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Health and Fitness

How to Get Your Child to Get Over Extreme Dental Anxiety

Nearly 36 percent of the population is afraid of going to the dentist, and an additional 12 percent suffer extreme dental anxiety. Unfortunately, this anxiety prevents people of all ages from taking care of their oral health.

Of course, it is especially troublesome when children develop dental anxiety. If they cannot resolve these fears now, they will likely carry over into adulthood, making it difficult for them to maintain their beautiful smile.

So, what can you do to help your child overcome their dental anxiety while they are still young? Keep reading for some great advice!

Get to the Root of the Problem

Although some children are afraid of going to the dentist altogether, others are only anxious about certain procedures. So, find out what triggers your child’s fears. It may be something like:

  • Memories of painful procedures in the past
  • Sights and smells of the dental office
  • Feeling the instruments on their teeth

Of course, children sometimes develop fears because of the stories that family members or friends tell. So, be sure to avoid sharing negative experiences about the dentist with your little ones. Instead, be positive and talk about the importance of oral hygiene!

Talk it Over

Preparing your child for their dentist appointment can put them at ease. Even if they are just having a checkup, talk to them about what the dentist will do. Be sure to use comforting language that is easy for them to comprehend, and allow them to ask questions.

To help them get an even better idea of what their visit to the dentist will be like, search for images of the dental office online. For example, you can show them pictures of a dental chair or some of the equipment the dentist uses.

If your child is particularly nervous, you can give them something to look forward to after the appointment, such as a new toy or game. Doing so can relieve some of the dentist anxiety they may feel.

Practical Tips for Easing Extreme Dental Anxiety

Hopefully, speaking positively about the dentist with your little one helps resolve some of their anxiety. But, what can you do if they still feel worried?

Here are some dental anxiety management suggestions that you can try:

  • Find fun children’s stories about the dentist to read or watch together
  • Play games or role-play visiting the dentist
  • Allow them to bring a comfort toy or blanket along with them
  • Encourage oral health at home

In addition, it would be best to find a pediatric dentist specializing in dealing with anxious patients, such as Speedwaypediatricdentistry.com in Indianapolis. Of course, if you live somewhere else, you can type “dental anxiety dentist near me” into your search engine.

Seek the Assistance of a Pediatric Dentist

If your child has extreme dental anxiety, taking them to the dentist can be a real challenge. Yet, the tips in this post will help you identify the reason for their fear and help them overcome it.

Even if your child’s fear lingers, skilled pediatric dentists will do their best to comfort your little one at every appointment. And over time, their worries will likely diminish. So, be sure to contact a pediatric dentist in your area for more help!

Were the suggestions in this post helpful? If so, take a look at more of our exceptional content, including health-related posts!

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