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How to Convert Windows Live Mail to PDF? Complete Guidelines

Recablog | If you are looking for how to convert Windows Live Mail to PDF?. If yes then, your search is finished here. In this article, we will learn the way to export Windows Live Mail to PDF format without any difficulty. Users can make use of an automated solution that is the Email Converter Application.

It checks your Windows 10 Mail Emails on your many devices? The solution for this query normally requires multiple users who want to share Windows 10 mail emails for Telegram, iPhone, iPad, and any other. Anyway, PDF is one of the desired non-platform formats in the world. Several users want to convert Windows Live Mail to PDF format.

In this blog, we will solve all these questions and show how to export Windows live mail to PDF format. It allows you to migrate multiple emails from the mail app to PDF format. It works with a separate interface on all Windows machines. Windows Live Mail comes with dual-mode of mailbox selection options to automatically detect data. It also provides an easy and simple to use interface.

Hi, I am a forensic research officer and recently. I need a tool to convert WLM to PDF. After finalizing this task, It will easily print exported adobe documents for me in the inquest. So, please suggest professional software.

Export Windows Live Mail to PDF | With Reasons:-

There are many reasons due to which users need to save WLM in a PDF format. Below are some reasons for the conversion of WLM to PDF:-

  • PDF is a very secure file format, which is not self-reliant on the platform and can be accessed on any machine.
  • Therefore, most of the users can access the data in the future to export emails from Windows Live Mail to PDF format.
  • The PDF file servers are a good verification to report digital forensics.
  • It has a password facility through which makes it a more safe and secure file format.

How to Migrate Windows Live Mail to PDF Adobe Documents? In Steps:-

Following are the steps to know the complete process to convert mail app emails:-

  • Download the software on your Windows computer.
  • Now, select the Mail App Data with the auto and manual selection mode.
  • Then, Re-check the required Windows 10 Mail app data from a list.
  • Select the PDF option from the list and choose the desired location.
  • Click on the Next to Export Windows Live Mail to PDF Format.

Windows Live Mail to PDF Conversion | Manually:-

Below, we have discussed a complete step-by-step process for WLM to PDF Format:-

  • Firstly, you have to download and open the Windows live mail software on your system.
  • Now, select the file which you want to export into PDF file format.
  • Then, use the drag and drop method which you can drag the email file and drop it into your wanted location on a Windows machine.
  • Select the file and do with right-click and select the option with Microsoft Word option.
  • Click on the Office tab or file.
  • After that, click on the Save As Option>> Save As type>> and PDF Option.
  • Finally, WLM data files are easily and perfectly saved into the PDF Folder.

What are the Disadvantages of Manual Method:-

The Manual Method has created multiple problems and issues. For example; It cannot save your attachments and has a lengthy process. By using the above-mention step follow one by one step properly. In case you miss any single step, then you have to repeat this process again. In this process, you need the complete technical knowledge abilities to perform this method. Data loss possibility, during the Conversion process to Export WLM to PDF and does not work on batch mode facility. So, that is why all the Automated suggested to the Windows Live Mail Conversion Tool to convert in bulk WLM files into PDF file format.

Converts All Windows Live Mail Files and Folders into PDF | By Using Automated Method

To export Windows live mail to PDF, there is no direct method. So, it is always suggested to software an Automated Method i.e., WLM to PDF Converter. It is specially designed with the expertise to migrate emails of WLM to PDF along with the emails and extract attachments. It will save data during the conversion process. You can use this software in bulk files of WLM to PDF documents with all the supported versions of the Windows Operating System. It provides easy and simple user-friendly steps, users can simply operate this tool without any technical skills. There is no need to install any other application to perform this migration task.

Export Windows Live Mail to PDF | With Complete Working Explained Step-by-Step:-

  1. Launch and run the software on your windows machine. Click on the Open button to start the process.
  2. Now, Desktop Email Clients>> Windows Live Accounts>> Choose Folder.
  3. Select the WLM folders using the select file or folder option. You can view all the files on a Software panel.
  4. Click on Export Button and Select the PDF files From the Document files.
  5. Then, Browse to select the destination location to save the exported Folders.
  6. Click on Save Button.
  7. Wait to finish the process. And you have been Exported Successfully, Open Folder to Complete Preview file on your destination location.
  8. Demo Edition Export only ten items from each folder. Upgrade to Licensed Edition to Export All.

Features to Export Windows Live Mail to PDF:-

  • We have gathered some unique features that distinguish this application from other applications over exporting emails and attachments from Windows Live Mail to PDF files among all the functionality of this utility.
  • Automatically load the WLM to PDF Converter will scan all email files kept on the system and display them in a folder on the left pane of the application. This is an automatic process that begins when you run the application on your Windows machine.
  • Before you convert your email data, take a look at it first. A large number of emails may occur in your Windows Live mail account daily. There are eight view modes to study the information in the email file before you convert Windows Live Mail to PDF.
  • Selective Email Export Option: Only a small number of emails from WLM may be required to be converted to PDF format. This tool includes the ability to choose emails for exporting to PDF files, which will help you do this operation. To specify the conversion of certain emails inside a date range, you must first set a date range.
  • Convert WLM to PDF with Email Header: When examining an email’s message header, you may choose to convert the message header as well as the email to PDF. You must enable the Include Internet Message Header option from the Advanced settings to use this function.
  • Numbering and date stamping for PDF files by Bates: There is an option to append the Bates number to the PDF file before the WLM emails are converted to PDF (s). You must make a decision.


In the above article, we provided an easy way to convert Windows Live Mail to PDF format. The blog clearly states that the common user requirement is to export email from WLM to Adobe PDF format. In addition, there are two methods are provided in this article. First is the manual method & the other is by using an Automated method software. It is up to the users which solution is better for them to save Windows Live Mail in PDF format.

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