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How To Hold Your Team Responsible Without Micromanaging

Employees are the backbone of your business. Therefore, it is necessary to empower them with the right knowledge to ensure that the final output is good. However, there are scenarios where team leaders and managers struggle to keep up the team performance. Although there can be various reasons for that, micromanagement is one of the prime ones. Team management software can manage all micro management activities easily and effectively.

As per a survey, around 79% of the respondents have witnessed micromanagement, out of which 36% changed their job. Around 85% of people also said that micromanagement has negatively impacted their morale. From these stats, we can deduce that keeping an eye on or correcting everyone’s work will hamper your performance. Other than that, it will also lower the other person’s self-esteem and confidence.

These aspects directly impact the performance of your team and your firm. So, how to control it? In this article, we will analyze ways to make your team better by eliminating the micromanagement factor. You can use team management software for better task tracking and results!

What is Micromanagement?

Let’s throw some light on the prime aspect of this article, micromanagement!

Micromanagement is a scenario where a team leader or manager keeps an eye on every person in their team. Also they have to manage all task with cross checking and improve productivity of their teams. They tend to have no faith in their team members and are convinced that they will mess up the job. In the end, they try to do everything themselves, which, in turn, reduces productivity and hampers team performance.

In contrast to micromanaging is accountability. Accountability is a scenario where a person is trusted and made responsible for some job. The concept of accountability is miraculous as it makes people more aware of their work and boosts their confidence. In short, it reduces your workload and enhances team performance.

Why is accountability crucial in a team?

If you look over everyone’s work and prove your understanding superior to theirs, it will lead them down. The team members may no longer work efficiently. Therefore, entrusting accountability is necessary.

Accountability is necessary for a team due to various reasons such as:

1. Boost confidence

When you hold your team members accountable, it gives them a sense of leadership over the task. The team members feel motivated to give their best as they are solely responsible for the outcome. More confidence will result in more productivity for employees. Boosting confidence for your team member will definitely improve productivity and increasing team’s accountability.

2. Skills improvement

One of the best things for making your employees accountable is the improvement of skills. When your team members are made responsible for their tasks, they learn a lot of new things. For instance, if you have made someone responsible for drafting a professional email, they would do all their research to give you the best outcome. The process will lead them to learn various new things on the way. Improving skills of your team members make them more productive and enhance the quality of work. Team leader or manager should motivate their team members to learn new things, improve technical skills to achieve the deadlines easier. Team accountability also depends on team members skills

3. Work independence

It is observed that a significant amount of the time in the office is consumed while explaining each task to the team members. Now, explaining a task once is necessary. However, explaining the same thing, again and again, is not the productive use of time. By making a team member accountable for a task, you can let them attain work independence. With total responsibility on their shoulders, they may devise better ways to get the job done. Working independently will improve team member’s accountability and improve productivity. These will also enhance the work of that team member and also it will boost quality of work.

4. Improves focus

When your team members do not have anyone looking over their every move, they will naturally be more focused on their work. This, in turn, increases work productivity. Working with focus will definitely improve performance of any employee. Doing one task and one time with dedication will improve the overall productivity at your workplace.

How to make your team accountable?

Making your team accountable is quite challenging for every team member to handle them to manage for better workflow. There are some tested ways via which you can make your team accountable. Here are some of them:

Set clear goals, expectations, and job roles

There are various organizations that have goals, but they fail to achieve them. As per stats, 30% of the managers say that the failure to communicate across various units is a challenge for the execution of strategy. One more reason teams and firms miss their goals is that their workforce is not aware of them.

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A task or project has various stages, and all of them need to be carefully understood to achieve the required goal. Hence, when everyone in the team is aware of what they have to produce in the end, the work will be easy.

To ensure that your project meets the deadline, talk to your team and make them responsible for their individuals as well as team tasks. If they don’t know how to do it, explain to them and keep a check on their progress. If they get stuck, you should help them and suggest methods to improve as a team leader. When everyone is held accountable for a certain job while having a picture of the final output, they will surely do their best.

Collectively learn from each other’s mistakes

No one is perfect. Any one of your team members can make a mistake. Therefore, as a team leader, it is your responsibility to handle both failures and achievements properly. For instance, if a person was assigned a task and they could make it up to mark. Rather than criticizing their work, deal with them by providing constructive feedback.

Motivate them by saying that it is a brilliant attempt. Ensure that you highlight all the positive aspects of the work first. Post that, compare it with the required outcome and suggest improvements that can be made. In the end, be thankful to the person as it will skyrocket their self-confidence. On the other hand, when a person succeeds, ensure that the whole team knows about it and they celebrate the achievement together.

Every failure or success story has a lesson behind it. Make sure you and your team learn it well before moving forward.

Use Technology

To make your management and project tracking work easy, use a software or a tool. Team management software like Trello, Asana, ClickUp, Clockify, TaskOPad etc., These tools help in tracking progress on the project and also ensure that all of your projects are completed in time. Also in addition these tools are capable to improve workplace productivity. 

Concluding Lines

Making your team accountable is necessary. Not only because it enhances overall team performance but also reduces your work. Ensure that you put all the ways mentioned above into action to make the most efficient and effective team. A team management software can be great option to help you and your business to grow. 

Annie William

Annie William is a content cum digital marketer at TaskOPad, a leading Task Management Software. She is an avid reader and likes to remain updated for the latest time management and project management trends. Her articles are informative and interesting at the same time as she can express insightful thoughts clearly.

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