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How to Fix Damaged JPG Pictures with Trusted Solution?

Summary: In this blog, we are going to cover the highly asked query how to fix damaged JPG pictures in bulk.

The introduction of the digital camera, which enabled us to take images with our phones and store them to our computers in an image format, has resulted in our memories being irreversible. Now, we have the ability to save a limitless amount of photographs on the computer and access them whenever we want. The introduction of the smartphone in the last decade has resulted in a rise in the amount of photographs that we are now taking. However, the risks to these photos have also escalated in recent years.

There are a variety of reasons why photographs might become corrupted and unavailable. JPG / JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is the most widely used picture format for saving and exchanging photos. As a result, data corruption associated with JPG images is on the rise. Below you will find a few common and effective ways for repairing JPG files that do not require anything.

But, before we go any further, let’s have a look at the most common causes of JPEG corruption.

The main reasons of JPG file corruption

  • a sudden loss of power
  • When transferring files, the power goes off, and the system shuts down.
  • A problem with the JPEG pictures’ headers.
  • Data corruption as a result of malicious assaults on picture files
  • Sharing data over an infected media can cause both hardware and software problems.

The different type of issues with the JPG files are as follows

  • These files are inaccessible to the built-in preview tools like Windows Photo Viewer.
  • The JPEG file is opened, but the image quality has been diminished.

How to fix damaged JPG pictures?

Damaged JPG files may be repaired with a variety of techniques accessible on the web. However, deciding on the best one is challenging. Lets have a look at some ways to perform this task.

Image Formats can be modified: JPEG/JPG files can be converted to a different format in order to fix the problem. In order to fix the problem, one can use Windows’ built-in Paint programme to import the faulty picture. Afterwards, go to File > Save As and pick the file type you like. Images that have been corrupted may be restored by experimenting with alternative formats.

Return the JPEG file from the backup to its original location: You can restore a corrupt JPEG file from a backup copy of your Windows files if that copy includes the file in question.

Using a HEX Editor, you may make repairs: Hex editor is a programme that is used to display the raw data of an image file in its original format. To remove corruption from a picture, one can use a hex editor to make changes to it. If any of the data is missing (as indicated by the presence of zero bytes), it may be difficult to fix the file. HxD, Hex Workshop, Cygnus, and Neo are some of the most popular hex editing programmes available today.


Image Editors are used to repair damaged images: JPEG corruption issues that are not harmful can be repaired with the use of professional picture editing software such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and Picasa. It is frequently the case that simply opening these damaged JPEG files with all these tools and renaming them can resolve the issue.

Make use of the image editors available online: To produce and change picture files, you may use a variety of online image editors such as Adobe Photoshop, Picasa, and Lightroom, among others. If your picture is not opening, you can try accessing it using one of these editors to see if the problem can be resolved.

Highly Recommended Method to Fix Damages JPG Files Issues

It is usually recommended that you utilize an experienced solution to ensure that you obtain an exact and safe outcome. It is possible to fix an endless number of JPEG files without losing any information with JPG Repair Application for Windows. In addition to being entirely safe and secure, this programme is also quite simple to use. Additionally, both technical and non-technical people will be able to utilise this software without encountering any difficulties.

Furthermore, it makes no difference whether your data are damaged or severely corrupted. This programme will be of assistance to you in any form.

Steps to Fix Corrupted JPG Files are Mentioned Below

  • First and foremost, download and install the programme on your Windows computer.
  • Then, to import your damaged JPG files, select a folder from the drop-down menu.
  • When you run this software, they will appear on the left panel very instantaneously. To see a thorough preview of your JPG files, simply click on the icon.
  • After that, select the repair tab, and the programme will begin to repair your JPG files.
  • It will just take a few seconds to install this programme. So, please be patient.

Have a look at the amazing features of the software

  • It is possible to repair both damaged and severely corrupted JPG files with this programme.
  • This programme is simple, safe, and dependable when it comes to fixing JPG photographs in bulk.
  • Additionally, there is no file size restriction placed on the programme when it comes to repairing JPG images.
  • You may install and execute this application on any version of Windows, including the most recent and previous versions.
  • During the process of repairing JPG files, this programme keeps all of the attributes intact.
  • Also included is the ability to preview your damaged JPG files before to restoring them.
  • This application allows you to fix unlimited JPG files without losing information.
  • With this tool, one can repair highly corrupted JPG files in a few simple moments.

Expert Consultation on Dealing with JPG File Corruption Issues

Before implementing any of the remedies listed above, have a look at what our experts have to say about dealing with JPEG corruption issues. If you follow this advice, you may be able to fix your faulty JPEG files in a short period of time.

  • First and foremost, you must assess the nature of the file corruption difficulties and apply any of the free solutions listed above that you believe would be most effective in resolving the issue.
  • However, if the free technique does not work, you can attempt the Kernel Photo Repair programme instead.
  • If you are not satisfied with the findings, please contact our technical staff to discuss your concerns and options. Our staff will investigate your issue as soon as possible and recommend the best solution.

The Conclusion

The methods described in this article are among the most promising and well-tested. Available for repairing damaged JPEG/JPG files, and we encourage you to try them out. This page addresses the top 5 JPEG file faults, as well as how to properly cure them with the picture restoration software. As a result, it can be stated that it is a highly effective tool for repairing any picture files, regardless of the severity of the file corruption that has occurred.

Thank you for taking the time to read the article. I hope you were able to find a solution to your question about how to mend a damaged JPG photo here.

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