How to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2021?

Wondering how to increase Instagram engagement in 2021? You are no longer alone!

These days, manufacturers want to measure their overall performance and look similar in music commentary, archiving, sharing, Instagram story views, or even DM to see their performance.

Fortunately, now it’s not as hard as you think!

We’re sharing 6 ways you can level-up your Instagram strategy and increase Instagram Followers and engagement in 2021:

6 Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2021:

  1. Regularly test & analyze new content types
  2. Discover your best time to post
  3. Create “save able” content for your feed
  4. Add an element of fun
  5. Write longer captions
  6. Pay closer attention to your hashtags

#1: Regularly Test and Analyze New Content Types 

Some great content projects on Instagram come from experiments.

It can be hard to try new content on Instagram, especially when you think you’ve found a great component and you see the right commitment to your existing content strategy.

But believe us: trial, error, and content experience are key to staying ahead of the curve and developing more effective strategies.

For example, later on the Instagram profile, we used the working days before our median posting schedule. But with some testing, we found that Sunday was our best day for engagement because we were able to keep our target audience interested for longer!

So now, instead of Painting Week, we’re picking up critical material and publishing bulletins on Sundays, with other things in mind in our target market.

Not sure where to start? Here’s a couple of ideas you can try out this month:

#1: Check out new content types. Memes, quotes, user-generated content, mini infographics, or maybe a selfie fashion video can be the top for your grid or stories.

#2: Experiment with video formats such as Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels and IGTV. Some manufacturers paint well with long content on IGTV, while others still choose sharp and crisp clips. Try something out there that meets your standards.

#3: Check out samples of extraordinary Instagram stories and see if they improve your engagement. For example, see if there is any behind-the-scenes content with your audience or if they vote for weekly summaries.

When reviewing unusual content, remember to check your analytics often!

With Letters Instagram Analytics you can see how your posts are working over time and are based on multiple metrics such as comments, likes and engagement rates. You can also get Instagram stories analytics and post really good content for a few months.

#2: Discover Your Best Time to Post

Do you realize that with the help of posting you are not banning your Instagram engagement at the wrong time or right now?

While there are a handful of ways to increase Instagram engagement, posting when your target market is as active as possible is a short win.

Instagram’s algorithm likes posts that generate multiple interactions in a short period of time and can flow regularly that top your fan feeds.

To encourage this, spend some time tracking and monitoring your Instagram analytics so that the best time to investigate is in your target market.

The Best Time to Post Later feature routinely calculates the top 7 instances of your posting based primarily on your best-performing posts over the past month.

Each Instagram account is made up of exact fans in unique time zones, so it’s a great idea to discover the best time of your personal nature to submit to Instagram. That way, you can reach more people, increase engagement, and build your brand!

#3: Create “Save able” Content for Your Feed 

Instagram comments, shares and saves are more important than ever. One of the extraordinary approaches to increasing your engagement for those 12 months is to create additional content material that will encourage your target market to tap that store button!

“Storable content material” is anything you already know your target market will need to revisit at a later date.

For example, The Colored Girl shared this approximate love language and recommended their network to practice self-care:

Using carousel posts to percentage estimated suggestions and records can result in additional savings as your target target market can refer to the submitted suggestions below once they have to adhere to the suggestions.

Similarly, travel content creators achieve success by developing mini weblog fashion posts and sharing records of their goal:

As you brainstorm “savable” content material in your feed, think about what is critical to your target market and what they will discover as a fee. This can be anything from an infographic to humorous memes or fees that you realize will resonate.

#4: Add an Element of Fun

Getting Instagram posts right takes time, effort and planning. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be a little entertaining!

We see that manufacturers are increasingly uploading humorous and popular culture references to their posts, including memes and trending topics.

Later, we’re actively adding some fun stuff to our Instagram stories, and it turns out you guys like it.

From adding AR filters to our stories to adding memes and GIFs to our feeds, our engagement fees are skyrocketing as we post something weird and amusing!


Of course, you want to appreciate the average theme and tone of your brand – if memes don’t match your brand values, it’s best to remove them in your own way and stop compromising your appearance.

But if you can add some fun moments to your method, be prepared to see some real results on your comments, shares and likes!

#5: Write Longer Captions

Did you know that your Instagram caption can be up to 2,200 characters long? This is a huge area where you can make a percentage with your audience.

One of the factors that will affect the way you submit your Instagram submission to the rulebook is “submission time”.

Definitely, one of the easiest ways to increase your Instagram engagement is to write long captions.

We partnered with the inspiring advertising and marketing platform Fuhr to analyze the numbers and easily decide how a big round of closed captions would affect engagement.

According to Fuhr, the duration of joint subtitles has more than doubled, as people with longer subtitles gained more and more commitment in 2016!

And by 2021, our feeds can be filled with an average subtitle period of 405 characters – which is an average of 65-70 phrases!

Not sure what it looks like? See how Nix got the right subtitle period. With the help of a strong name that inspires them to look at their stories and point to a beautiful cultural moment, captions are a good time for their audience.

Now we’re not announcing that each title should be a lot of sentences, but even writing a whole sentence instead of just a few emojis will help you increase your Instagram engagement.

Would you like some of our company’s biggest secrets? Sign up for our free Instagram captioning workshop with Alice Darma and Taylor Lorraine so you can maximize your Instagram Followers UK and engagement.

#6: Pay Closer Attention to Your Hashtags

If you want to increase your Instagram engagement, it’s important to know which hashtags are driving more people to your posts.

With later hashtag analytics, you’ll be able to add audio to the hashtags you use in each Instagram post. That way, you can see which posts are generating the most engagement and which hashtags are behind them.

You can also clear your hashtag analytics based on multiple metrics, including likes, comments, impressions, reach and storage. This is a great feature that will help you shape your content strategy as you will identify hashtags and leftovers to use.

The more powerful your hashtag game, the more impressions and eyes for your content content!

Tip: Letters Saved Captions is a great way to save curated lists of hashtags that you can quickly upload to your subtitles with just one click!

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