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How To Get Subscribers On YouTube [Easy Hacks]

So I am here to tell you about the various ways in which you can increase your channel subscribers. Now just think how much time do you spend daily watching YouTube videos. I am sure the minimum 1 hour and maximum can go to any extent. With a good master plan and working constantly you are sure to gain as many subscribers as possible. 

Ways to make more subscribers in 2020

  1. Personal connection: Always take time to acknowledge your viewers. Many of the people out there like to watch those videos which are more interactive, i.e. like talking while taking the video. It will connect users to video easily and give a personal touch. 
  1. Response to every comment: Now this is one the most important and easiest way to gain subscribers. This is also a way to show your viewers that you care about them, which in turn makes them care about you and thus builds trust. Try to give always a positive response which creates a good impact on users. It will also engage the users on your channel and videos. 
  1. Giveaways are another method: If you ask me I like to take part in YouTube giveaways a lot, even if the winning chance is very low. It’s always fun to take part in giveaways. It will tempt more viewers to take part in those giveaways, thus a way to gain more subscribers. 
  1. Quality is very important: Even if you upload your videos on a regular basis, to gain more views and thus subscribers, a high-quality video is what is needed. What counts are the quality and not the quantity? 
  1. Watermark your video: Ok so this is one of the best ways to gain subscribers. YouTube allows watermarking your videos i.e. a feature that allows you tubers to add a symbol in all the videos of their channel. If a viewer clicks on the watermark, it allows the person to subscribe from inside the channel. One can add the watermark by going into the YouTube branding section. 
  1. End screen promotion: Another proven way to get more viewers and subsequently more subscribers are adding an end screen showing the next video in your channel. This can be done by going to the YouTube end screen editorial section. 
  1. Description of your channel: A good and interesting description of your channel is an important aspect. Tell your viewers what this channel is about in a more precise and detailed way. Also, press the bell icon on the page to get notified when new videos are uploaded. 
  1. Use a good image: The image you use for your channel is shown all the time on YouTube. So it’s a very important aspect. If it’s your personal channel, then using your face image as the thumbnail is the best way. Or if it’s a channel promoting a company it’s better to use the company logo. 
  1. Include your videos into your blog: This is another way to get more views. If you already have a blog of your own, then this will work. Include your videos into your blogs, so when a person visits your blog he will automatically click your videos if he is a fan of your writing and thus increasing the chance to get more subscribers 
  1. Channel promotion: Another way is promoting your YouTube channel in social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, etc. Also asking your friends and relatives to view and subscribe to your videos is another easiest way. 

So I hope this information will be helpful to you to gain more subscribers for your channel. 

  1. Sharing: To gain new subscribers, you can share your videos on different mediums like Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest), Whatsapp and many more platforms that are used by billions of people. It will drive maximum traffic on your channel and you will gain a maximum number of subscribers. Sharing and forward to others is a good technique and tells others to share with Whatsapp Groups & Facebook groups. 


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