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How to Get Instant Cash Against Gold Without Any Hallmark

The tradition of selling investments at a high price is not a new one. Ever since the dawn of trade and commerce, we have been doing this. Most of the things have not changed about it. But it does not mean that everything remains the same. At which time either the government or the market adjusts itself to the needs of people. Unprecedented rise and fall in the prices is a good example of it. People go to the market to get instant Cash Against Gold Delhi NCR but they struggle to understand its technicalities. One good example of this change is the introduction of the hallmark. According to the latest government sources it is now mandatory to sell only hallmark Gold. In this article, we will discuss how it will change our practices.

What Was The Need

With the introduction of this law, many people are asking for its need. You must understand that buying and selling jewelry is a business worth billions of dollars. It becomes a very good source for the government to earn high taxes. But we also know that there are many fake people involved in it. Because of these fake jewelers, the government loses millions of dollars every year. As no tax is paid on fake jewelry. Also, jewelry without a hallmark becomes a good way to sell it without any bill. All this was causing a major problem for the government. This is why it was decided to regulate this thing by making this law. Now that the government has made it compulsory, it will have all the knowledge. It will know how much gold has been bought and sold. This will ensure transparency and higher revenues.

Trying To Understand Hallmark

Let us start this comparison by asking ourselves a simple question. When our dealer sells us the gold, how do we know that it is genuine? One way of doing it is by purchasing from a genuine jeweler only. But we have seen many cases where people still get fooled by them. This is why the government decided to step in. To make sure that these jewelers cannot fool you the government introduced the concept of hallmarking. In this concept, it needs to write down all the basic information about the jewelry on it. You can check the purity and various other technicalities via this hallmark. This is how you get to know about your Gold without even asking the jeweler. As the changes have been mandated by the government so you can rely on the data without any worry.

Is It Mandatory For Selling

The first question that might be arising in your mind is about selling your jewellery. You must be confused as to how you can Sell Your Jewelry that is without any hallmark. Did not need to worry at all about it as the government has taken care of it. We all know that selling jewellery is a very old process. People have been doing it for centuries now. This is why neglecting all the sellers in the market is impossible for any government. Thanks to them, they came up with a very simple technique. In this technique, you get to sell your Gold even if it has not been hallmarked. It became possible only because the government knew that the jewelry that people are selling is probably old. And it is very probable that the jewellery that they have does not have a hallmark. Hence to make matters simpler for the sellers, the government decided to cancel your jewellery without any hallmark.

Changing The Buying Option

With this, the government has made it clear that it did not want any fake jewelry to be sold. Therefore it has become really difficult for a jeweler to Sell Gold Delhi NCR if it is fake. This is why it has changed the way you buy your gold. From now on you have to ask the jeweler if they are selling only hallmark jewelry. If you find that the jeweler is still sending you non-hallmark Gold you should avoid him. There is also a small catch here. Only those jewelers who have a revenue of more than 500 thousand Indian rupees need to have this mandatory hallmark. So if you are a jeweler who does not fall into this range you can still buy your gold without any hallmark. But for safety purposes, we ask you to buy only hallmark Gold. Because it so happens that there are so many fake jewelers in the market that you might end up getting fake jewellery. To get around this problem there is only one way. Always choose genuine sellers and buy Hallmark Gold only.

Is There Any Difference In Selling

As we have already told you can still sell your non-hallmarked gold at the best price. The best part is that you would still be able to use all the services. You can still Sell Gold from Home and use other services too. A genuine jewelry buyer will not deduct any money from you. It is not like that because your gold is not hallmarked you will get a low price. As per the new government guidelines, this will have no impact on the price of your jewelry. All you need to do is get in touch with a genuine buyer and all your problems will be solved. The best machines that a genuine dealer has will determine the most genuine value of your gold. After determining this value, they will instantly give you the highest price.

Choose New Methods

By giving you the option of buying hallmarked gold only, the government is making a statement. The statement is that from now on we are embarking on a new journey. In this journey, we will not do anything that is old or redundant. This is why we are doing away with the practice of buying fake gold. You should also cooperate with the government and choose modern ways to sell your jewelry. One of these ways is to Sell Gold Online. In this method, you can sell your jewelry without physically going anywhere. Your one click will give you the highest price for your jewelry. Doesn’t matter if your gold is hallmarked or not, you can Sell Your Jewelry by this method. The government has clearly said that no buyer can deny your jewelry irrespective of the method used by you.

Who Should Be Your Right Buyer

We all know that making a rule is one thing and people following it is whole another. This is why we cannot say with utmost surety that every buyer will buy our jewelry. It is very probable that they will only entertain those sellers who are selling hallmark jewelry. Thanks you should not be taking any risk and contact only genuine buyers. One such genuine buyer is Cashfor gold and Silverkings. They are veterans in this field and will never let you down. Contacting a genuine Gold Buyer Delhi NCR is very important as it comes with many other benefits. It is probable that even if a dealer is willing to buy your jewelry they will give you a low price. But it is certain that a Jewelry dealer will always give you a high price.

Final Words

We can say that the government has done its part by making this law. Every year, thousands of people get conned by these fake jewelers. It was also costing the economy billions of dollars. Therefore it was necessary to make such a law. But now the rest is lying on our shoulders. We can either support the government or follow our old methods. You do not need to worry about it as we are here to give you the highest price. We will happily accept your non-hallmarked jewelry and give you the best price. There is no extra charge or any deduction from our end. With this, we also advise you to buy hallmarked jewelry only. We are always here to give you the highest price, irrespective of the type of jewellery. Just give us a call or visit our store to get the best deals.


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