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How to look Stylish in The United States

American fashion trends change a lot faster than they do in many other parts of the world. Thanks to the booming fashion industry, world-popular fashion centers like New York, Los Angeles and California seem like almost another planet. The world is moving much faster, and new trends emerge faster than the old ones die out. This can be a challenging prospect for many American men. We are too used to wearing the same 2 pairs of jeans and a rotating collection of casual and semi-formal shirts. Sure, most guys aren’t too concerned about keeping up with the latest fashion developments. But if you’ve started noticing you’re still wearing the same clothes you bought in 2016, you must have also realized times have changed. So, what are you going to do about it?

Staple but Stylish Wardrobe Items for American Men

The way I see it, most men have two options. They can make a coherent effort to follow fashion trends, and maybe put their own spin on it for originality. Unfortunately, many guys I know have a basic sense of aesthetics, to put it politely. That means trying to modify trends is more likely to turn into a disaster. However, that’s nothing to be ashamed of as it is actually pointing you towards your second option. Use your basic aesthetic sense to get basic wardrobe staples like a pair of nice men’s khaki pants. Just make sure your staples look good on you, since they’ll be anchoring the rest of your outfit. If you’re new to American fashion or are exploring a new wardrobe direction, here are a few essential pieces of clothing to start with:

Brown or Black Leather Biker Jacket

What is it about leather jackets? You could be the most average guy at work on most days. And bam! One day you turn up in a black leather jacket, and suddenly Jenny from Accounting is coming over to compliment you while Pete from HR tells you that you look really cool. Leather is one of the oldest materials used in making clothes and has remained popular to this day, thanks to the durability and longevity the material has. But the real power of a good-looking leather jacket is the raw manliness it exudes. Think of cowboys taming the Wild West, of bikers riding out into the sunset, of Keanu Reeves dodging bullets in slow-motion (The Matrix for those of you too young to remember). Do you see what’s common? They’re all rugged and tough characters and the leather only adds to their visual appeal. And there’s no reason it can’t add to yours.

A Pair of Statement Sneakers

Your choice of footwear can make or break an outfit. The wrong shade of brown Oxfords can upset the rest of your look for a black-tie fundraiser. An unflattering or gaudy pair of shoes can make you look awkward and cringy. So, what’s the safest footwear bet for the average everyday American male? I would say, a pair of stylish but comfortable sneakers. And there’s certainly no shortage of sneakers dropping in 2020. Personally, I believe the Air Jordan 1s are the most perfect pair of sneakers ever made. The perfect balance of form and function, with the street cred to boot (pardon the pun). Whatever you do end up choosing, you should use colors that go well with a bunch of outfits, and foot comfort should be just as important as the look of your footwear. When first impressions matter, you want to put your best foot forward (oh no, that’s another pun).

Solid Black and White T-shirts

When it comes to tops for everyday use, American men can often get confused with the number of options available. Should you get a shirt from the Supreme clothing line? Do you want a printed shirt with eye bending patterns? Or maybe a graphic tee with a political or social slogan on it? All three are perfectly valid. But over the years, I’ve found that solid black or solid white t-shirts have largely remained unchanged over the decades. Why? Nobody’s really sure, but I think it’s a basic case of minimalist clothing surviving the ages. The beauty of a solid tee lies in its simplicity. It’s almost unfair how drastically a solid tee can accentuate the rest of your outfit. And you don’t have to splurge on the most expensive brands either, since they’re pretty much the same everywhere.

Flashier Pants That Fit Well

Basic tees still work, but basic jeans…not so much. Your choice of pants has a huge influence on your overall look. Boring jeans from the mid-00s are a huge NO unless you want to look like a particularly poorly-dressed, short-distance time traveler. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to give up denim forever. Stretchy fabric and modern slimmer styles accentuate the shape of your legs and butt better, which is just as important for a male as it is for a female. Don’t think you can get away with ill-fitting or faded jeans, the baggy pants lifestyle is dead and we are not bringing it back. Instead, invest in a bold pair of khakis, a few pairs of chinos, a pair of ripped slim-fit jeans for nights out, and one everyday pair of pants.

Accessorize For Finesse

It’s unfortunate that too many men are uncomfortable with the idea of accessorizing. If that’s the case with you, wake up sir! It’s 2020! You’re free to explore new things, new looks, and even new accessories. It can be something as simple as titanium or chromium-plated ring(s), a flashy watch, or maybe even a cool pendant that draws attention to your neck and jawline. Accessories are extremely useful in grabbing and holding people’s attention. A matte-black ring transforms the way your fingers and hands look, automatically increasing your oomph factor and appeal. Of course, it may not always be a good idea to go overboard with accessorizing. So just invest in a few simple but aesthetic accessories that work well with the rest of your American-made men’s clothing. In most cases, that’s all you need to pull off a hip and stylish look in modern-day America.

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