and small. You can use this type of flower to convey the strong foundation on which your marriage is built. When choosing the proper flower color for your wedding anniversary, always aim for yellow or gold flowers because they represent the first year of marriage. These warm shades will always work well when you want to convey optimism. 

Yellow roses are not recommended since they represent friendship instead of a romantic relationship. In addition, although carnations are officially known for the first year of celebration in marriage, yellow carnations are not the best because they symbolize disdain. 

The material that the first anniversary is associates with is paper; therefore, to capture the moment, jot down a romantic note to your spouse. Tell her how much you admire her and that you will always celebrate 100 anniversaries to come. 

Flowers for the Second Year of Marriage 

The perfect meaningful and beautiful flowers to celebrate the second wedding anniversary are the cosmos. Although these flowers come in many colors, the most romantic color of them all is red. You can also choose some of its sweet cherry colors such as white, red, pink, yellow, and orange. Cosmos symbolize optimism. They look like daisies with a yellow cluster in the center and oval petals that make them pop. 

Red and maroon cosmos elicit passionate love, which the two of you have shared for over two years. The second anniversary is also associated with the red color making this choice perfect. The red color also reflects that intense love thanks to its warm fiery feeling. Cotton is the material representing the second year; therefore, don’t forget to include it in your flower basket. 


Make your wedding anniversary celebration romantic and special by considering all the factors mentioned in this post. This will impress your spouse and make her appreciate every effort that you have made. Flower delivery Cyprus companies such as Cosmea Gardens offer the best-arranged wedding anniversary flowers at affordable prices. 

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