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How To Gain Buy Shrooms Online

A lot and if you want to get in a sweet potato Buy Shrooms Online

A couple of days a week that would be very very helpful and medicinal To buy Buy Shrooms Online.

  • We take sweet potatoes we make them into like French fry shapes and I put on the heat very high in the oven  recablog.
  • I dip them in a little bit  Buy Shrooms Online of olive oil on a sheet pan and we oven bake them for about  minutes and .
  • They’re really delicious and crispy and the kids love that and so do we or you can make sweet potato toast um do something similar.
  • high heat in the oven slice the sweet potatoes thin then you can put them in the oven until
  • They get a little crispy and then you can put avocados on top or you know a guacamole or you can put some
  • cheese on top um but everyone loves that with the sweet potatoes so enjoy your sweet potatoes they’re very
  • Anti-inflammatory and um delicious so next slide please okay so then they’re legumes um .
  • They are loaded with fiber protein iron and b vitamins they help to reduce cholesterol 
  • Prebiotics can help to decrease blood sugar and increase insulin sensitivity they also decrease .
  • The risk of heart disease they lower ldl cholesterol and raise hdl cholesterol there’s really nothing more fantastic than than the
  • Legumes for their protein for their fiber for their iron and b vitamins and they’re really simple to make
  • The quick cooking ones that are like lentils um which we make a lentil stew at least once.

A week and again saute garlic and onions um and then i put in a half a bag of lentils i fill up with water .

  • i add a little canned tomatoes low salt or no salt canned tomatoes i even put in a little bit of ketchup in there for extra
  • Flavor or you can put in tomato puree as Buy Shrooms Online i said with the sauteed garlic and onions and it makes oh and
  • i put in carrots and i also put in celery and mint and cilantro if you like and.

I simmer it for about  minutes and we have an Buy Shrooms Online

  • Amazing lentil stew that we all love for our dinners or you can also see that i do a bean burger that’s a bean and
  • beet burger that’s also a recipe on my website and that takes no time and that’s with canned beans canned
  • Beans are just as good as as uh fresh beans or fresh you know dried beans but please make sure the beans are um no salt and if
  • you have a load of regular beans can beans in your in your cupboard but they are salty if you rinse .
  • Them off really well for about  minutes and soak them a little and rinse them again it gets off about  to  percent of all the sodium so you
  • can do that as well but canned beans do come in no salt and they’re great for really quick and easy bean salads .
  • Bean burgers bean stews um and and it’s a great way to get in protein without any animal meat in
  • there as well so um that i believe is concludes the talk and you can go on to the next slide and then i’m happy to take questions .
  • Thank you thank you janine thank you so much we have a slew of questions here but let’s go over your contact
  • information first this is a state your website is where we can find many these recipes is that correct yes correct yes and .
  • Then on instagram we can find you at janine.whiteson correct actually okay great so what i’m going to do is i’ve
  • compiled all the questions everybody’s asked and if you have more questions as we go just type them in the chat and i’ll monitor .
  • That so the first question i think you touched on this with frozen versus fresh food but how do you help clients navigate
  • the increasingly high cost of super foods yes well that’s what i yes it is it can be very expensive i agree and that’s why.
  • I said frozen is the way to go or canned so if you go to the supermarket look for frozen um vegetables again i have a stock of it in

my refrigerator frozen fruit frozen berries Buy Shrooms Online

  • i i think they’re about  less expensive than the fresh and you can you can live off of that so a lot of times i go into the supermarket and it’s just cost prohibited to buy all.
  • The berries i can physically eat every day so i just buy three or four bags or look for look for sales which i do as well um for all
  • the different shopping centers around you but fresh frozen please please i i really guarantee you
  • i promise you that is the frozen is just as good as the fresh but be careful it just should say if it’s raspberries
  • Blueberries strawberries that that’s all there is that there’s no salt that there’s no sugar in
  • there you know so make sure that when you do that and the same with the vegetables if there’s broccoli cauliflower kale frozen um
  • That’s fantastic but it should just be the vegetable and no salt added canned beans are fantastic and i use them all
  • the time if you can’t find um no salt there’s a lot of reduced sodium and if you can’t find reduced sodium
  • just rinse them off really really well and that’s very very helpful but yes look for sales and frozen and canned foods
  • Those are very good very very good very healthy i mean cost-effective next question do nuts need to be eaten raw and then the follow-up to that is does roasting
  • them degrade the beneficial fats sorry i couldn’t hear the first one what was it did oh sorry do nuts need to be eaten raw no no that’s a myth and i know and that i hear that
  • Every day as well so no there really is not much change to the quality or the or the um antioxidant benefits to nuts
  • raw and and i have to say i i can’t stand raw nuts they they turn my stomach so why would i ever have anybody eat raw
  • nuts no get get roasted nuts but you can find plain unsalted unadulterated meaning no added oils or .
  • I look for nuts that are on sale like almonds or any other types of you know peanuts whatever and i like to roast them
  • myself but just be careful put them on a baking tray put it at  but you have to watch it not to burn them because that’s
  • happened to me quite a lot the burning effect of nuts is not very nice so so um that was yeah no

You do not have to have raw nuts 

  • if you enjoy the taste of the walnuts by all means but they do not it does not do any it doesn’t
  • change them at all if you have them roasted and what sorry what was the next one the follow-up to
  • That is um are nuts bad for your digestive system that’s a myth out there too
  • i think right well no nuts are not bad for your digestive system in fact

they have very good quality protein in

them and fibers and vitamins and minerals antioxidants so they’re not bad for your digestion they’re actually very good and studies h

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