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How to Get Done Bed Bug Infestation Inspection?

Imagine you suspect bed bug infestation at home, and you make a call to a bed bug exterminator for professional bed bug treatment in Phoenix, but they give you a time for the next week. As a result, you cannot sleep because you know that somewhere there are bed bugs in your home. In that case, it is important to create a DIY professional Bed Bug Treatment in Phoenix.

Before we start your bed bug inspection, you must be aware of a few things about bed bugs.

  • Bed bugs are good at hiding in places where it is difficult to locate them. Be sure you inspect every small crack, hole, and crevice.
  • Bed bugs usually prefer to hide close to their host, i.e., humans. Therefore, you find bed bugs around mattresses, box springs, bed frames, headboard, nightstand, bedroom furniture, hanging items on your room walls, etc.
  • After bed bugs bite your skin, they leave behind spots that appear as small dark brown to black.
  • Bed bugs are about the size of a ballpoint pen and are usually clustered together.

Bed bugs go from egg to nymphs, and then adults. Nymphs are smaller than the size of a sesame seed and grow about an apple seed’s size. Plus, they differ in colors, right from as light as sesame seeds to apple seeds. As the nymphs grow, they shed exoskeleton. So, make sure you also search for castings.

Basic bed bug inspection tips

  • Wear gloves to protect yourself from any hazards that you may encounter at the time of the inspection.  
  • Move your furniture away from the wall with someone’s help.
  • Carefully remove antiques and other valuable items that are fragile and can be broken.
  • Bed bugs can travel from room to room and floor to floor via maid carts, bell carts, structural, utility lines, shoes, etc.

Start with a place where bed bugs are more likely to hide, i.e., bed

  • Remove the pillowcase off and inspect the pillow and pillowcase inside out
  • Check outside of your blanket for the bed bug presence
  • After the blankets are inspected, inspect all bedsheets thoroughly
  • Remove the fitted bedsheets and inspect all folds of the mattress
  • Remove the mattress and inspect the box spring from its top to bottom
  • Likewise, remove the fiber and inspect all inner surfaces.
  • Finally, inspect all sides of the bed frame.

Inspect all furniture in the bedroom

  • As a bedroom is more likely to have a bed bug infestation, the furniture next to the bed is the second most vulnerable place for bed bugs to hide.
  • Move furniture away from your wall and carefully inspect all corners and surfaces.
  • Inspect your drawers inside the outside. Bed bugs may also hide in your drawers.
  • Use a flashlight, and all check all inner surfaces for cracks and crevices where bed bugs may hide.
  • Turn the nightstand and inspect it thoroughly.
  • Also inspect dressers and small and big furniture in your room.
  • Inspect other areas that are vulnerable to bed bug infestation

Bed bugs are not confined to the bedroom, but they are hidden everywhere they have their host. Therefore, whether it is a living room, dining room, and other areas of your home, inspect thoroughly, ensuring no hidden surface is left unattended.

Exterminators- the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs

There is a huge difference between dealing with bed bugs by own or letting the exterminators deal with them. Even you might deal with bed bugs to some extent, but remember that all efforts are wasted even if a single bed bug is left untreated. They can further multiple and once again can turn into a big bed bug infestation. The best way to eliminate the bed bugs is to show trust in professional bed bug services that ensure no bed bug is left unattended.

Professionals basically have a high level of experience in handling the bed bugs. Plus, they use advanced equipment and bed bug removal solutions to deal with them. They plan out the bed bug treatment after a thorough inspection of your home and then execute the plan to remove all of them, leaving no traces.

Search exterminator with a high level of experience

Bed bugs are very small and difficult to detect and eliminate. Instead of depending on any amateur, look for a highly experienced bed bug exterminator who can remove bed bugs from all difficult hidden corners. Hence, get the best Bed Bug Treatment in Phoenix and get rid of bed bug infestation to protect your family health and maintain home hygiene.

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