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How to Convert Windows Live Mail Files to Outlook Account in Bulk?

Introduction: Find out how to convert Windows Live Mail files to Outlook Account in Batch by reading the information contained in this article. The solution we propose has been tried and true by many before you. To learn more, read on.

You should be familiar with the EML file format if you work with Windows Live Mail because it uses that format. It is the most frequent file type that is produced by a wide variety of email clients, including Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, and a great deal of other programs. One of the most important problems with this file is that it only contains a single email message. This is one of the most critical problems. It is possible for things to become very challenging if you are attempting to manage a large number of EML files extracted from WLM at the same time. Or, if they have important information, you should to feel even more uncomfortable

Therefore, what should be done to resolve this issue? The most popular recommendation is to convert them into any email service which you are currently using. We have received a significant number of requests from users seeking for assistance to convert Windows Live Mail files into Outlook 2019 or another account. Have a Look Down Below.

Users Queries

“I just wanted to let you know that I have a ton of EML files extracted from my Windows Live Mail.  Now, I need to import them into my Outlook 2016 account so that I can use them for official purposes. I have looked for a solution, but I haven’t been able to discover somebody that can meet all of my requirements. I would appreciate it if you could tell me about a useful app if you know of one.”

“How do I convert multiple Windows Live Mail files to Outlook 2019 account along with metadata properties. The solution available online doesn’t support to import emails including headers and other data. Please suggest”

Like this, there are lots of queries with different needs. So, in the below section, we will tell you how to accomplish them without facing any type of issues.

How to Convert Windows Live Mail Files to Outlook Account?

There are both manual and professional solutions available to accomplish this task. But when it is about a large number of Windows Live Mail files, it is suggested to use any expert application. One such solution is EML Converter App for Windows. This solution is useful to convert unlimited Windows Live Mail files to Outlook 2019, 2016, and earlier edition. With this app, user will not face any type of issues.

The user interface of this Windows Live Mail to PST Converter is fairly straightforward. With this application, non-technical individuals can run this program without assistance. Additionally, when importing Windows Live Mail files into an Outlook account, this program preserves all properties. This task does not require the use of a supplemental application.

Would you like to convert Windows Live Mail files to Outlook using this application? If so, please see the section below.

Simplest Working Procedure of Windows Live Mail to PST Converter Software

Moreover, here is some good news. You may try out the full features of this app.  You may try out the features and functionality of the program without having to pay out any money by downloading the freeware edition. The trial version of Windows Live Mail can also convert several file types to the PST format.

  • After downloading this utility, run it and click on Open tab from menu.
  • Now, from the give list, click on Choose Folders or Choose Files option as per the need.
  • After selecting it, this solution will instantly load them on the left panel. Click on it if you need to preview your files before importing them into Outlook.
  • Now, click Export and choose PST format.
  • Check the required folders, choose the required destination path.
  • Finally, click Save button to begin the process. The application will instantly starts import Windows Live Mail files to PST format. It will take only some moments.
  • Once you get the converted files, open them into Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and earlier edition.

That’s it. By following the simplest steps of this software, you can safely import EML files to Outlook 2019, and more. Hope you liked the easiest working.

Now, lets talk about what more this software offer to use. Below, we are going to explain all the features.

Amazing Functionalities of the Suggested Software

  • You Can Convert Files in Batch: It is the best app for reducing the amount of time and effort spent. It offers batch conversion, so you can convert a number of Windows Live Mail files into PST format all at once.
  • Convert Windows Live Mail Files with Attachments: You can safely perform the complete conversion. This incredible utility allows you to import Windows Live Mail messages to PST including attachments.
  • Dual Mode Features Provided: The application provides a dual mode capability so that your Windows Live Mail data can be loaded. You have the option of importing either individual files or entire folders, depending on your needs.
  • Check Out Files Before Conversion: With this Windows Live Mail to PST Converter, you can preview all your information before the conversion. The app preview Windows Live Mail content, message headers, hex views and more.
  • Preserves All the Properties: When you convert Windows Live Mail files to Outlook using this approach, all of your data will be handled properly. You will receive the most precise and secure conversion possible, free from harm and manipulation of any kind.
  • Choose the Output Location: With this advance utility, you can easily choose the output location. This feature will allow you to get the resultant PST files where you want. After that, you can easily access and manage them.
  • Supports All Windows Platform: It is a full-featured Windows Live Mail to Outlook PST Converter that operates on Windows. This software is compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and older editions, and it may be installed and run on any of those operating systems.
  • No Need to Install Outlook Application: There is no need to install any supportive application to perform the conversion. So, if you don’t have Outlook installed on your machine, you don’t have to worry.

Have A Look At Other Features

  • Ability to import Windows Live Mail files to PDF, MBOX, HTML, CSV, Gmail, G Suite, Yahoo, Office 365, and many more.
  • With this app, it is also possible to extract properties from Windows Live Mail files like Email Addresses, Email Attachments, Phone Numbers, and more.
  • Using this application, you can import Windows Live Mail files to every edition of Outlook like 2019, 2016, and more.
  • If you are in need to import selected files or folders, it is possible with this amazing application.
  • This Windows Live Mail to Outlook PST Converter comes up with the simple user interface and free from any type of risk.

The Conclusion

Hope you will find this article helpful for your needs. Here, we have provided a complete solution that can fulfil all the requirements of users. With this app, users can safely convert Windows Live Mail files to Outlook 2019, and other edition without facing hassle. One can safely import EML messages, attachments, headers, and other data.

So, if you are in need to import Windows Live Mail files to Outlook, just use the app. This ultimate solution is very helpful for you.

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