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How To Download TikTok Videos On Android And iOS Devices

Among social media platforms, TikTok is one of the most downloaded that allows people to share their videos and watch others by downloading the app. Without creating an account, people can watch videos from TikTok. To upload videos, they have to create an account, either public or private.  Thus, knowing how to Download TikTok Videos is a must.

The app has very advanced features so that it’s straightforward to make everything from simple movie dialogue lip sync videos to make you go wow. TikTok allows us to download videos but leaves a watermark that rotates around the screen and creates some annoyance. 

Why TikTok?

There are many reasons for downloading the app because most people who have interests and acting skills can prove their skills on this platform. By that, there are more chances to become famous and gain opportunities in today’s competitive world. Some people are addicted to it like anything, but this app consumes more data and power. It has features like Instagram that you can follow a person whose videos you like. 

TikTok’s search feature is not so useful as it takes a lot of time to produce results. After having an app on the mobile, one should create a public account of their own in TikTok to download videos and not only that. They should enable others to download their videos as well. 

Download Videos

The following methods suggest you how to download videos from TikTok:

  • First, download the TikTok app from your mobile phone. 
  • Then create a public account of your own. 
  • Now click the video you want to download and hit the share icon to save the video. 

But if you download videos this way, it will leave a massive watermark on them. 

TikTok watermark irritates the person who has downloaded the video by moving on the screen by occupying some part of the screen. One may get annoyed by the watermark as it occupies a position on the net. People download videos to watch them without any disturbance, but it disturbs them a lot. You can also download videos easily from TikTok from here without trouble.

Solving The Watermark Issue

We can download videos from TikTok without watermark using various methods, but while using those methods, one should give credit to the video’s original creators. There are so many websites that allow us to download videos without watermarks. 

But before downloading videos without watermarks through those websites, one should go through the norms and check whether it is safe or not. Some websites may contain more ads and don’t allow us to do our work correctly or maybe give access to viruses or other malware in your system. So we should find the best one to save our time that will be consumed by some websites. 

Avoid Third-Party Apps

Don’t use third-party applications to remove the watermark from the Tiktok videos you download, as they may pose a threat to your mobile phone’s security. Here I want to suggest some websites where you can download TikTok videos without a watermark. 

First, select the video you want to download, hit the share button, and tap the copy link. Then go through any of these websites by typing them in Google or Chrome.

Visit any of the following websites:

  1. www.musicallydown.com 

Paste the video in the search> keep the enable video with watermark and hit download. 

  1. in.downloadtiktokvideos.com

Now paste the link here and hit the download button to get it downloaded. 

If these first two sites don’t work, then visit ttdownloader.com and paste the video download link. You will get no watermark option there. Click on it and get it downloaded. 

These methods may help one download videos from TikTok without disturbance and feel and enjoy the video. A Social Media platform allows people to show their acting skills and makes it easier for talented people to easily expose their talents. 

Incoherent Transitions

The video editing lacks when the length of the transition is longer than the before the clip. Even an editor will place the required transition in the best possible place that is between two clips, and one of the clips does not elongate enough.


Make sure that your clips are long enough, or else make a proper adjustment in transition time.

Impact of TikTok

As we have seen, thousands of people became famous through this app and even gained opportunities in many serials and movies. But one should be careful while sharing our data on any social media platform to save ourselves from being threatened. Finally, like many other social media platforms, TikTok is also a two-edged sword. The use of it entirely depends on one’s interest and mentality. 


Though it was officially banned in India by the Government, citing it as a threat to internal security, there are alternative applications developed by the Indians. We can follow the same procedure to download videos from those applications as well. But one should be very careful and alert while sharing anything on social media platforms. 

I think this content and suggestions might help you get your things done and follow your passion. Today, many people seemed to be fascinated by social media platforms, particularly applications like Tiktok, Instagram, etc.

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