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How to keep your car engine healthy

A car engine is just a part of a car, which makes it move forward. And, this is the very layman definition that you are going to hear from everyone you ask.

Well, that right! But, it is not that easy to just get into a car, turn the key on and move.

So, what does an engine actually do?

A fully functioning engine is a complex yet essential part of any motor vehicle whether it’s a bike, car, or airplane. It takes the fuel; converts it into energy which powers the vehicle. Without it, you can’t move your car an inch. It works as a heart for a vehicle. It is important to make sure that it works well in order to keep your journey smooth and safe on road. So, make sure that you always keep your car engine in top-notch condition.

Now, as you know the importance of your car engine. Let’s dig a little deeper into this and explore the different ways to keep your car engine in the best condition for as long as possible.

1. Change engine oil promptly

If the engine is the heart then engine oil is blood to it. It acts as a lubricating agent to reduce friction between various parts of the engine and protects them against wear and tear. It also removes the dust and other impurities from fuel to keep the engine safe. Always keep a check on engine oil and change it frequently to improve the efficiency of your car.  Remember that there are different engine oil grades used for every different engine type. Where right oil can improve the engine’s health, the wrong one can damage it seriously. So, choose the one which suits your car.

2. Replace Fuel filters and Oil filters

Yes, these two are different terms. The fuel filter is used to filter the impurities present in the fuel you put in your car.  While on the other hand, the oil filter is used to filter the engine oil. It is important to change these filters regularly for a seamless driving experience. Every time you change engine oil change oils filters also. Whereas, fuel filters require change if you put bad quality fuel.

3. Let the engine breathe some air

Like you, your car also needs air to breathe. It is important for the combustion process. The air filters keep bugs, dust, and any other rubbish particle away and pass clean air to the engine for its operation. The air filters usually not get dirty soon but regular cleaning or replacement can keep the engine functioned well.

4. Be sure with the cooling system

The cooling system helps to maintain the engine temperature ideal for working. It protects the engine from overheating by passing coolant through the engine whenever there is a rise in temperature. Make sure that the cooling system is working properly and there is enough coolant available in the tank.

5. Pay attention to check engine light

Whenever something goes wrong with your car the indicators flash. Make sure to never ignore any of them especially the ‘check engine’ light. This is to warn you that the usual engine operation is disturbed because of some reasons. It might be because of a loose fuel cap, high engine temperature, a faulty sensor, or any other. Find the reason and fix it to keep your engine happy.

Apart from the above, there are many other tests that can be performed to check engine health. But these are the most crucial ones that you should never miss even if your vehicle is running smoothly. Keep in mind to perform these checks regularly to get the effortless experience of your ride.

For more information about car care products and other related topics, stay tuned with KGB Engineering Private Limited.

Be safe and enjoy your journey!

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