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How To Fix Quickbooks Error Code 6140?

QuickBooks Error 6140 Keeps on Getting Well-Known Among All

Around here time, QuickBooks error 6140 keeps on getting well known among all. Since it is essential and driving bookkeeping programming for the business. This is the primary and natural programming that makes accessible numerous monetary instruments to businessmen all around the globe. It is the top and viable programming which is deliberately intended to manage stock, finance, and other significant prerequisites of the QuickBooks Customer Service.

When did this shortcoming of 6140 happen?

As of now examined, this mistake is Duplicate Document Number Error. This mostly occurs in two conditions, for example, Clio Web App and QuickBooks Support Number Web App. At the point when a record receipt, a credit notice, deals receipt beforehand be there in QB with a similar number. This issue possibly emerges in the event that you have the Custom Transaction Number set on in QB. This will permit you to physically alter exchange numbers.

Step by step instructions to determine QuickBooks error code 6140

You have to indicate an alternate number. This number has just been utilized”. This appears the receipt number as of now exists in your QB account. On the off chance that you are watching this mistake, you can fix it effectively by steps given underneath:

  • Right off the bat, open your QBO, and go to Settings.
  • After that>> Account and Setting >> Sales
  • Look at if the custom exchange number is turned on or off.
  • Return >> Settings and select Advanced
  • Check at that point, if the copy check is utilized is likewise killed
  • At that point tap on Sync error. This will take a rundown of mistakes and Clear it


  • In the event that the above advance doesn’t work, at that point change the receipt number. What’s more, then, go through the means referenced previously.
  • To change the receipt number, do the beneath steps:
  • Open receipt
  • On the off chance that any installments there, select erase in the top site
  • At that point, select alter
  • Update the receipt number
  • Lastly, select to spare the receipt.
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Arrangement 1:

  • Rename ‘. ND File’
  • Right off the bat, Open the organizer containing the Quickbooks Customer service organization record and find the.ND document that should be opened and the clients need to have an ND record that compares to the organization record. For e.g.- Company Filename.qbw.nd.
  • Right-click on the.ND document
  • Select ‘Rename’
  • Include ‘.OLD’ and decide to Example-organization document name.qbw.nd.OLD
  • In the event that the organization document is utilized on numerous PCs, at that point, the clients will set-up the QB Database Server Manager. Notwithstanding, in the event that the QuickBooks is set up just on one Computer, at that point open you can open the organization document.

Arrangement 2:

  • Copy Company File to Another Location
  • When another organizer is made, at that point go to the envelope where the organization record is put away. Presently duplicate QuickBooks Error Code 6129 (.QBW).
  • Duplicating the.QBW is significant
  • The QBW document must be stuck in the envelope that was made.
  • In the event that the QuickBooks is utilized in numerous PCs, at that point set-up envelope authorizations. At that point include the new organizer in QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

How to Setup Folder consents?

  • The clients can right-tap on the organizer that has organization record and select Properties. Select ‘Progressed in the security tab.’
  • Pick QBDataServiceUserXX and pick Edit. Guarantee that these settings are in the permitted mode:
  • Crossover organizer/execute record
  • Rundown organizer/read information
  • Peruse the characteristics
  • Peruse expanded qualities
  • Create Files/compose information
  • Cause envelopes/to attach information
  • Compose the properties
  • Compose broadened properties
  • Understand authorizations
  • Steps to change ‘not appropriately set up authorizations.’
  • Right Click the envelope with ‘ the Company ‘
  • Pick Properties and afterward Select ”
  • Press ‘Alter’
  • Pick ‘QBDataserviceUserXX’ and then pick ‘Full ‘
  • Press Allow
  • Next, pick ”
  • Press OK.
  • Change Folder Permissions
  • Initially, press Windows +E
  • Presently open File Explorer
  • Go to Folder and select Properties
  • Play out these means for all the envelopes on the List. Note: ‘Apply to all envelopes’ applies according to the QuickBooks rendition.
  • Select ‘Everybody’ in the security tab. Notwithstanding, if everybody isn’t in the ‘Gathering’ or the ‘Client name box,’ the clients can include and afterward type ‘everybody.’
  • Press OK
  • Next, pick ‘Full Control’ and press ‘Apply.
  • Press OK
  • In any case, on the off chance that QuickBooks is utilized on just a single PC, at that point you can open the organization document.

Arrangement 3:

  • Restart Computer in the Safe Mode
  • In the event that you restart the PC the Safe Mode, at that point, this will stop the outsider application to limit QuickBooks to run. You can likewise attempt to debilitate outsider Anti-infection and security programs briefly.

Arrangement 4:

  • Ensure ‘All PCs’ in a similar space
  • On the off chance that you are utilizing any area, at that point contact who has set up the system.
  • Ideally, QuickBooks Error 6129 is completely settled, and you are easily taking a shot at your QuickBooks. In the event that the issue, is as yet relentless and didn’t disappear considerably subsequent to attempting the entirety of the arrangements given above, you can call a confirmed QuickBooks Customer administration to determine the issue.


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