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One of the best institutes to Study Abroad . Our IELTS exam results were so overwhelming and high that it almost effected a reverse Brain Drain as many students from nearby big cities also started joining our IELTS institute in Jalandhar. Subsequently, the management of our IELTS center in Jalandhar decided to shift its classrooms from the main office to a more spacious and easily accessible IELTS institute in Jalandhar near the bus stand.

The three-month spoken English course improved their English skills, which also helped them excel in the IELTS exam very easily. With a limited budget and limited resources, MIEL could never launch any advertising campaign, but it gained its position thanks to two factors: firstly, lower fees and secondly, word of mouth.

Our designed modules inspire every student to look forward to positive results. Our students have achieved excellent results and now their Futures are growing. We run regular training programs to improve your skills in all four aspects of communication – reading, writing, listening and speaking and ensure your success in the IELTS test. Our IELTS trainers are well qualified and have a good command of English and experience in their specialized field.

Our basic approach is to increase students’ confidence so that they can communicate with anyone without hesitation.

Summary of work

Creating lesson plans for the IELTS program.
Preparation and assignment of tests, papers and exercises.
Marking and providing appropriate feedback to students.
Basic administration, such as maintaining student registers and attendance records.

Responsibilities and duties

lessons for students.
Creating lesson plans for the IELTS program.
Preparation and assignment of tests, papers and exercises.
Marking and providing appropriate feedback to students.
Basic administration, such as maintaining student registers and attendance records.

Qualifications and Skills

Excellent knowledge of spoken and written English.
He should have a good knowledge of the IELTS system and its exams.
Good presentation and teaching skills.
Ability to communicate effectively with students

Best Ielts Institute in Jalandhar. Wonderway Ielts Will offer guidance to students to choose a suitable course and university based on their profile. With professional training and modules designed according to the ease of each student. True Vision IELTS Institute has many years of experience in this field.

True Vision provides test preparation training for: IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE and GMAT. Our career advisors carefully monitor the trends in the admissions process at various universities abroad . Want to join IELTS Coaching In Jalandhar then Wonderway IELTS Center provides best Ielts coaching courses with affordable fees and flexible timings. We are located near Jalandhar bus stand. we provide. IELTS TRAINING, ACADEMIC TRAINING, GENERAL TRAINING, Spoke. uses an automated data analysis algorithm to sort out the most suitable coaching institutes (among the thousands listed on its website) in your area to meet all your educational needs.

Your search for IELTS Coaching ends here. The list of coaching courses below has been created based on your student reviews and relevant search keywords.

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The International English Language Testing System, is designed to assess the language skills of candidates who need to study or work where English is the language of communication.It includes four language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking. IELTS is recognized by universities and employers in many countries, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the USA. It is also recognized by professional bodies, immigration authorities and other government agencies. IELTS is not recommended for candidates under the age of 16.

Tests take place in centers all over the world, currently operating over 300 centers in more than 100 countries. The centers in abroad oversee the local administration of the examination and ensure the provision of qualified and trained examiners.

A full list of centers is available on the IELTS website. Testing centers conduct regular test administration based on local needs and results are available within two weeks. Candidates will receive only one copy of their results, but additional copies may be sent by the testing center directly to receiving organizations at the candidate’s request.

There are no restrictions for candidates to retake the test.

Academic and general training

Academic reading and writing tests assess whether a candidate is ready to study or train in the medium of English at undergraduate or postgraduate level. Admission to undergraduate and postgraduate studies is based on the results of these tests.

General reading and writing tests are not designed to test the full range of formal language skills required for academic purposes, but emphasize basic skills for survival in a broad social and educational context. General training is suitable for candidates going to English-speaking countries to complete their secondary education, work experience or non-university education programmes, or to immigrate to  abroad.

Candidates to inform the test center whether they wish to take the Academic or General Education modules. The Centers are not responsible for providing this information. The general training module is not offered in all test administrations.

GENERAL – IELTS General Training is also divided into four sections

Listening :  The duration of the test is 30 minutes and an additional 10 minutes is given for transferring the answers to the answer sheet. Candidates are tested on monologues and conversations.

Reading : The duration of this test is 60 minutes, during which three reading passages will be given with tasks.

Excerpts will be authentic as they will be taken from books, newspapers, etc.

Writing: The writing section will last for 60 minutes during which candidates will be asked to write a letter of 150 words and a short essay of 250 words.

Speaking: The speaking test takes 11 to 14 minutes. In this test, candidates are subjected to a personal interview, short questions, speaking on a familiar topic and discussion.

Test format

Applicants are tested on listening, reading, writing and speaking etc. All candidates take the same listening and speaking tests. There is a choice between

Having a study partner for your journey to achieving a great IELTS score is quite convenient. The partner can speak with you to enhance your fluency, check your writing sample, encourage you and help manage a regular study schedule. Two people may be able to solve a problem that an individual cannot and that is why the saying goes ‘Two heads are better than one’.However, having a study partner, especially for IELTS abroad, is not that easy as not all take the IELTS at the same time. Most of the candidates are looking for someone to help them out and share their resources and study materials, however, finding a suitable study partner is difficult.

We have a dedicated a section to help you find a speaking partner and from our experience, we have observed that we need to open a whole new section where people would find study partners rather than only speaking partners. If your sole objective is to find a speaking partner for your test.

The General Training Reading and Writing tests are not designed to test the full range of formal language skills required for academic purposes, emphasise basic survival skills in a broad social & educational context. General Training is suitable for candidates who are going to English-speaking countries to complete their secondary education, to undertake work experience or training programmes not at degree level, or for immigration purposes to Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

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