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How to Fix Aircon Dripping or Leaking Water?

If your air conditioning machine is leaking or dripping water, you should consider it as an emergency. You should always call an expert who can provide you with the aircon services in Adelaide in such a situation. However, there are some simple things that you need to know about AC leakages and how you can restrict the abnormality to advance further. 

The primary thing which you need to know is the reasons why an aircon unit can go through a leakage. Go through the following list to know the facts in detail. In the later part of this article, you can learn about the procedure of fixing a leakage. 

  • Drain Pipe Blockage

Drain Pipe blockage is one of the most common causes why the AC unit can leak. Any experienced electrician in Adelaide can fix it easily. You must call for one on finding a leakage.

  • Unclean Filter

In many cases, dirty filters can lead to the leakage of the AC unit. If this scenario ever occurred with your unit, you can apply the DIY technique for starters and then call the expert. AC experts who can dismantle the units for work can perfectly do this work. 

  • Wrong Installation

In case the installer installs an aircon unit wrongly, there can be a prominent chance of leakage. In this case, the whole unit needs to be disbanded and re-installed in the proper manner. No experts, however, commit this mistake as a wrong installation of the aircon machine might readily lead to a short circuit.

Procedure to Fix AC Leakages

You can follow the procedure given here to fix the AC leakages up to a specific period. Read the following part minutely to understand.

  • Clean the filters

If you are accustomed to opening the primary cover of your aircon unit, you can clean the entire filter panel to stop the leakage. This primary measure can block the air generating panel to leak the cold water, which passes continuously. 

  • Check the drain pipes

Aircon units often leak due to the instructions in the drainage pipes. So, you can check if it’s in working condition by removing its cover. Make sure to remove the obstruction only if you know the right way to open a drainage pipe. Otherwise, you must always call an expert serviceman.

Follow The AC Installation Process

If you are newly installing an aircon unit at your place, never forget to follow the whole process. This can help you gather knowledge about the various parts of the AC and check if it is installed in the right way. 

However, the AC units are attached correctly, and there will be a bit of leakage. You must always consider it as a normal phenomenon. 

Final Words

Calling the providers of aircon service in Adelaide can be an easy job. However, choosing the best person can be tricky. You can check the website and select an organization that has been properly present in the market for a prolonged period.     


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