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How to fix Washing Machine That won’t Spin?

Your washing machine probably has to handle a large number of cleaning tasks for you regularly. By doing that, it makes your daily chores considerably easier. So, you must clean and maintain your washing machine properly to make sure it functions properly. Otherwise, it might face a wide range of issues and cause you quite a lot of inconvenience. 

So, you must clean up and maintain your washer in the most appropriate way. Now, you need not always hire a maintenance service for that. Instead, you can simply use the methods we’ve mentioned below. And, that should help you save some time and money. 

Cleaning a Top-Loading Washing Machine

The method of cleaning depends on the type of washing machine that you’re using. Top-loading washers are commonly used and are quite simple to clean up. You can use cleaning products available at home to clean your washing machine. 


Also, you must make sure that the appliance runs properly. In case it doesn’t, you must hire a washing machine repair Dubai immediately. Now, here’s how you must proceed with cleaning a top-loading washer the right way:

  • Fill up the Drum with Hot Water

Using hot water will help you clean up the inside of your washing machine more effectively. So, you must always use hot water for cleaning the appliance. Now, you can fill up the drum with hot water simply by starting a hot wash cycle. In case you do that, stop the cycle when the drum fills up. 


Apart from that, you can simply heat some water and pour it directly into the drum. After that, you need to proceed with adding the cleaner. 

  • Add a Quart of a Cleaner 

You can choose between various cleaners to proceed with this step. Regardless, you need to add a quart of the substance that you’re using. You can use chlorine bleach or white vinegar for this purpose. Apart from that, you can also find many viable special machine cleaners in the market. 


So, add the one you prefer, and then run a wash cycle for a few seconds. This will mix the water properly with the cleaner. Apart from that, it will also unsettle the dirt and grime inside the drum. 


Does your washer fail to run a cycle? Then, reach out to a reputable company that provides washing machine repair in Dubai immediately. 


  • Run a Full Wash Cycle

You must wait for an hour after the previous step before you proceed with this one. And, that will make the cleaning more effective. So, run a full cycle on your washing machine to clean up the drum once you’re ready. This will clean up the drum as well as sanitise it. 

Does the Machine Smell like Bleach?

Many people have reported getting the smell of bleach from their washer after performing this step. So, you might face this issue in case you’ve used bleach to clean the machine. In such a case, you need to go through the cleaning process again. So, fill up your washing machine with hot water again. But, this time, you must use vinegar instead of any other cleaner. 


  • Clean Up the Dispensers

The dispensers are a crucial component of your washer that you must clean regularly. After all, you’ll often find dirt, debris, and hair deposited in the dispensers. You can clean them out easily using a scrubber. Also, you must use a vinegar solution as a cleaner for this task. 


Cleaning a Front-Loading Washing Machine

The cleaning process for front-loading models is similar to that for top-loading ones. Here’s how you can proceed with it the simplest way: 

  • Fill Hot Water in the Drum

First, you need to fill your washer with hot water. Does the model you’re using come with a self-cleaning functionality? In that case, you must opt for that setting and then fill the appliance with hot water. Otherwise, just pour hot water into it and proceed with the next step. 

  • Add a Quart of Bleach Through the Dispenser

You must use a quart of bleach to clean front-loading washing machines for best results. Also, you must not pour it directly into the drum. Instead, pour it into the dispenser to mix it with the hot water. Then, let it run a full washing cycle to clean up and sanitise the drum. 

  • Wipe the Dispensers

Once you’re done cleaning the drum, you must shift your attention to the dispensers. Make sure there aren’t any hair or debris stuck in them. You can use a sponge and vinegar solution to remove all the particles stuck in the dispensers. 

  • Clean the Rubber Seal

You might also find debris on the rubber seal of your front-loading washer’s door. Moreover, you might often find mould growing on it as well. So, you might clean up the rubber seal regularly to prevent such issues. You can use a paper towel or sponge for this purpose. As for the cleaning product, you can use an all-purpose cleaner on the runner seal. 

Maintenance Tips for Your Washing Machine

You can maintain your washer quite well with the aforementioned methods. Apart from that, you must also consider the following washing machine maintenance tips:

  • Use a Suitable Detergent

Do you simply use any detergent with your washing machine? In that case, you might want to make sure you’re using the right one. After all, not all detergents available in the market are suitable for washing machines. Using the wrong one could mean you have to clean up the washer more often. So, find and buy only the detergent that’s meant for use with your washing machine. 


  • Don’t Use Too Much Detergent

You must monitor the amount of detergent that you use with your washer for a cycle.  Keeping it as low as possible can prevent the formation of residue inside the appliance. Also, this is an essential maintenance tip for your washing machine that you must follow. 


  • Don’t Overload Your Washer

You might often need to clean a lot of clothes within a short time. In such situations, many users overload their washing machines. Now, this might not harm the appliance, if you’ve done it once or twice. But, overloading your washer regularly might damage it. And, it might cause a breakdown as a result.

  • Check the Hoses Regularly

The hoses of your washing machine might face damages under various circumstances. So, you must inspect them regularly to prevent any wastage of water. Find any damage in and around your washer’s hoses. Then, replace them by hiring a washing machine repair Dubai as soon as possible. 


  • Don’t Keep the Clothes Inside after a Wash

Once your washer completes a cycle, you must remove the clothes immediately. After all, you need to free the appliance of all moisture. Otherwise, it would make a perfect environment for mold growth. Also, keep the door open after every wash to dry the drum possible. 

Get Regular Washing Machine Servicing

You might be able to clean up your washer all by yourself. But, you’d need professional assistance for certain maintenance tasks. Also, regular servicing is a crucial requirement for all washing machines. So,must keep hiring technicians from a reputable maintenance company to keep the machine functional.


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