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How to get more followers on Instagram

Many beginners on Instagram ask the question that how they can increase their Instagram likes and followers. They want to learn how they can get more people to follow them on the social media website. In this blog, I have got such young people covered. In this blog, I will guide you to a technique that you can use to improve the number of followers.

The technique that I am going to tell you about is known as Shareability. It is a technique that can help you increase the reach of your account and increase your Instagram views. The technique is an integral part of my Instagram beginners training program. If you want to become an expert in this regard then continue reading the blog.

What is Shareability?

First of all, let’s see what the term shareability means. Shareable content is an effective way to increase the presence of your account or your business on Instagram. It will help you reach a lot more people. Moreover, the Instagram likes and followers that you will be getting would be organic.

Any person who would share your content would be giving you an organic endorsement. This will increase your exposure to other people present on the social media site. The cherry on the top is that the process is free. However, it is not as simple as it might seem. You simply can’t expect people to share your content with other people.

You need to be very creative with your content and strategically craft it by keeping your followers and other people in mind. It is just that whatever you post on your account relates to your followers. Your followers should feel compelled to share the content that you are sharing on your account. For this purpose, you need to be very careful when posting something on your account.

Most people take this in a separate sense and start posting content that doesn’t even relate to their brand. The Instagram algorithm doesn’t work this way. You need to share organic and authentic content that relates to your account. Only then the algorithm will share your content with other people.

How to create shareable content?

Now we divert our attention towards making shareable content. To increase your Instagram likes and followers you would need to create shareable content. First of all, let’s consider the activity that you perform on Instagram. What type of content do you like to share on the story of your Instagram story?

Moreover, we also need to consider the content that you like to share with your friends via the direct message section. Usually, most people like to share content that makes other people laugh or to put simply laugh provoking content. If you share something on your Instagram then it means that you agree with the content and are ready to co-sign it.

To take an example of this you need to visit a major brand on Instagram. All the major brands are present on Instagram. If you take a look at their content then you would see that 100% of their content is shareable. Their content resonates with their brand and the likes of people that follow them. Due to this their content gets a lot of sharing.

They think carefully before sharing anything on their account or story. They make sure that the content that goes on their account resonates with their followers. They want their followers to feel a connection with the content. Moreover, they want their followers to feel compelled to share the content with their friends and loved ones.

Due to this the content of the major brands on social media websites is highly shareable. Almost all the people that follow them feel a connection with the content. You can make use of several skills to make the most ideal content for your account. Some Instagram bloggers share content that compels the readers to contact them.

When it comes to the use of graphics and captions, you need to think very strategically. The graphics and the captions are by far the most prominent thing in any post. These two are the first things that catch the focus of Instagram users. So, they help the account holder in increasing the sharing of the content that they are uploading on their account.

It is recommendable to avoid over-branding on your content. We suggest that you focus on the graphics as they are more eye-catching as compared to text. An over branding or over-writing of the words would make the most unworthy of sharing. Some people are on the lookout for content that fits the image of their brand.

So, they are more likely to share your content if they feel like the content would fit their brand aesthetic. Over-branding would keep such sharers away from you and you would never be able to increase your Instagram followers.

Call to action with shareable content

This is the most important part of shareable content. You need to make it clear to your Instagram followers whether or not you want your content to be shared with others. It doesn’t matter whether the content is being shared with the Instagram story or through the direct message feature.

It is a must that you give a clear call to action on your post. It will help you create a much stronger engagement with your followers. If I upload something on my Instagram account and want people to share it with others then I make it very clear with others. Most of my posts carry the branding and graphics of my brand.

However, I want my content to be shared with others. So, I carefully strategize the text that I am going to write on my story and in the post. Moreover, I make this clear in the caption segment of my post if I am okay with people sharing my content. Mostly, I promote people to share my content with people they think the content resonates with.

Once my followers understand that the content can be shared they start sharing it with others. Some people tag their friends and other people on my content. This is what makes the Instagram algorithm tick. However, the thing is not all people want to share the content with others. So, the call to action is not always going to work.

For such people, I write to leave a comment or double tap if you like the content. I know some Instagram accounts that write minimum text on their post. However, they always write the statement “read more in caption or comments.” This way they compel their followers to open the caption or comment section. This is a good strategy if you want your followers to stop scrolling.

Learn more about growing your Instagram likes and followers community

This is just one of the strategies that you can make use of to increase the number of followers on your Instagram account. Several other strategies can help you. If you want to learn more about these strategies then feel free to contact us. We offer several services like Instagram trainings and helping people increase the number of followers and likes on their Instagram account.

In this blog, I will mention all technique that you can use to improve the number of followers.

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