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How to Earn Money from YouTube in India?

How to Earn Money from YouTube in India?

YouTubers today are stars. And YouTubers are their own image. Furthermore, YouTubers have also become famous for their content, entertainment, teaching, and humor. We even wish to be like youtube celebrities.

Make money on youtube in India

YouTube is a way to entertain the public or do we make any money? This question can be answered simply by saying that nothing is free. Everything has value. Youtube has a huge value, which also informs about money. Many YouTubers make thousands of dollars per month from their Youtube channel.

You can still make a living as a YouTuber, earning thousands of dollars. You don’t know how to make money through YouTube. Continue reading to learn how to make money through YouTube. The YouTube earnings calculator calculates how much money you can earn from your YouTube channel using a simple online tool. You can give it a try!

1. AdSense-Money is available from ads

AdSense is the most popular YouTube income. It is vital to join the YouTube partner program and monetize. Apply for AdSense –

  • Once you have 1000 subscribers, you can add more.
  • Your channel is watched by 4000 people an hour
  • YouTube Monetization Process
  • Register for a YouTube account
  • Click the icon in the right corner
  • Click YouTube studio
  • Click on the left to view other features, and then click on monetization

Ytubetool provides a youtube money calculator where you can easily calculate the estimation of your youtube earnings.

YouTube partner program terms apply to you

Register for an AdSense account. A new account can be created or an existing account can be transferred.

You can set your preferences regarding monetization.

After you’ve completed the process, return to your dashboard and click analytics. Select a revenue option from there. AdSense is the main source of income for any YouTube channel.

Once you apply for AdSense, you will receive a mail from YouTube. You will then be eligible to enable monetization for your youtube channel. AdSense ads can be shown in your videos.

The first payment from Google AdSense will generally be 100 dollars. However, it is possible to get more if your videos are popular.

Please Note:

It is not necessarily related to how much revenue you make. However, it is common for people to believe that more views will mean more income. YouTube users must click on an ad, and then watch it for at least 10 to 15 seconds. Only then will you be paid and make money on Youtube.

If the income from the advertisement is not:

  • Your content may contain adult content
  • Videos about violence
  • Videos that contain harassment and vulgar language
  • Promoting drug selling and related videos
  • Videos that show sensitive events in society. Examples include political conflicts, natural disasters, and many other sensitive events.
  • Youtube Partner Program

YouTube Premium: What’s it all about?

YouTube Premium is the only paid membership program that allows viewers to watch their favorite YouTubers without ads. The YouTuber is not the change, but the viewer.

YouTube Premium will pay YouTubers for their content. Earning money on Youtube is easier if you become a Youtube Partner. Youtube Partner Program is a great way to make money from YouTube.Calculate your Youtube earnings with an online Youtube money calculator.

YouTubers are notified about their content.

YouTubers receive only 45% of AdSense. AdSense is a popular and well-known way to make money on YouTube. YouTubers need to find other revenue streams than AdSense.

2. Sell products or merchandise

YouTube is one platform that allows you to sell products. Any product, such as shoes, bags, and clothes, can be used to generate revenue.

You can even be a Partner with a merchandise seller. But, your eCommerce site will not give you the same benefits.

YouTube is a great place to promote or advertise any type of product or service. It is possible to sell the products and reach a large audience at once.

As mentioned above, YouTubers who have an audience have the following advantages:

Conversion of traffic easily

The products will be sold more if the audience trusts them.

3. Crowdfunding

Let’s first understand what crowdfunding is. Crowdfunding refers to a way of raising money from a large group of people. Each person contributes a small amount.

It becomes a healthy, large amount when it is all combined. This large amount can then be used to finance the youtube video projects.

If you have an idea that is brilliant and unique but cannot execute it because it is not possible to find the money or funds, crowdfunding may be the best option. Crowdfunding is the best solution in such situations.

Crowdfunding requires people to trust you and your channel. Only then can the crowd raise the funds. Crowdfunding your YouTube project is possible by you or through one of my most popular crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter.

  • Kickstarter

This is the most used crowdfunding site. It is a great site for YouTube projects.

  • Indiegogo

And this is an alternative to crowdfunding and a great option.

4. Fan funding

Your fans can fund your projects with fan funding. This is also known as Tip Jar. This is a great way to make engaging videos on YouTube.

You can get funding from your fans if you have great content, but not enough funds. If you have an audience and already have trust with your fans or viewers, fan funding is easy.

You must ensure that your fan base is fully informed when you use crowdfunding. Tell your fans about the plan, execution, and how the money will go.

These are the best fan funding options:

  • Patreon
  • Tipeee
  • Media licenses

You can license content if you have video content that is informative or humorous.

Many shows, news sites, and TV news websites offer opportunities to exchange content for cash. Your videos will quickly go viral on this platform and reach the right audience.

Your videos can be listed for sale so that the buyer can view and buy them. Juken media is a great example.

Even though YouTube is not a good option to make money, licensing your content to media can be a great way to make some extra cash.

5. Influencer – You can work with brands to become an influencer

Many brands will work with you if you have a large audience that is engaged.

You can be the face of the brand and promote it via your YouTube channel. You will receive good revenue from the brand in return. YouTube is a great way to make easy and high-quality revenue. Influencer marketing is the best option today.

Because influencers have the trust of their audience, the brand can reach them. These YouTubers are followed by their fans and audiences. Currently, YouTube’s highest-paid YouTube channel is YouTube as an influencer.

This is where influencers can be discovered by brands –

  • Channel pages
  • Grapevine Logic
  • Crowdtap

Many brands work with the barter system, and not necessarily on the money. You can even get free products to review on your channel.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers can be created on YouTube to market various brands. And affiliate marketing can be a great way to make passive income. From the commissions, you earn on the sale of products and services.

Affiliate marketing does not require you to have a wide range of products. Other brands can also be sold. You will receive a fixed commission if you sell the products of another brand.

This marketing method is great for reviewing products on YouTube. This method of YouTube earnings is risk-free.

Clickbank is the most popular affiliate program. It pays you anywhere from 1% to 75% commission depending on the product you’re selling. People are choosing to be Amazon affiliate marketers because of the popularity of the Amazon affiliate program.

You can choose from any brand that has an affiliate program.

7. Sponsor Videos

Sponsor videos can be a great way to earn if your YouTube channel is well-known and has a lot of views.

You will automatically receive emails from related companies about sponsorship. To do this, you must mention your Email ID on your YouTube channel.

Sponsorships are a great way to make money through YouTube. Sponsor videos can only be made if you are already well-known among the audience.

8. Freelancing

Freelancing is the new fad. You can choose to freelance if you don’t want to be committed to a job or company.

You must have a client base to freelance. If you show your skills in videos and say that you are going to take on the project, you might get some customers.

They may hire you immediately if they trust you. This will allow you to reach many large projects that are looking for talent similar to yours. It is important to clearly communicate to your audience that you are seeking a project to work on.



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