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How to get your items sold before packing and moving?

“Decluttering doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process- and often, one that requires equal parts motivation and inspiration.” That much-needed inspiration comes when you are moving to a new address.

We are too lazy to declutter until and unless we have a reason to do so. If you can plan early, there is a fair chance that you’ll have time to declutter and raise capital simultaneously. This piece of article can help you dispose of your unnecessary and unwanted items in a better way. Read on.

Things you can sell before moving

Our house gradually becomes a dump yard for all the things we buy but do not use. This could put you in a tricky situation. You don’t know what to throw and what to keep. The reality dawns on us when the packers and movers knock on our doors.

At that time, we mostly throw things away in a hurry. If you can spare some time to organize such things in advance, you can handle the move and sell things off making some capital for you. Here, is a list of things that you can get rid of and raise some capital for you at the same time.

  • Old appliances

There are many appliances and equipment in your house that you may have repaired last summer but forgot to use it. You can check all the equipment that could be sold at a second-hand rate. You can also sell it for recycling depending upon the working condition of the gadget.

Before selling just compare the rates and calculate if the cost of moving it is more than its current price.

  • Dresses

Check your wardrobe, there may be many clothes that you may have overgrown. Some of them may seem to be a wrong decision at the time. In short, there are many clothes hidden in the closet that you don’t pay attention to. It is better to resell them.

Those dresses that don’t fit you anymore and are in good condition can be sold on various websites. You just must pick the right one for yourself. If they are in good condition, you can sell the shirts and even bridal wear through the website and apps.

  • Old furniture

These are another group of items that can be easily sold before moving that packing and moving them. If you have an outdated, and old piece of furniture you may want to sell them off. Furniture hardly carry too much emotional value so, it is best to sell them away rather than spend money on carrying them to another place.

  • Things that you don’t use anymore

Some things are of no use to you anymore. Skim through the toys, gadgets, books, or any other frames and artifacts. You can sell them off and that will fetch you great value. Go through the storeroom and you will find many such things. Give them away for recycling or resell them for a good price. You can also donate some of them, that won’t sell.

Tips to sell your unwanted belongings before you pack and move

What nobody tells you is that you can sell your old things online. These things don’t come up in regular conversations.

Relocating things can be a troublesome affair. When you are conducting household shift the budget can run away with the wheels. One thing that can help you get things under control is by keeping lesser items in hand. Remember:

“The lesser you own, the lesser owns you.”

You can sell your unwanted stuff online, but it will need finesse. This will lessen your burden and make things easier for you to manage while packing and moving.

When you downsize the move, it can save you time, energy, and a lot of money. When you consider this, selling off some of the kinds of stuff would seem like a good idea. Here, are some of the tips to help you sell, some options that can widen your spectrum. Check them out.

  • Use Facebook

Everyone has a Facebook presence. You may not know the full power of this part of social media. Being one of the most popular networking sites, Facebook can be used as a powerful tool to connect to a vast number of people. You can use it to sell unwanted items that you can get rid of while moving.

To get it done, you need to list the items on the online Facebook market. Once it gets advertised to people living near your area, your items will get sold out eventually. You can also list the belongings in the buy and sell section and forums. Here, you can reach out to potential customers. Putting it to better use can help you get some of them sold.

  • Take help of sites like eBay and Etsy

Most people know how to use sites like eBay and Etsy. You may want to bookmark these sites, as they are quite efficient in reselling used items. All you have to do is click the picture of the product you want to sell. Make an account on the website, and sign in. You can upload the images there and mark the price.

Some of them also assign the reselling price, after calculating the depreciation and charges. You can look at Etashee, Poshmark, and OLX for selling used clothing. OLX is a common platform for selling old furniture, carpets, electronic gadgets, etc. There are other websites also, do check them out as well.

Before signing in to any of these sites you can read the reviews to get better about their working and selling process. You can simply use it while monthly decluttering and not just when you are packing and moving.

  • Conduct “Garage sale”

If you have too many items to remove, you can always conduct a garage sale. Hosting such a sale will be a better option for them all. You can get rid of all the household items at reasonable prices and in one go.

If you are planning to host one, it will be better if you can check with your community guidelines and talk to the administrator there. Be very sure that garage sales are allowed in the community where you are planning to conduct them.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to fix the best day for the sale. Weekends are preferred, especially Saturdays for the sale to be successful. You will have to work on it in advance to get the work done. Start with advertising the sale. Do so extensively. You can take the help of flyers, signs, and pamphlets to make it successful.

Be a little patient with the sales and flexible with the prices and it will work out positively by the time packers and movers Mumbai to Kolkata arrive.

  • Word of mouth can work wonders

A powerful means to sell your belongings is word of mouth. Relate the news of your move to all your relatives, friends, others in your contact list. You never know who can prove to be helpful in this situation. If they can’t help you sell the items, they can certainly spread the word.

It may be hard to believe but the best publicity is the word of mouth. People trust it and your things are certainly going to get sold easily. You’ll also get numerous customers who will be interested in your stuff. If you are selling the property, then you can sell the items off with it.

If your items are in good condition, you can always sell them with your house as prospects are looking for items for their home.

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