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How to Hire Dedicated Full-Stack React Native Developers for Custom React Native Application

What’s the technology behind the most disruptive apps like Instagram, Airbnb, and UberEats, etc.? Well, all of them have been developed using React Native. React Native has been chosen by some of the biggest brands in the world to develop their apps. Full-stack web development services are now offering React Native development to their clients owing to this increasing popularity of React Native.

So, if you are planning to adopt React Native app development, then there are certain aspects that you should consider. For your next project, if you choose React Native development, then you may need to hire React Native developers. However, finding and hiring dedicated full-stack react native developers for custom React Native application development is a tedious task. But before this, let’s get an overview of this trending technology.

React Native Development

What is React Native?

Essentially, it is a JavaScript-based framework that was duly created by Facebook. It allows a mobile application development company to build and develop native applications in JavaScript. Relying too much on HTML was a mistake as accepted by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. Hence, the company came up with this framework for the UI of their app and even making it open source too.

A React Native app is much more stable and has a modular architecture. It allows the developer better coding and provides pre-loaded elements. It is best-suited for cross-platform development as it guarantees stability along with provides a modular architecture and even is a quite budget-friendly solution that has better and optimal performance. At the same time, it utilizes API’s native components, unlike other platforms.

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Things to Consider to Hire Dedicated Full-stack React Native Developer

In-depth Knowledge and Expertise in JavaScript

It is an established fact that JavaScript is essentially the heart of React Native since the entire technology is based on it. Hence, your dedicated full-stack developers should have the expertise and in-depth about JavaScript to develop components and even developing the entire application. Whenever you ask the selected development team some technical questions, it will provide you with an idea of whether they are well-versed with the language or not.

Experience in Native Android and iOS Development

Certainly, there are circumstances where the full-stack react native developers will have to work with native tools. Hence, if they are familiar or have experience with native Android and iOS development, then that would be an added advantage. Hence, hire React Native developer who has been involved in native Android and iOS development in previous projects.

Expertise in Backend Skills

If you wish to custom code the entire backend of the mobile app, you need to finalize the particular backend programming language first. It will provide you with much more clarity in the entire process of hiring a React Native developer. Imagine you wish to develop the backend of the app utilizing Python. Hence the developer needs to be adept in the core Python language, along with any of its frameworks like Django, development or even customization of RESTful APIs, as well as object-relational mappers, also known as ORM, and database as well as certain frontend skills like HTML or CSS.

Debugging Skills

In each development process, detection as well as fixing the errors in the code is quite mandatory. Hence, you should make sure that your React Native app developer has the capability of resolving bugs.

Knowledge of a variety of React Native Development Tools:

The React Native developer you hire should be familiar with numerous tools of React Native app development. It will provide you with an additional advantage. It is majorly because utilizing any of these different tools can easily speed up the entire development process of the mobile app.

Impressive Soft Skills

Even though the hard skills of a React Native developer essentially lay the entire foundation of the app development project. His or her soft skills assist the project to progress in a particularly right direction. In order to achieve major success down the road, the developer should have the necessary soft skills. These skills help in better teamwork and having meaningful communication with the rest of the team as well as clients.

Strong Communication Skills

It is quite essential for the React Native developer to have strong and impactful communication skills. You should hire React Native developer who is not just adept in the technology but also have good communication skills. A React Native developer who has impressive communication skills certainly adds more value to the entire project. It also helps in communicating the progress of the project with the client and informing them about the various aspects of project development.

Keeping Code Concise and Clear

The developer should always follow the rules which are included in certain guidelines such as the Google JS Style Guide. Also, following the different coding guidelines makes it quite easier for another developer to understand the code if a need arises easily. Clear and concise code also helps in finding errors and fixing bugs much easier.

Capability to Adapt

As a technical developer, everyone knows that software and hardware revolve around a particularly steady rate. Hence you should hire a developer who has a thirst for learning or knowledge as well as can easily adapt his or her skills as per the emerging trends. As React Native is constantly updating and inculcating new tools, the adaptability of the developer plays a crucial role.

Comfortable in Teamwork

It doesn’t matter what an individual full-stack react native developer does, and they’re certainly comes a time when the developer needs to work with a given team. Hence, coordinating well with others will certainly help in making the entire custom React Native application development project successful.

Expert Work Approach

When you ask the developer about anything related to the entire development process, a bug, or an issue, the developer should be able to answer quickly. In case your dedicated full-stack React Native developer is unable to provide an answer quickly, then you should get alerted.

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Over the years, mobile apps have become an essential part of the daily lives of people. With the increasing demand for mobile apps, full-stack web development services are always looking for frameworks that help in developing robust and intuitive apps. In this regard, React Native is certainly morphed into the best possible framework. React Native development has leapfrogged over the years owing to easier access to libraries as well as plugins smoothen the entire development phase.

However, to attain successful React Native development, you need to hire React Native developers who are well-versed with the technology. They should have experience in native iOS and Android development. They should have in-depth knowledge of JavaScript. It should have an impeccable backend and debugging skills.

Along with this, the developers should have great soft and communication skills. Also, he or she should be quite able to adapt according to new technology trends and even work easily in a team. Depending on the type of project, you should check the soft and hard skills of the full-stack React Native developer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is React Native good for mobile app development?

Ans- Most of the app development requirements need applications for both android and iOS applications, the react native is the best tool out there to build applications for both. A 95% reduction in the codebase, further leads to saving money and time. For more such articles, click here


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